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i almost forgot about taz lady week, but here’s the director for day 1!! (plus a close up cuz it looks rly nice)

hoo boy this was a lot of fun! i don’t normally do lineless stuff, but lineart takes me forever and i wanted to finish this asap. its a bit late, but i like how it turned out! ^u^



I have the courage to be your wings!

(Please Stay with Me!)


Kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon fan art that I started drawing while I was in the early episodes of the show.

Finished it today after much deliberation. 

Tohru’s too short, and her maid dress is wrong in the back, but ah well…it’s the feeling that counts right? 

Drawn in a sketchbook, scanned, inked and colored in photoshop.


Don’t remove this caption.




now guys I have absolutely no excuse as to why I’m so late with this chapter. I would like to apologize to everyone I kept waiting, I hope it will not happen again but I never know what will happen.

SCENARIO- The joker finally has his daughter but for how long.

Warnings- talk of mental abuse, physical abuse, language (of course)


You grunted as you held on to the wound that covered your left side. You were limping as you saw the exit coming closer and closer. Closer to freedom. You could hear the sound of boots behind you and dogs barking but you just ignored it and kept limping towards your only chance of seeing the outside world again. A world you haven’t seen for 6 months.

You don’t believe it’s been 6 months since you were on the ladder of that helicopter with your joke of a father.

You remembered the look on your families faces as they discovered your nature, who your real blood was. Thank god that Harley Quinn wasn’t your real mother, because that would make things so much better. (Who knew you could fit so much sarcasm in one sentence)

You only ever saw her once in a while and it never ended well for her. She was a good woman, crazy, but a good woman.
Harley never deserved to be played by the joker, he twisted her mind worse than even his was. He was crazy because he ignored everything, she was crazy because she ignored everything except love and love can make you insane, that one true, no escaping from your own mind, insane.

Your time with your father had not been much better. From the beginning all he did was try to tear you down, so you could be made to his picture.


You felt the cold water hit your face as you lied on the cold medal slab in the back of your cell in nothing but sweatpants and a dirty white tank top.

Your “room” only had the necessities. A small barred window, a calendar, a toilet, a slab of metal called a bed, and a sink. Also the floor was filled with 3 inches of water.

“Wakes wakey sugar, time for another one of daddy’s quizzes.” You heard the joker say from the other side of the bars where he stood holding a now empty bucket.

“No.” You said throwing your forearm over your eyes.

You had been locked up in this hell hole for 4 months now and you were done. The joker made sure you had a calender in your room so you knew every single day that passed by the sun that shined through the tiny barred window you had and you were sick and tired of his games. Not in the way of you wanted to die, just you were done with playing to his whims.

“See I don’t remember, ASKING YOU!” He yelled as he flipped the switch causing hundreds of volts of electricity to shoot through the water of your cell, up to you where it felt like a lightning rod was being sown through your skin.

You screamed bloody murder as you arched your back off the metal slab and could feel your head wanting to explode.
Your heard the switch click off and the joy of your fathers laughter from the other side of your cell as you curled into a ball and held your head.

You weren’t what you used to be. They didn’t feed you the right food to keep you strong and you couldn’t work out from being so weak all the time, so your muscles slowly started to deteriorate. Your strength was apart of your combat style and was starting to leave you defenseless.

“Now be a good girl and get up.” He said as he opened the door to your cell.

You rolled off the slab and landed on your knees, on the water covered floor. You struggled to pick yourself back up off the floor, which used to be a easy task, now, not so much. He rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers as two guards came in and picked you up by your arms and dragged you out of the room behind your other 23 chromosomes donor.

It was the same as everyday since you’ve been here. You were sat in a all dark room with a projector with hundreds of pictures of the batfam. Damian and you taking out the riddler, Dick hanging out with Tim in full consume on top of Wayne enterprises, Bruce with the justice league and finally Jason.

He was out with the rest of the outlaws taking out a threat you had no idea about. You felt your muscles tense as you looked at him, with his guns pulled out and his mask on, he looked amazing. You could tell exactly what face he was making under that mask, you knew what he was thinking and it hurt.

Everyday it would be new more recent pictures and you noticed that all of the batfam looked more weary than usual, especially Jason. He was more brutal than normal and sloppy.

At the end of each “session” you would be asked one question.

“Who are they to you?”

Every single time you replied with your held high and said the words that kept you going through all of the misery.

“They’re my family.”

You would then be dragged back to your cell and do the same thing the next day, but on the last day of the 6th month of you being tortured, things were different.

When you were dragged back and thrown into your cell, you instantly passed out from hitting your head on the metal bed. Thank god you landed face up or you would have drowned from the water, you desperately hated.

When you woke up hours later, you noticed someone standing at the front of your cell with the door open. It was Harley Quinn who had tears streaked down her face.

“Sugar you gotta go, I’ve got about 5 minutes before they come for both of us and this is the only way I’m helping.” She said in a worried voice that still managed to sound perky as she outstretched a hand to help you up.

You looked at her red nail polish with a eye brow raised. You didn’t understand, was it a test put together by your father or was the infamous Harley Quinn being genuinely kind.

“Why?” You croaked out as she started to shake her hand in a fast motion signaling for you to grab it.

“I’m stuck in this life, I chose it for myself, you didn’t and you don’t deserve it.” She said in a harsh whispered voice as she kept leaning back and peaking down the hall.

You looked at her once more, then grabbed her hand hoisting yourself up. As soon as you were standing next to her, a slight prick sensation was in your right arm. You looked down to see Harley pushing a clear liquid from a needle into your arm. You felt the room go brighter and your senses grow sharper.

“What the fuck did you just give me.” You said as you rise to your full height and heard your back pop from not being properly stretched out in the past few months.

“That darlin, is what we call pure adrenaline, I say you have about 15 minutes before you start to feel like death.” She said with a small giggle and looked at a nonexistent watch on her wrist.

“Well toodles” she said, then skipped down the hall, her pigtails bouncing with each step.

“Fucking crazy ass lady.” You said as you stepped out of your cell and turned down the familiar hall where you were then ambushed by a bunch of goons who managed to injure you with a dagger down the left side of your stomach, which led to where you are now.

Flashback over

You could feel the last bits of adrenaline wearing off, it burned through your system so fast it only lasted about ten minutes. You limped through the final door, managing to put all of your body weight on it and tune the handle and took in your surroundings.

You were on a cliff that over looked some unknown body of water, in the middle of the night, with the moon being the only source of major light. You looked behind you to see the bastard coming up the stairs wth his army behind him.

“Welp looks like I only have one option.” You muttered to yourself as you took a a running start and leaped off the cliff.

4 months later in midway city

You had absolutely no idea how you survived that jump. All you could remember was jumping off the cliff, then the next thing you know, you’re waking up on a beach in the middle of the day.

You sat there covered in sand for what felt like days but was only probably about 3 hours. You just needed a minute, as you tore off the ends of your sweatpants to make a makeshift bandage for your wound.

You couldn’t go back home, could you even call it that anymore, home? They would hate you, they would try to lock you away. You couldn’t be locked away again, you wouldn’t let them.

You got off that beach and walked for what felt like hours until you stopped in Midway city. You smelled like the ocean, not in a good way, you hadn’t taken a proper shower for months, you were starving and cold but that’s exactly where you made your final decision.

You would rebuild yourself here, start a new life, be a new person. Leave everyone and everything in your old life, sadly though it truly meant everyone. You’ve been here ever since.

Meanwhile in Gotham

“BATMAN, JOKER SPOTTING ON THE SOUTH STREET!” Tim shouted into the coms as he jumped from building to building.

“On it.” Almost every single person in the batfam said at once into the coms.

Jason and Dick were on their cycles at different points in the city on route to the site. Damian and Bruce drove in the batmobile while Barbara rode on top because she quote said “because I’m batgirl.”

They all arrived in a exact unison surrounding the Joker. After you were taken they all dedicated there time to keep there eyes on the look out for the joker and their spare time looking for you.

When you were first taken they searched everywhere, in uniform and out of uniform, night and day, but they couldn’t find you anywhere. There were no clues or leads so they were just running in blind. They had to slow down after 3 months when the villains of Gotham got worse, they thought the bat was done for.

Jason took your abduction the hardest, you were his rock, his anchor, his one true love and he felt like he didn’t even have the balls to tell you how he felt. He never would have cared you were that bastards daughter. You weren’t like him, you showed Jason that even people that came from demons, could turn into angels.

“Where is she, you freaking lunatic?” Jason growled through clenched teeth, as he pulled his guns on the joker who only stood in the middle of the circle of heroes, looking at the ground.

Jason fired a bullet that zipped by his ear as the rest of the family stood completely still letting Jason have his moment.

“I’m going to ask you one more time, where is she?” Jason questioned again with his modulated voice as he cocked the gun.

A low chuckle turned into a horrendous laugh as the joker raised his head and looked at Jason straight in the face.

“Oh that’s hilarious.” The joker said as he wiped tears out from under his eyes.

“What, what’s so funny?” Jason said as he lowered his guns and everyone could feel the glare he was giving the clown.

“Well here’s the situation little red riding hood, I don’t have her, she went bye bye.” He said as he did a wave and laughed some more.

“What did you do with her?” Bruce asked in his most menacing voice.

“Ohhhhh I didn’t do anything, last time I saw her she jumped off a cliff and you know the deal with those pesky heroes she probably lived but then again she could have died. I mean I would go for the latter, anyways in the end, who really cares?” He questioned in a fake voice with a large frown and a fake boohoo.

“JASON DON’T!” Dick yelled as he saw Jason put his finger on the trigger of his gun and aim at the jokers head.

“JASON IT’S NOT WHAT SHE WOULD HAVE WANTED, STOP IT!” Barbara yelled from where she and Damian both stood in rigid positions by the batmobile.

“Give me one good goddamn reason.” Jason said as he fixed a hard stare onto the clown prince of crime.

“Because she would have said no.” Bruce said as he put his famous glare on Jason.

Jason exhaled though his nose in frustration but reluctantly put his gun down and squeezed the handles of his bike instead.

After 30 minutes and the joker being placed back in Gotham all of the batfam returned to the manor to tell Alfred what happened and discuss what they have learned.

“If she’s alive, wouldn’t she have come home by now.” Alfred said looking around at the table, where they were all currently seated.

“No, not exactly.” Tim said as he took a sip of his coffee.

“Bullshit.” Jason said as he rested his jaw on his knuckles with his elbow on the table.

“Think about it, she kept this a secret from us for the entire time because she probably thought we would have hated her, especially you Jason. Now that her secret is out she is scared that if she comes home we’ll just reject her.” Bruce said standing up, avoiding Jason’s glance at him and walking around the table.

They were both thinking of the night when batman lost his Robin. How Jason prayed for Bruce to make it on time, how Bruce mourned after Jason died. Jason forgave him for that night, he would never admit to it, but he did. All because of a girl who opened his eyes.

“She thinks we hate her because her father is the joker, even though she has done so many good things to help us and make Gotham a better place.“ Dick said leaning back in his chair as a look of pure sadness and confusion crossed over his face.

“We don’t choose our family, we make them, assemble them piece by piece, we just need to make her understand that.” Jason said as he stood up and walked over to the bat computer.

“Well how do you want to do that?” Damian asked with a bored expression, even though they could all see the worry in his eyes.

He would never in a million years admit it but he had a soft spot for you and the way you always helped him when he was in distress. It didn’t matter if it was emotional or physical, you always managed to crack away his facade and see the true kid he was. He knew what it felt like to come from a evil family background and he wished he could have been there for you, the way you were there for him, in his moments of need.

“We have to draw her out someway, get her to come to us, she knows how we operate so she would know how to stay hidden, we can’t just try and find her.” Bruce said as he stood next to Jason at the computer and gripped his hand on the back of the chair.

They looked at the picture of you they had on the screen, to keep their spirits high as to not forget you, not like they would anyways.

“Guys what if she’s not hiding though, what if she didn’t make it?” Barbara questioned everyone as she played with her fingers and looked down at the table with bags under her eyes from countless night of looking for you.

“Well with what I’m planning to do we will get an answer either way.” Bruce said as he sat down at the computer and started typing away.

“What are you gonna do?” Jason questioned as he pinched the bridge of his nose, he looked absolutely exhausted and ready to punch someone, at the same exact time.

“I’m gonna make something happen so big she can’t resist but to come out of hiding and see us.” Bruce said in a dark tone with a frown as the rest of the kids just looked at each other and nodded with somber eyes.

@Elysianno part 4 COMING SOON
First Meeting

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Bold and Italicized= Khuzdul

Italicized= Elvish

Also this could be a very, in the future, spin off of this but like it could also be read as a oneshot. Whatever floats your boat.


You shrug out the elf’s grip. You could walk on your own. You watch the elves in the front and all of them have fiery hair or brown hair and it’s obvious that the one leading the group is of a different race of elves. You’ve heard that the Prince and King were of the Sindarin race but you did not think it to be true.

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Always & Forever (One Shot)

 Summary: It’s your 6th wedding anniversary and Bucky wants to surprise you with something special. Only problem is, he’s absolutely clueless. Time to call in the Cavalry!

Warnings: NONE

A/N: This is my first one shot. I’m truly a sap for Bucky Barnes and romance. Happy reading!!!

7 years. That’s how long you and James Buchanan Barnes have been together. 2 years dating and 5 years married. No one knew the impact [Y/N] had on the brooding super soldier. She managed to creep inside his scrambled mind, knock out the darkness and replace it with happiness, self-worth, and unyielding love fierce as a lion and gentle as a lamb. That’s why Bucky knew your upcoming anniversary had to be nothing short of amazing!!!

However, one MAJOR obstacle stood between him and the coveted “Husband of the Year” award…….James Buchanan Barnes didn’t know diddly-squat about planning an anniversary shindig!! Sure picking out flowers and candy were easy, along with ordering pizza or going out to dinner at ‘The Cre8tion Station’, a quaint little bistro [Y/N] loved, specializing in mouthwatering sushi, a vast array of soup and delicious chicken salad.  

But your wedding anniversary wasn’t some mediocre occasion and everything had to be on a grander scale. Bucky wanted to have the dinner on the Tower’s rooftop!! In order to make this elegant evening come to life, he enlisted the help of some real heavy hitters; Pepper for her event planning expertise. She knew the best decorators, florists and caterers in the world! Nat and Wanda volunteered for shopping duty. They knew [Y/N’s] taste in clothing and Bucky trusted their flair for fashion.

Let’s not forget Daddy Warbucks himself, Anthony Edward Stark. His fondness for her meant nothing was too expensive. That made Nat and Wanda simply giddy because running amuck in New York with limitless credit was every woman’s dream.

[Y/N], Steve, Scott, Thor and Rhodey were on a 5 day mission, scheduled to return on Friday. This afforded Pepper, Nat, Wanda, and Tony time to plan without interference. It would be a total surprise!!! Tears pooled in Bucky’s azure blue-grey eyes simply thinking about your wedding anniversary. Never in a million years could he have dreamt love would overtake the demons in his mind and ground him. He loved [Y/N] with every fiber of his being and wanted nothing short of perfection to make this night memorable!!!


By the time Wednesday rolled around, ‘Operation Anniversary Surprise’ was in full effect. Bucky checked the weather forecast for the 100th time. Nat and Wanda’s tasks were complete. [Y/N’s] dress was stunning; a charcoal grey Kaufman Franco Studded Sleeveless V-Neck Cocktail dress, paired with black stiletto’s to accentuate [Y/N]’s long legs. Although Bucky wanted to see her dress, Nat and Wanda forbid him from peeking until Friday.


Bucky and Tony visited “DuBose & Son Atelier.” Francois chose a Charcoal grey fitted suit, deep purple tie and pocket square. He said it brought out Bucky’s blue eyes. “Monsieur Barnes, c’est magnifique and might I add, no outfit is complete without a pair of black shoes.”

Tony pointed to a pair of black Hugo Boss Italian Leather shoes. “Excellent choice Monsieur Stark.” Bucky stepped out of the fitting room. Tony and Francois were absolutely floored. “I gotta admit Buckaroo, you look dashing. Not as handsome as I am, but it’s a close fifth.”

Turning his gaze towards the full length mirror, Bucky couldn’t believe his eyes. Gone were the shadows that outlined his scarred body; gone were the voices that ran rampant through his thoughts.

“Hmmm, not bad Barnes,” he mumbled.

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The Story of Prythian

This is a possible easter egg for ACOMAF3. You may have to read it five times. 

It began with a cauldron.

A mighty black cauldron held by glowing, slender female hands in a starry, endless night. Those hands tipped it over, golden sparkling liquid pouring out over the lip. No – not sparkling, but effervescent with small symbols, perhaps of some ancient faerie language. –pg 114, ACOTAR

Whenever Feyre needs solace because she is the High Lady of the Night:

In her cell, “If I stared at the ceiling long enough, it became the vast expanse of the starry night sky.” –pg 373, ACOTAR

Facing the bogge, “A starry, unclouded night sky, peaceful and glittering and endless.” –pg 90, ACOTAR

Feyre’s features:

Hands, “Elain’s teacup rattle in its saucer as she noticed my ears. My longer, slender hands – the face that was undeniably Fae.” –pg 246, ACOMAF

Glow, “His smile faded into something awed, something reverent, and I reached out to cup his face in my hands – to find my skin glowing.” –pg 537, ACOMAF

Feyre’s rebirth:

“And then it was dark, a different sort of dark then this place.” –pg 197, ACOMAF

“Everything was black, and warm – and thick.” –pg 407, ACOTAR

“There was light then. Like swimming through sparkling wine –“ –pg 198, ACOMAF

“The golden light grew, and darkness became like sparkling wine, easier to swim through, the bubbles fizzing around me…“ –pg 407, ACOTAR

Feyre’s name:

“An old name – from our earlier dialects.” –pg 313, ACOTAR

The Cauldron:

“The Cauldron was absence and presence. Darkness and … whatever darkness had come from.” –pg 585, ACOMAF

“How the Cauldron purrs in your presence.” –pg 597, ACOMAF

The Book:

Is written in an older language, one could argue ancient; 

“I heard a legend that it was written in a tongue of mighty beings who feared the Cauldron’s power and made the Book to combat it. Mighty beings who were here … and then vanished. You are the only one who can uncode it.” –pg 360

But speaks in riddles:

Like calls to Like. Unmade and Made; Made and Unmade – that is the cycle. Like calls to like. –pg 358, ACOMAF

Life and death and rebirth, Sun and moon and dark, Rot and bloom and bones. Hello sweet thing. Hello, lady of night, princess of decay. Hello fanged beast and trembling fawn. Love me, touch me, sing me. –pg 555, ACOMAF

Sweet tongued liar, lady of many faces – Yes you see now, princess of carrion – you see what you must do…. –pg 586, ACOMAF

Feyre, will be the golden hands to that will forge a new cycle, the rebirth of Prythian!

Cliff Notes version:

A mighty black cauldron held by glowing, slender female hands in a starry, endless night. Those hands tipped it over, golden sparkling liquid pouring out over the lip. No – not sparkling, but effervescent with small symbols, perhaps of some ancient faerie language. –pg 114, ACOTAR

  • “The Cauldron was absence and presence. Darkness and … whatever darkness had come from.”
  • “glowing.”
  • “slender hands.”
  • “A starry…night sky … endless.”
  • “The golden light grew … the bubbles fizzing”
  • The symbols in the mural are from the Book, the Book that answers to Feyre.

You know, I think I maybe going crazy. 

As promised @propshophannah I have begun posting my little Easter eggs and theories

Please, please discuss this with me :)

Foreshadowing (Easter Eggs):

Feyre’s Prescience
Sleeping Giants
The Story of Prythian
Amren and the King of Hybern
The Bonds that Haunt Us
Creeping Like Frost


ALRIGHT, so here’s the list of Deleted Scenes given by the BBFC website:












(I’ve bolded the ones that we haven’t seen)

Okay, so, I’ve tried to match the listed above with what we have:

MACUSA CELL – Creepy ladies coming to get Newt and Tina from the cells

EPILOGUE – Billywig

JACOB TENEMANT – Mildred/Jacob scene


CREOCREATURA – POSSIBLY the alternate “an informant of mine” scene where they’re walking on the street?


OBSCURUS UNLEASHED PART 2 – “There’s absolutely nothing to worry about” scene

SUITCASE CELEBRATION – Ilvermorny song scene

What’s missing:


NEWT’S SUITCASE (this could be Newt shirtless)

TRACKING DEMIGUISE (this could be Dougal seeing multiple futures)


Negan x Reader x Daryl

(Request: okayy, since everyone asking you to write some threesome smut, can I ask one as well? with Negan and Daryl? :3)

Note: theres not really much of a storyline, just smut! 

Warning: smut, oral (Daryl recieving) 

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Negan grabbed you from behind and pulled you back, making you feel his bulge press up against you from beneath the fabric. You put down the papers you were looking through and you smiled to yourself, knowing that the short dress you wore would get his attention. You were in need of some loving for a while, but he wasn’t taking your hints so you decided to tease him.

You turned around and saw the eager look in his eye as he bent down to kiss your neck, often pushing himself against you for more friction. You were standing in the main room of the sanctuary, thankfully no one was there as most of the men had gone on a run. You reached your hand down and massaged Negan’s hard on through his pants, making him bite at your neck with more force.

“You’re a bad girl (y/n), trying to tease me like that, showing off your sexy legs in that short dress of yours” he growled against your neck, his stubble brushing your chin and collarbone. His hands roamed to your shoulders and he pulled the straps of your dress off your shoulders, revealing your breasts to him. He moaned at the sight and immediately grabbed one in his big hand. You were starting to undo his belt buckle when the door to the main area opened up. You looked around to see Dwight and the man they had captured, Daryl.

You didn’t hesitate to hide yourself from them, you were extremely confident with your body and you didn’t mind Daryl seeing, he was some hot stuff.

“Well don’t just stand there ogling my lady! What do you want?” Negan shouted.

“The cells are full, where should I take him?”

An idea suddenly rose to your mind and you tugged at Negan’s leather jacket, making him look down at you. You whispered in his ear while keeping your eyes on Daryl the whole time.

“Shit (y/n)! you really are a dirty girl aren’t ya” he laughed as he turned back to Dwight.

“Leave him in here, that’ll be all”


“Don’t make me repeat myself!”

Dwight hesitated before shoving Daryl closer to you both. Dwight scoffed before turning and shutting the door, leaving all three of you together.

“What do you think of (y/n)?” Negan approached Daryl and pointed to you, still standing by the table and looking at him seductively.

Daryl didn’t answer, but he didn’t need to. You could see the hunger he had for you in his eyes, and the sudden bulge poking through his jeans. Negan noticed as well and he laughed, “That’s exactly how I feel buddy!”

He walked over to you, Daryl following behind him, looking slightly hesitant at Negan’s friendly approach. Negan suddenly grabbed you and picked you up, he walked over to the sofa and sat down with you now straddling him. He quickly pulled off his jeans and boxers, revealing his hard on to you. You noticed Daryl was still standing awkwardly by the table and you ushered him over with your hand. Once he came near you told him to take his pants off and move to your side. He did as you said and while he was doing it Negan shoved himself in you, taking you by surprise.

“Oh fuck!” You cried out as he kept a fast pace going, the sound of skin on skin filling the room. You heard Daryl clear his throat and he kneeled on the sofa so you were at the same height with his cock. You licked his tip, collecting his precum on your tongue before taking him fully in your mouth, making him moan and the feel of your lips around him. As Negan pounded in faster you sped up your movement as well. Daryl had wrapped his fingers in your hair and he was moving you to the speed he wanted, all you had to do was swirl your tongue around the head of his cock every time It neared the entrance of your mouth. After a while you felt both men start to throb in you, and you felt your high coming as well. You moaned with Daryl in your mouth, sending vibrations through his whole body, making him grab onto your hair harder. He had started snapping his hips forward at this point, thrusting into your mouth and allowing his tip to hit the back of your throat. Negan’s moans came more often as well as he grabbed your ass cheeks and squeezed.

Your high suddenly came crashing over you and you let Negan fuck you through it. As you were coming down from your relief you felt Daryl throb in your mouth before he came undone, holding your head still against him while he poured his liquid into you. You swallowed every last drop of it and then Negan came, he grabbed you forward, Daryl’s cock leaving your mouth as Negan kissed your neck and moaned into you.

Both men were panting now, both getting over their high. Daryl had quickly started to change but Negan only put his boxers on. You lifted up the straps to your dress and got off of Negan, sitting next to him and watching Daryl.

“Well that was the weirdest shit I’ve ever done in my life!” Negan chuckled and wrapped an arm around your shoulders. “Come Daryl, I’ll try and find a spare cell for you” Negan said, standing up and walking him to the door. You stayed in the same position and you felt your eyes closing, tired from everything you had done. You leaned your head back on the sofa and let sleep take over your body.

Calling a POT First.

Today we’re in a world of instant messaging, texting, “sliding into a DM” but have you ever thought about calling them, having a conversation? I usually don’t but for some reason I felt compelled to and boy, I’m sure glad I did. 

I had been on and off texting this investment banker who claims he makes over a million; so of course my interest is sparked. Over text he asked my why I liked SA and I replied, “It’s a fun way of dating without the emotional attachment and drama involved. “ (I think that’s what I said, damn it. I deleted the whole conversation) Regardless, he was quite taken back by my answer. “You don’t like commitment?!” Oh, dear. This guy wants a relationship, not an arrangement.  We stopped talking for a couple days but still interested, I gave him a call. 

The investment banker told me why he liked SA. He had a girl who loved being his plus one at events, going to dinners and she didn’t want him to pay… blah, blah, blah BUT then his tone changed when it came to money. 

“If I’m fucking paying for it, you can shut the fuck up” 
“I had girls ask me for $500 to go to dinner, I said, ‘Are you fucking high?”

Wow. Did he really just say that? S-A-L-T.

Ladies, this man is entitled and rude. He has ZERO respect for a woman whatsoever. There are SO many ways to state your opinion without being a dick. Nor does he want to pay up. 

Here’s why calling is handy :

1) See if the conversation flows.
If it doesn’t on the phone, it may not in person. You can avoid how boring he is prior to going out with him. If it does, it may make the date better and more relaxed. It’s a great way to show off your fun and bubbly personality. 

2) Responses and Tones. 
I’m glad I called this guy because I realized prior to going out with him how he responded negatively. I got to avoid a horrible and pointless non paid date. Thank the heavens. His tone was HORRIBLE, nothing on text could have conveyed that. 

3) Most SDs are impressed. 
“Wow, I was actually really impressed that you called. No one ever does anymore” 
Ladies, you’re dealing with men who never had cell phones or internet until now. They LIKE conversation and getting to know someone. If you can call and hold a conversation, you just proved to them that you are way beyond your years and mature for your age and they LOVE that. 

Hope this helps. xoxoxo
- (sbmisstaylor) 


Whoever’s job it is to come up with akumas in Miraculous, les aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir is a Flash fan.  You can’t convince me otherwise.

Reverse Flash/Professor Zoom = Antibug

  • costume is exact opposite color of the hero
  • same powers/abilities as the hero
  • former obsessed fan of the hero

Pied Piper = Guitar Villain/Mr. Pigeon

  • sound wave attacks with musical instrument
  • commands a flock of flying rodents (aka pigeons)
  • with a whistle…kinda like a flute…?

Mirror Master = Lady Wifi

  • teleports through cell phones
  • hero smashes array of cell phones set up to keep her from teleporting

Weather Wizard = Stormy Weather

  • weather
  • a lot of weather

Black Flash = Timebreaker

  • faster than the hero
  • “kills” everyone she touches
  • travels through time

Forbidden [Kim Jongin] - Part 5

Summary: No one said, becoming prince’s future wife servant is going to be easy.

Genere: Angst, fluff (?)

Warnings: Voilence (somehow), swearing

AU: Royals

Pairing: Kim Jongin x Reader

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Becoming lady Shin’s private servant was probably the worse thing I’ve ever experienced. When we were alone, she was cunning and bossy, but every time she was outside her room she changed into totally different person. She turned into kind and polite women with fake, but perfect smile on her face. I am still wondering why she chose me. Maybe she figured out that something happened between Jongin and me. Back then, when lady Shin arrived, he didn’t want her to pick me. Damn it. He even lied that I’m a seamstress. But there is one thing I know for sure. Lady Shin is smart. Too smart to miss something like this.

I was running to her room with another cup of tea in my hands. She told me she wanted to drink some coffee, so I just went to the kitchen to make some. When I came back, the first thing I saw was her devilish, cunning smile. She changed her mind. She wanted tea. I had no choice, but to obey. Lady Shin threatened me with a night in the dungeon. For her I wasn’t a human being. For her, I was like an item, her property.

Pushing the door open, I stepped inside her room. Lady Shin was sitting on a big sofa with a book in her hands.

“Finally” she put it down “What did take you so long?”

“I am sorry, my lady” I said and got closer to her “I just could not do it any faster”

“What a pity” her high-pitched voice always sent shivers down my spine “You better hurry next time. Because you know what will happen, right?”

I nodded. Thank to this few days with her, I just got used to the threatens.

I haven’t seen Jongin at all. I spent my whole time in lady Shin’s room, or just somewhere close to it, doing everything she wanted. I know Jongin and lady Shin were engaged, but it was obvious he didn’t want that marriage. But lady Shin was loved that idea. She loved that now, people had to show her even more respect than before.

Taking a deep breath, I bent down to place the cup on the table in front of Jongin’s fiancé. Of course, my clumsiness showed once more at the wrong place, in the wrong time. My ankle twisted and I spilled whole drink on lady Shin. I heard her scream and the next thing I felt was sudden pain. She pushed me so hard, I hit the ground and the empty cup crushed next to me. Shattered glass almost reached my hand.

“You peasant idiot!” she shouted and her palms went to her red dress “I just have enough of it!”

I started to look around me, not sure what to do.

“I am so sorry, my lady… I-”

“Just shut up!” she interrupted me and stomped her feet “Just shut up, you fucking servant!”

I’ve never heard any of the royals use such a language. Even when king Doyun was angry, he still controlled himself.

“I told you” her voice was ringing in my head “You do something wrong once more, you sleep in the dungeon”

No, no, no, no. I didn’t mean to do anything bad. She chose me as her private servant and now she’s insulting me and threatening me. That’s not how the future queen be like. Sadly, no one except me knew who she really was.

“Tonight, you are not going back to your room” she started to clean her dress “The guards will show you the way to your new bedroom”

What else could I say? I was only a servant, I was no one compared to her. I just sat on the ground with tears in my eyes, my whole body shaking. Now, I needed him. I needed Jongin. Even though I was trying to forget him for my own good, I just needed him to be here with me. I couldn’t handle being lady Shin’s private servant any more. I just wanted to scream into her face that she doesn’t deserve to be here and she doesn’t deserve Jongin. I wanted her to know who I really am.

But it didn’t matter now.

“Get up” she said harshly

I obeyed and in the moment I stood up, she grabbed me by my shoulder. Her fingers tightened around me and I almost hissed from unexpected pain. She pulled me with her and started walking to the door. I almost stepped on the broken glass. Lady Shin opened the door and almost threw me outside.

“Take her to the dungeon” she ordered the guard standing on my left “She’s spending the night there… And don’t give her anything to eat”

He didn’t even have to nod because she stormed back to her chamber, loudly shutting the door.

I took a deep shaky breath. Night in the dungeon without any meal sounded terrifying. I barely had time to eat in the morning because she needed me so early, so now I was starving.

“She’s horrible, isn’t she?” the guard’s question surprised me

“Y-yeah” I sighed and looked at him carefully “She is”

I wasn’t sure if I saw him before, but if I did I would remember him. He was tall and had fluffy white hair. Next thing I noticed were his pointy, yet cute ears.

“I’m Chanyeol” he introduced himself “And you?”

“Y/N” I replied “But I’m sure you’ll forget it”

“I promise I won’t. I will forever feel guilty for taking Y/N to the dungeon”

I managed to smiled at his words. For sure, he was some kind of moodmaker.

I didn’t want to sleep in the cell so badly. I was scared, terrified. I’ve never been in the dungeon before.

“I’m sorry, but I think me need to go” Chanyeol continued “Lady Shin might come back soon and I bet she won’t be happy to see you’re still here”

I slightly nodded and swallowed loudly. We began walking to the dungeon.

Another rat’s squeal echoed in the corridor, sending shivers down my spine. I was sitting in the corner of the cell on a small shaft of hay. I guess it was supposed to be some kind of bed for the prisoner. I brought my knees to my chest. I couldn’t sleep, even knowing it was the middle of the night. I had the feeling that I’m not alone here, but I wasn’t able to see any other person here. Guard or a prisoner. No one.

Night in a cell, in a big wet dirty dungeon without any meal for spilling coffee on a dress? That just didn’t sound right. It’s not a thing a good queen would do.

I was starving. I haven’t eaten for the whole day. It was freezing here and the only thing I was wearing was a thin dress for servants. My breath was shaky and I could feel shivers going through my whole body.

Once more I caught myself humming the anthem of Southerlands. My father taught me this melody when I was young. It was one of a few things I remembered about my home country. I couldn’t recall the flag or anything else. Just the anthem. Somehow it made me feel better. It made a small spark of hope appear in my heart. Maybe one day, people will finally know who I really am.

Suddenly, I heard loud and fast footsteps echoing in the corridor. I stopped singing and my eyes immediately went to the grille. They were getting louder and louder. Someone was getting closer with every second. Was it lady Shin? Other prisoner who managed to escape? Maybe the guards?

“Oh, God” the soft voice I’ve heard made me tear up

My eyes met gentle, brown ones of a person I wished to see for a long time.

“Jongin” I whispered looking at him

When my voice broke down, I saw him tightening his grip on the grill. I could tell he was angry. But not at me.

“We have to get you out of here” his voice was soft and quiet

“Your highness” a guard appeared next to him “You shouldn’t talk to the prisoner”

“What is she doing here?” Jongin ignored his words

“Lady Shin ordered to take this servant girl here”

“Open the cell”

I couldn’t see clearly from here, but enough to know how surprising prince’s statement was.

“Or just give me the keys” Jongin continued

“B-but your highness, lady Shin said-”

“I don’t care what she said!” the prince yelled “Just open it!”

The guard hesitated, but after a while, I’ve heard the clink of the keys. The cell opened and Jongin stormed inside. He grabbed me by my shoulders and pulled closer to him.

“You are so cold” he whispered “How long have you been sitting here?”

Tears started to fall from my eyes.

“I have no idea” I let him embrace me

“I will get you out of here now” he gently caressed my head “Can you stand up?”

I slightly nodded. He gently moved strand of my hair from my face and touched my cheek. I caught myself leaning for his touch. Jongin grabbed my hands and helped me stood up. My legs were shaking, so he just wrapped his arm around my waist, to help me keep balance. We began to walk, but I almost immediately started to get dizzy. I couldn’t feel my knees. Without a word, he put one of his hands under my legs and the second one under my back. He lifted me up and walked out of the cell. I curled my fingers on his shirt.

“If you will tell someone what happened here” Jongin hissed at the guard “I’ll make sure you will lose your job as soon as it’s possible”

He didn’t even wait for his answer. I’ve never seen him like this. Angry and threatening others. The most surprising thing about it was that I was the reason of it. Or more like, what lady Shin did too me.

“I will never forget what she has done to you” Jongin whispered against the top of my head “Never”

I felt myself losing consciousness, but for some reason I felt safe.

I woke up with a terrible pain in my back. I was sure it was a consequence of sitting by a hard cold wall of the cell. I slowly opened my eyes, trying to ignore the brightness going through the window.

“You woke up”

The voice I’ve heard made me shift on my arm. Jongin was sitting on the chair next to the enormous bed I was lying on. I looked around. I just couldn’t mistake this place. This was his room, and I’ve been sleeping in his bed. Pink flush appeared on my cheeks.

“Yeah” my voice was husky

“Did you sleep well?” he asked and folded his hands

“Yes, thank you… I’m just a bit sore”

He let out a sigh and his brown eyes landed on me. I looked down. I was wearing a big grey and silky shirt. It ended right above my knee and the sleeves were too long. It must’ve belonged to Jongin. I crossed my legs flustered and my hands went to the hem of the material. I didn’t remember changing. I was wearing the servant’s dress last night.

“Um…” I didn’t know how to ask the question “D-did you…”

“Did I help you change?” he raised his eyebrow at me and when I nodded, he just laughed quietly “No, don’t worry about it. I asked some female servant to do this, but first I made sure she was trustworthy. She’s not going to tell anybody”

I didn’t know what to say, so I just let silence fill the room. It wasn’t awkward. We both knew we needed that, to think about everything. Previous words were just excuse to talk to each other.

“I forgot to tell you” Jongin got up from the chair and walked to a small table “I asked to brought it here for you”

He returned with a tray. Suddenly, I remembered how hungry I was. I haven’t eaten for whole day, whole night and probably some hours more. On the tray I saw a small plate with croissant, on the other ones there were pancakes with some topping, french toast and an apple. I also saw a glass of orange juice and a cup of tea. I was wondering how will I eat all of this.

“You stare at the food with such an awe” Jongin laughed “You look funny… But cute”

Normally, I would blush, but I was still mesmerised.

“Thank you” I whispered “It’s all for me? Really?”

“Of course” he shrugged

I smiled brightly and began to eat. The food tasted amazing, probably because I was absolutely starving before, but I didn’t care. I quickly drank the juice and the tea. As I finished consuming, I sighed loudly and fell back onto the mattress.

“You must’ve been really hungry” the prince said

“I was” I murmured “Thank you once more. No one gave me that much food since I became a servant”

“So you weren’t a servant before?”

Now I realised what I’ve just said. It was so close, my secret would be revealed. I couldn’t tell him. At least not now.

“Yes, but it’s a long story and I don’t like to talk about it” I shook my head, hoping he didn’t find out anything “Jongin… How did you know I was in the dungeon?”

“I went to lady Shin’s room in the afternoon because my father wanted me to show her around the palace. When I came there, I saw a cup shattered on the floor. I asked her what happened and she told me…” he took a deep breath “She told she snt you to the dungeon for disobeying her. I didn’t want to come for you in the middle of the night. I wanted to come earlier, but my father told me to stay at the meeting about…”

He hesitated. I saw that. He just didn’t want me to know something.

“About what?” my curiosity won

“About my marriage” he breathed out

I blinked a few times and looked down. How could I forget about it even for a few seconds? I was serving his future wife after all. Lady Shin didn’t deserve him. Jongin was too good for her.

“Y/N” he sat on the bed and grabbed my hand “It wasn’t my decision. I finally have an opportunity to tell you that I don’t want it. I don’t want to marry lady Shin.”

I wasn’t brave enough to look at him.

“Then what do you want?”

“I want you” he took my chin between his fingers and made our eyes meet “I want to be with you everyday. Whole day and whole night. I want to fall asleep next to you and wake up next to you. I want to spoil you as much as I can because you are my only one. My treasure. I want to cuddle you, kiss you and do things I shouldn’t even think about. Trying to stay away from you was driving me crazy. It’s just impossible for me”

He let go of my chin and looked down. I saw his hands curling on the sheets.

“I told you before, when we were in the garden… I started to be interested in you when I first saw you in the palace. There was something in you that mesmerised me. After that night, during my birthday party, a small spark of hope appeared in my heart. I thought it would be gone by now, but it’s not” he took a deep breath “If you don’t want the things I want the just tell me. I will-”

“Who says I don’t want it?” I cut him, mustering up my courage

He was just staring at me when I took his face in my hands.

It won. The need of Jongin won. I know it was risky, but I just couldn’t help it. I was saying that I’m trying to forget him for my own good. Who was I lying to? Me? The others who didn’t actually know about anything? It just didn’t have sense anymore. It didn’t have it even at the beginning. I knew it before. Prince Kim Jongin was like a drug which I was addicted to.

I connected our lips in a firm, yet sweet kiss.

Author’s note: Sorry for not updating for so long!

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Guess what, Mr. Inattentive Dipshit? It's not my fking problem that you weren't paying attention and didn't hear me SPECIFICALLY SAY "I can help the NEXT PERSON IN LINE on register seven!" When you didn't respond in any way, another lady came over. Maybe if you had more than two brain cells, you would have noticed me calling out. Smh

Hunters Prey - Chapter 1


Theme: Action and Angst

Words Count: 1,562

Warnings- Mentions of Blood, Needles, Medication (Pills)

Kit- Omg this is such a mess XD Glad I got it out though! I’m surprised I was able to since I have college courses to finish >~< Evil Baekhyun is BEST Baekhyun lemme just say, I love making him sassy sweet yet mean. (If that even makes sense lol) Also yes the beginning doesn’t make sense rn but later on it will trust me.  But any way, thank you for reading. I hope to continue this fic, and develop both the plot and characters as I go. Have a wonderful week you guys~

PrologueChapter 2

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So this exists.

My wish for season 5
  • *doors to Daisy and Coulson's prison cell opens and a green-haired lady walks in with her bodyguard*
  • Abigail Brand: Philip's been too long.
  • Coulson: ...Lola? You're in charge of S.W.O.R.D.?
  • Bodyguard: That's Abigail Brand to you-
  • Abigail: -easy Sebastian. I'm used to him calling me Lola anyways. After all...we're old friends.
  • *winks at Coulson*
  • Daisy: Hold the named your car after this person?
  • Coulson: Long, LONG, LONNNGG story.