lady of the fountain

The Ladies’ Home Journal, July 1948

TWIRP stood for “the woman is requested to pay” by the way. TWIRP season was one week a year, usually February (probably because it was like the leap year proposal tradition) but depending on the area it could be any time of year. During the week girls would do the courting, opening doors for boys, paying for dates - dance tickets and movie tickets, carrying their school books, and it usually culminated with a Sadie Hawkins dance. The ritual is said to have been popularized seen in the comic strip Freckles and His Friends (similar to Archie).

A Request to the Muses

Horace, Odes 1.26

Note: “Sweet Lady of Pipleia” = a Muse; “a plectrum borrowed from Lesbos” = a reference to the Greek lyric poet Alcaeus of Lesbos, one of Horace’s models in the Odes.

As one who is dear to the Muses,
I shall hand over sadness and fear
To the wild winds, to carry
Off to the Cretan Sea.
For I am uniquely unworried
As to what king of a chilly
Land beneath the Bear
Is currently being dreaded,
As to just what’s frightening
Tiridates at the moment.
O you who rejoice in fountains
Never touched before,
Sweet Lady of Pipleia,
Weave a crown of flowers
Kissed by sunlight; weave
A garland for my Lamia.
The honors I bestow
Are powerless without you;
To sanctify this man
With a novel lyre,
To sanctify him with
A plectrum borrowed from Lesbos,
Is a task befitting
You and your sisters too.

Musis amicus tristitiam et metus
tradam protervis in mare Creticum
    portare ventis, quis sub Arcto
    rex gelidae metuatur orae,
quid Tiridaten terreat, unice
securus. O quae fontibus integris
    gaudes, apricos necte flores,
    necte meo Lamiae coronam,
Pipleï dulcis. Nil sine te mei
prosunt honores; hunc fidibus novis,
    hunc Lesbio sacrare plectro
    teque tuasque decet sorores.

Apollo and the Muses, Baldassare Peruzzi, between 1514 and 1523

To Be Favored (Part 5, finale)

Hope you guys enjoyed! :) 


I stopped going to classes. I didn’t care about homework. I couldn’t focus on equations when the crows sat outside my window and watched me every move. I couldn’t care about attendance when they had emboldened and would sit next to me when I ate lunch outside. They would chirp and shrill, sometimes even land on my shoulder. Other students found it admirable and fun, but I knew what it was. I was a hostage. Theirs.

I stopped talking to Vector- I couldn’t get her involved. Plus, she wouldn’t believe me anyway. But, that was good. She was a Smart one. She would text me and I wouldn’t reply, avoiding all contact. It wasn’t worth it. Azriel looked at me with pitying eyes. She never told me what she was, but I know now that she was a Changeling, an ambitious one who had snapped up a young girl in the first week.

I began searching out the Gentry. To do this required going into the night much more often- but by this time, the darkness was the least of my worries.

Jimothy was useless- he didn’t care either way what happened. He wouldn’t even speak if I gave him beads- only ever gave me his teeth. I think he knew what the crows were doing, and whenever he saw them begin to flock around me, he would walk away slowly, onto the next thing. Smart creature.

Foxy Lady seemed amused at my situation altogether. I met her by a fountain under the moonlight, offering jewelry for information, or for help. She had laughed and said even she wouldn’t dare touch jewelry gifted by the crows. She had offered help in exchange for a name, though, in her lilting, sweet voices. I knew the value of a True name, and had promptly refused. She had smiled, and disappeared.

The Rose Prince was an asshole, and as soon as the word “crow” left my mouth he turned away.

Cat-Eyes wouldn’t see me again, no matter how long I stood at that damn tree. But, by trading bits of information with a few students who were Involved, I thought I had found some help. I went to every nook and corner on campus, talking to blind old women, tall men with 3 voices, things in the library (seventh floor) that only spoke in riddles, and in particular a creature that had eyes where its nose should be, and no mouth altogether. How it spoke, I can’t recall. At first, it frightened me, seeing this things, but I was becoming desperate. Universally, they turned me away. They told me that those who are Favored cannot be helped. They told me to leave. They turned me away in fear for their own lives. To wish for death as a mercy.

They had watched me do all of this. I had been aware, and they were no longer shy. They were in the trees, on the buildings, in the courtyards and all about the campus. They had heard my whimpers and pleads for help. They had laughed at them, but allowed it. They’ve always been so ruthless.

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Back from the Dead- Sam Wilson x Reader(f)

Prompt: How about one where the reader catches Sam’s attention whilst he is out something causing a chase to follow (I’m not sure how your gonna do this but have fun with it. powers, no powers, criminal I don’t know). He tries to convince them to stop when they come out with assassin creed-like parkour skills and they just scale this building, escaping. He convinces the team to track her down only to find them on top of the tower. they’ve been living there for a while. shenanigans encouraged. Thanks!

Authors notes: This prompt was awesome! I loved writing this, it was so much fun!

Notes/Warnings: Character death(but not really) and a little fluff at the end :)

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Sam’s morning runs were routine. Up at 5:30 shrug on some sweats and run a few blocks down to the small park near the Tower. He’d lap it at least three times and started to recognize his fellow early risers.

 There was the old lady who sat on the bench near the fountain, she liked to feed birds, as cliche as it was. Then, there was Mike, he walked his dog while he talked on the phone making all sorts of arrangement for his boss. He had caught him between calls one morning and that’s how he came to know his name. Sarah power walked with a double stroller stuffed with two toddlers who were in a trance from watching Blue’s Clues.

 And then there was the group of free runners who darted around the park’s rock sculptures and playgrounds. Sam enjoyed watching them if their paths crossed, especially the girl. There was one girl who looked older than the rest, she was in her mid to late twenties but kept up with the teens well.

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Nordic Names


  • Astrid: meaning “beautiful goddess”
  • Bergdis: meaning “spirit protection”
  • Brenda: meaning “sword blade”
  • Dis: meaning “goddess”
  • Eydis: meaning “island goddess”
  • Freya: meaning “highborn lady”
  • Fritha: meaning “peace”
  • Grid: meaning “peace”
  • Kelda: meaning “fountain/natural spring”
  • Saga: meaning “the seeing one”
  • Sif/Siv: meaning “bride”
  • Signy: meaning “new victory”
  • Thorberta: meaning “brilliance of Thor”
  • Tofa: meaning “peace of Thor”
  • Vigdis: meaning “war goddess”


  • Alf: meaning “elf council”
  • Arnkell: meaning “protection”
  • Brandt: meaning “sword”
  • Egill: meaning “edge/point of a sword”
  • Falkor: meaning “guardian of the people”
  • Gable: meaning “god is my strength”
  • Hallstein: meaning “strength”
  • Havarth: meaning “high defender”
  • Ingimar: meaning “famous”
  • Koli: meaning “black”
  • Logmar: meaning “lawman”
  • Orvar: meaning “arrow”
  • Raynor: meaning “mighty army”
  • Rig: meaning “king”
  • Sindri: meaning “sparkling”
  • Sveinn: meaning “boy”
  • Vithar: meaning “life”
  • Vor: meaning “cautious”
  • Wermund: meaning “defender of mankind”
Signs at a fancy restaurant

Aries: “OMG please, pisces for the love of god I will make you sit out in the car.“

Taurus:“ Umm table for 12? ”

Gemini: “actually 13"

Cancer: “Guys I only brought ten dollars “

Leo: *The one taking pictures of the food for instagram*

Virgo: * Forcefully crammed at the end of a booth next to libra* “Uhhmm”

Libra: “Oh my GOODNESS. Virgo, isn’t this the cutest place you’ve ever seen? Don’t you just love the decor! Do you think I can diy it?. . “

Scorpio: *Carving their name into the wooden table*

Sagittarius: “This was a mistake”

Capricorn: *Reading a book, drinking tea, not giving a fluff about the other signs*

Aquarius: *Changes order ten times*

Pisces: *Trips, almost bumps into a waiter with drinks* “Wow, that could have been bad" *Turns around, knocks an old lady into a fancy indoor fountain* “Everytime… everytime"

Royalty // Hoshi // Pt. 8

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt.3 // Pt.4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 // Pt. 7 // Pt. 8 // Pt. 9

Word Count: 1,778

Genre: Royal au, Fluff as always, angst is coming be warned

Summary: You’re driven from your own kingdom by your wicked step-mother and flee to the one safe place you know…but how safe will it stay

        Your eyes widened as you made a three sixty, taking in everything from where you stood in the middle of the town square. How could any town be so pretty? Soonyoung’s kingdom was slowly starting to seem more and more unreal with every step you took in it. From the beautiful scenery, to breath-taking palace, and now this stunning town? Impossible for sure. The stone paths that all connected at the middle, and from the point they connected, a beautiful pattern of shells pressed into the stone flowed out in a symmetrical pattern. Each little shop that lined the path gave off a beachy feel, but all had unique aspects to them. A few had plants hanging from various windows and in pots around them, while others had strings of shells hanging from the door, tinkling in the gentle ocean breeze. You made out a flower shop, a little bakery, something that looked like a fish shop, a vegetable stand, and even a book store. You were overwhelmed by the number of things to look at. Soonyoung only laughed at you as you continued to turn in place over and over again. The people bustled about, but there was a certain calmness about them. At your kingdom, people rushed through the cold outside, eager to get back into the warmth of their house, sometimes you could even spot a few people running, but here, everyone moved with ease, stopping to peek into a shop before continuing on their way. You liked the calm feeling.

        When you finally had finished looking at everything your eyes could reach, you headed straight for the bookstore. Soonyoung followed, smiling politely and bowing to the few towns people that recognized him. The bookstore was just as pretty inside as it was outside. You skimmed through many books, finding all types of books you had never even heard of. Next, Soonyoung pulled you towards a shop where he ordered some kind of drink and gave it to you. You hesitantly took a sip only to be met with the wonderful taste of cold fruit juice. You squealed with delight at its delicious taste and shared the glass with Soonyoung, claiming that it was just too good to not share with someone. The two of you wandered the town for a long time, walking into various shops and talking to a few people here and there. As the day progressed the town only became busier and more beautiful. By a fountain not far from the center of town you met the three cutest children you had ever seen and ended up playing with them. At first it was just making silly faces, but soon the four of you were running circles around the fountain and even splashing a little bit of its water at each other. Soonyoung watched from a few paces away, his hand resting on the hilt of his sword and a smile on his face.

        “She’s very beautiful.” an old lady said, suddenly appearing by his side.

        “Yes, she is, isn’t she?” Soonyoung answered, not even moving from the lady’s sudden appearance.

        “You must love her very much…” she said, smiling up at Soonyoung, “I can see it in your eyes.” Soonyoung looked down at the frail old women and smiled warmly at her.

        “I do love her, she’s quite an amazing person.”  he declared, his smile slowly growing as he turned his attention back to you.

        “The two of you will make a lovely couple, your highness.” The lady spoke, before waving to her grandchildren you were playing with. They came running to her side, leaving you standing next the fountain. As the old lady and the children walked off, Soonyoung made his way over to you, as you had already made yourself comfortable sitting on the edge of the fountain.

There was something about Soonyoung’s smile that filled you with butterflies. You had seen him smiling so many other times, but this smile in particular had something to it. It was a triumphant smile, as if he had just won an argument with someone, but his eyes carried nothing but love. Love for you? Love for his kingdom? Who knows, but what you knew was that with each passing hour you were falling for the charming prince. He sat down next to you and leaned back on one hand, crossed his legs and let out a long sigh.

“So, what do you think of my kingdom now that you’ve seen even more of it?” Soonyoung asked after some time had passed.

“If anything, Soonyoung, I love it even more than before!” You exclaimed, looking happily up at the starry sky that had appeared while you were playing with the children.

“It’s so much nicer than my kingdom! We never got the chance to be outside like this, and anything inside wasn’t as fun. Your kingdom feels like magic…” Soonyoung laughed at your last comment.

“I’m sure your kingdom isn’t too bad.” He replied as the two of you watched the hanging lanterns slowly become lit. Soft music could be heard from one of the shops open doors, only making the warm weather and noises from the insects mix together to create the perfect atmosphere. You wished that time would freeze and you and Soonyoung could stay like this forever. You wouldn’t have to worry about being hunted down, or meeting the King and Queen, no issues. Everything would just stay how it should be; perfect.

Soonyoung let out a long sigh before standing up and turning to you.

“We should probably head back since it’s getting dark. I’d like to avoid any potential run ins with your crazy stalker.” he said with a chuckle. You nodded in agreement and stood up, following him and he began to journey back to his palace.

The walk back to the castle was just as peaceful and the rest of the day, and you and Soonyoung continued to carry a light conversation the whole trip back. Soonyoung walked you back to your room, to avoid the possibility of you getting lost and you settled down into the fluffy bed once again, shocked by how quickly the day had flown by.

You continued to explore the kingdom for several days. Usually Soonyoung was off dealing with some of his royal duties, so you tended to hang out with Seungkwan or Hansol, exploring more of the beautiful palace and even taking a few walks along the beach. Seungkwan and Hansol turned out to be a lot of fun, and there were multiple times your cheeks and stomach hurt from laughing so hard. The two of them were quite the duo. You woke up one morning to find the maids bringing in some new outfits for you. They were the most exquisite things you had ever seen. All different fabrics and colors, but nice soft colors, nothing too outlandish. When you found out that Soonyoung had left it up to the maids to pick outfits out for you, you couldn’t help but thank them over and over again. Not only did they have a great taste in clothes, but they knew exactly what you liked. You were going to have to find a way to thank them for sure.

Amidst all your joy over finally having a few new outfits, it finally occurred to you that you have no solid reason to put off meeting the king and queen. Talk about stress levels peaking faster than light. You tried to brush the thought aside and headed towards breakfast, now dressed in your nice, new dusty pink dress that draped over your body in the most flattering way possible. When you arrived at the dining hall, Soonyoung was already there waiting for you. When he saw the new dress, a small grin broke out, and there was a certain twinkle in his eye that you had only seen once or twice.

“The new outfit looks nice on you, princess.” he declared as you made your way to your seat and examined the options for breakfast.

“Thank you, prince.” you said back with a slight laugh. It wasn’t until after the meal that Soonyoung brought up the elephant in the room.

“So, you’ll be meeting my parents today then, won’t you?” Soonyoung finally said in a soft voice.  

“Yah I guess so…” you replied, twisting your fork in your hand.

“It’ll be fine (y/n), they know i wouldn’t bring someone who wasn’t a good match for me.” he said. His words made you face heat up almost as soon as he had uttered them. “I really do like you (y/n).”

You had wanted time to freeze the last time you were out with Soonyoung, but this time really did seem to freeze. You knew Soonyoung liked you, and he knew you knew, but this was the first time he flat out said it. All the blood had rushed to your face, and you could tell the same was for Soonyoung.

“I really like you too Soonyoung.” you finally said, your smile growing with each word. The two of you continued to smile at each other for a few seconds before Hansol walked through the open doorframe. He gave the two of you a knowing smile, and winked a bit at Soonyoung, leaving the both of you a bit flustered.

“So… The King and Queen are free this afternoon. (Y/n) can meet them then.” Hansol declared while looking over a sheet of paper. “And Prince, you’ve got a meeting in about 30 minutes, but you should be able to see (y/n) before she has to meet with your parents.” Soonyoung nodded as Hansol continued to tell him the day’s schedule while you tried to keep yourself calm and tried not to think about the afternoon to come.

Soonyoung said a quick goodbye, and promised he would make it back before you had to meet the king and queen, even if it meant leaving his meeting early, and you thanked him. He gave your hand a little squeeze and a knowing look before leaving for the morning, and you set off to wandering around the castle again, trying to calm your nerves. Hopefully you would meet Seungkwan or someone as you walked around. Surprisingly, you didn’t run into a single person as you walked around the castle grounds. You found yourself coming to land in the gardens that were behind the palace, facing the ocean. You stared at the koi fish that swam around in the small crystal-clear pond and smiled at the passing butterflies as they fluttered over to a flower bush. This was going to be a long day.


My First Fic Ever!

Well guys, here it is! My first foray into the fanfiction world, in response to a prompt by the lovely @marilita , who requested Rosvolio talking about books in some capacity. I hope that this is what you were looking for my friend!

        With all of the madness about in Verona as of late, it occurred to Rosaline, newly lady of House Capulet, that there was nothing better to escape the rabble than the pages of her favorite books.  Rosaline had been an avid reader since she was a child, as her parents had raised her to be a lady of Verona and thus educated her as such.  Even after her father had been killed and her mother dead of grief shortly afterward, Rosaline kept on reading.  She was the first to admit that books had a world of their own in order to escape the worst times in her life.  This week was no exception.  Therefore while the rest of House Capulet seemed to be in utter chaos, Rosaline slipped away from her (Juliet’s actually, and didn’t that just shake her to the core) room and found a quiet garden fountain just away from the city center to settle down and continue reading.

        Today she had chosen an epic Greek tale to take on her respite.  Homer’s Odyssey drew Rosaline in with its mythical creatures and gods and goddesses.  Yet the thing that intrigued Rosaline the most was Odysseus’ determination to get back to his wife, even after many years of delayed travel.  She was nearly done with this epic tale, but was waiting on tenterhooks to see if fair Penelope would recognize Odysseus as her husband after he slayed all of the greedy suitors around his wife. She could not help but to compare the couple’s situation to her own, even if they were nothing alike.  She wished for a love as strong as Odysseus’ and Penelope’s, and silently scoffed at herself for ever thinking that this would happen in her present situation.

        Maybe if Escalus- I mean the Prince-had declared his love before a week ago, I could have a love that strong. Rosaline thought in vain. Yet, after Escalus had showed his true intentions and motivations toward her the morning after the royal dinner, she had very little faith left in him.  Which left her to think of the other man that had come bursting into her life, Benvolio Montague.

       Benvolio was harder to sort out.  Rosaline hated the man, of course, as he was a Montague and the Montagues were unforgivable after what they had done to tear their family apart after her parents died. Although she supposed she really only had Lady Capulet to blame for her and Livia’s fallen status.  Animosity of the Montagues still ran strong however, making her less than benevolent toward Benvolio at best.  He was not as notoriously rash as Mercutio and Romeo had been, yet he still had a reputation for being a noble Montague cad. Yet he seemed much more open to their proposed union than she had ever been.  Just a couple of nights before at the royal dinner, he had approached her and seemed to be almost resigned to the task of a life together, while she had blatantly denied any agreement on her part before Escalus had betrayed her.

     “I know some things about you,” Benvolio had said to her. “Not enough to build a life together, but we’ll get there.” 

     From this alone, Rosaline felt a bit ashamed that she was not as willing as he to compromise and save Verona from bloodshed. He had lost nearly everyone he had ever loved, and yet was still willing to be loyal to their betrothal.  Could he be the Odysseus in her life, always fighting for her protection? And if so, could she be his Penelope, willing to wait while he gave himself in service of House Montague and Verona?

      She was pulled quite suddenly out of her musings about the current state of her life and the Odyssey by the man she had been contemplating so diligently for the past hour.

     "Well look who it is! I cannot imagine anyone I would be less likely to find around here than you, Lady Rosaline, yet here we are,” Benvolio smiled, that twinkle in his eye irritating her as he seemed to know something that she did not. 


why, pray tell my lord, should I not be here?” she answered, wanting to take back everything she had said in her mind about his maturity, for he could not even start a conversation with her without making some sort of stab at banter.

     "My lady, the fountain you are sitting at is on the outskirts of Montague property.  Mind you, you probably won’t be faulted for it, but it is rather odd to see anyone remotely near Capulet blood here. Actually, you would probably not find any Montague here either. Except for me.”

     "Is that so?” she retaliated. “Do you often find yourself lost on your own family’s property?”

     "No, my lady. This is where I came to think after the sickness took my mother and father both,” he said, growing more somber and open by the second.

     "Oh. Oh my. I am sorry, my lord, I should have never-…”

     "It is alright, Rosaline, really. As my betrothed, you are more than welcome to do anything you wish here.  If anyone attempts to bother you about it, have them take it up with me.  Although like I said before, you really should not encounter anyone else here disturbing you with your books, your- what are you reading, anyway?”

     Rosaline was touched that he would share his most private corner of his family’s property with her.  It was obvious that he still greatly disliked her, but he was giving her the benefit his betrothal and allowing her the status of a Montague bride-to-be.  She was so overwhelmed that she forgot to answer Benvolio’s query, only answering when she was startled out of her thoughts by his questioning gaze, one that had been on her face far too long.


It is the Odyssey. I know men such as you most likely prefer the Iliad, with its account of the war and all that, but I quite like the adventure that Odysseus and his crew brings.” She smiled thinking of all the travels the poem had taken her on in her imagination.


looked back up from her contemplation to see him smiling. “Actually, my dear beloved, the Odyssey is quite my preferred choice when it comes to Homer’s epic poems.  As silly as it sounds, I quite like the idea of Odysseus’ strength coming from a place to call home.”

     "You mean in Penelope? Oh yes, I completely agree! The way that they are devoted to each other even throughout the hardest of separations, fully even gaining the gods’ favor to be reunited, why it is absolutely incredible! I can only wish-!” Here she broke off, for he was truly smiling now, and it was radiant. She flushed with embarrassment.  She always became too giddy when speaking about her favorite literature, and now she had gone off about one of her favorite stories, tearing down her walls to her loathed fiancé himself. Yet he did not seem to belittle her for her strong opinions on the literature, but was rather encouraging and open himself. He was the one who shared a deeper opinion of the story first, after all.

     "Perhaps, if you are agreeable to these types of stories, my lady, I could lend you some of my own? I know not of the stock the Capulet library has, but I do know the Montague library like the back of my hand, and I could find some epic adventures for us to discuss further. A starting point for our life together, if you will? Literature is the cornerstone of all intelligent discussion, after all. What say you, Rosaline?” he grinned.

     Rosaline was fully cheery herself once again, something that she never thought would happen in this man’s presence. “Yes, Benvolio. I would like that very much. Thank you, truly, for thinking of me. I know this is difficult for the both of us. But perhaps literature really can be our starting point, as you say? At least we know it is something you can be civil about,” she bit at the end.

     "Just as I thought we were getting somewhere!” Benvolio joked. “But yes, my lady, I shall see what books I can find for us. Shall we meet here again in two days’ time to read together? I am sure your family would not object to you spending time with your betrothed, even though we do not intend for this to be a courtship.  Call it a reprieve from the madness together, if you will.”

     "I think we can both agree we need that, my lord,” Rosaline said.  This was not the end of their dislike for each other that was for certain.  But it was a good start on what would hopefully lead to a successful society marriage. And if Rosaline was lucky, perhaps even a friendship. 

     Although, life plans certainly never did pan out the way Rosaline wanted them to.

Someday: Damian Wayne x Reader

With Damian aged up to…maybe sixteen or thereabouts? He and the reader are in the same grade and have been dating for a while, but the reader doesn’t know he’s Robin yet.

Also, Marvel comics/movies exist in the DC universe and vice versa and you cannot tell me otherwise.

Your name: submit What is this?

“You taking me out to brunch tomorrow?” you asked your boyfriend. “I wanted to check out that little pancake place by the movie theater.” You’d thought about making plans for breakfast, but you were pretty sure Damian was never awake before 10 am. Even in morning classes the guy was constantly asleep (he somehow knew all the material already, though, so you figured it didn’t really matter.)

“Of course I am, Y/N.” Damian glanced up at the sky. “It’s getting late. I should be headed home.”

“You won’t even come watch Infinity War with everybody tonight?” you asked, pouting a little. “It’s going to be great, I’m smuggling in candy.” Reaching forwards, you tried to take Damian’s arm, but he jerked away.

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