lady of lebanon


The Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon, Lebanon. Belonging to the Maronite Church, it is one of the most important shrines in the world honouring Mary, Mother of Jesus. Christians make up about 41% of Lebanon’s population, of which 22% belong to the Maronite Church. Lebanon has the highest percentage of Christians in the Middle East and across the Arab world. 

Kanisat Saydet Al-Hosn (Church of Our Lady of the Fortress) - Ehden, Lebanon

The church dates back to the 9th century, it was built over the remains of a crusader fortress.

It’s popular amongst locals & tourists due to the panoramic views from the church’s balcony.

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The amazing Laura Carmichael, star of Downton Abbey, recently joined the team at A World at School in Lebanon to see exactly why urgent action for education in emergencies is needed NOW.

With over 200,000 Syrian refugees missing out on school, she found children getting farther away from their dreams. She signed the #UpForSchool petition to help change that. You can too! How? Go to and add your signature!

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