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First Meeting

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Bold and Italicized= Khuzdul

Italicized= Elvish

Also this could be a very, in the future, spin off of this but like it could also be read as a oneshot. Whatever floats your boat.


You shrug out the elf’s grip. You could walk on your own. You watch the elves in the front and all of them have fiery hair or brown hair and it’s obvious that the one leading the group is of a different race of elves. You’ve heard that the Prince and King were of the Sindarin race but you did not think it to be true.

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One Tiny Kitten

Imagine: here || word count: 1296 || Genre: fluff || pairing: Lindir x reader. || a/n dedicated to songbirdlindir because she’s having a bad night and everything is better with cute kittens :)

“No absolutely not y/n!”

Lindir attempted to glare at you, but your face was partially hidden behind a small orange ball of fur, better known as an adorable kitten.

You sighed.
Lindirs protests weren’t really a surprise to you.
He’d always been so proper and a little strict. You also knew that he really disliked surprises and chaos, at least he had for all the time that you had known him.

Cuddling the tiny kitten closer to your chest you carefully watched his face, but he was as unreadable as always, except maybe for a slight twitch of an eyebrow.

You’d gone to Bree earlier that month with a couple of traders, hoping to find some new fabrics to use in the dresses that the ladies of Imladris had commissioned for the upcoming feast.
At first Lord Elrond hadn’t liked the idea of you going with them, but you’d been adamant that you’d be allowed to go, after all a good seamstress had to get new fabrics and new inspiration every once in awhile, right?
Promising to make a stunning gown for Arwen on your return had been the ace in your sleeve, he couldn’t deny your request after seeing her excitement.

On the way back you’d stumbled on the poor little kitten, all alone and defenseless. There was no way you could just leave it out in the wild, which is why you were now stuck trying to convince Lindir to let you keep it.

“But Lindir it’s just one tiny little kitten”.

Seeing that your statement had made no impact on him you resorted to begging.

“Please please please Lindir! I promise she’ll  stay in my room, you’ll never even notice that she’s here! And… And I’ll take care of her all on my own I promise!”

“Y/n do you even know how to care for a kitten?”


He sighed and raised an eyebrow, in that perfect infuriating way that made you weak in the knees and lose your train of thought.
It would be so much easier to come up with good arguments if you didn’t like him so much.

“I mean how hard can it be, right?”

As a last ditch effort you made your very best puppy dog eyes and fluttered your lashes.

Lindir looked away with a barely hidden groan.

“Fine y/n but if it causes any kind of trouble, it’ll have to go”.

“Yes, yes of course Lindir!”

You hugged him in your excitement and barely avoided squishing the protesting kitten between your bodies, before running off towards your rooms.

Carefully depositing the kitten on your bed you let out a tiny squeal, you could barely believe that Lindir had let you keep her.

“Now we need a name for you don’t we?”

The kitten meowed seemingly in agreement with your statement and contended flicked its bushy tail, it’s tiny yellow eyes following you with interest.

“Hmm how about Culuina?”

The only response was a tiny hiss.

“No? Well then how about Titta?”

This time the kitten purred and snuggled into your pillow.

“Well Titta it is then, now don’t go anywhere while I go find some food for you!”

You giggled at your own attempt at sounding stern and headed down to the kitchens carefully closing the door behind you so that Titta wouldn’t escape.

Gaeldir the head chef in the main kitchen had given you funny looks when you had asked for some raw fish, but he’d nonetheless chopped some into a bowl for you while you skillfully dodged his questions.
You were soon on your way back to your room, with some fish for Titta and some divine fresh honeybread for yourself.

Only to have your heart skip a beat when you discovered an empty room.
Quickly setting the food on the nearest surface, you got on your knees to look under the bed and the other furniture. There was no sign of the little fur ball anywhere, you even looked in the bathroom!


Where was she and how did she get out in the first place? The hallway was empty so you carefully called for her, no need to alert anyone to your missing kitten if you could help it.


By the valar where could the little fluff ball have gone? You had to find her before anyone noticed her especially Lindir.

Making your way into the gardens you were starting to get really worried Imladris was a big place and a kitten could hide pretty much anywhere.

“Are you looking for this?”

You froze, please dear Valar don’t do this to me, was the only thought running through your head as you turned in the direction of Lindirs voice.

You let out a barely audible gasp because resting in his arms was your missing kitten.

“Titta! I’m so sorry Lindir!”

You quickly made your way over to Lindir to reclaim your lost kitten, before she can upset Lindir further.
But as you attempted to pick Titta up, she hissed and dug her sharp little claws deeper into Lindirs arm.

“Auch! y/n your kitten is a little terror.”

“Amin hiraetha Lindir!”

Your hands were shaking as you carefully tried to untangled Titta’s claws from his robes.

“I don’t know how she got out I swear”.

You desperately tried to keep the tears at bay, you did not want to cry in front of Lindir, but you knew he was going to make you get rid of Titta after this mishap.

As you felt the first stubborn tears slide down your cheek, Lindir’s free hand firmly grasped your chin and turned your head so that he could look you in the eyes.

“Hush lirimaer I’m not upset.”

He softly stroked your cheek with his thumb catching the fresh tears and the corner of his mouth turned up in a small smile.

“But you said if she got out or caused trouble I… I couldn’t keep her” you sniffled.

He sighed and looked away. “I know, but I can’t bear to see you cry.”

“Really? So I can still keep her?” You questioned while sending him a watery smile.

He nodded still holding Titta who stubbornly refused to let go of his sleeve.

“I… Thank you Lindir”.

“Well let us get her back to your room shall we y/n?” As soon as you nodded he turned to walk back inside.

You were a little stunned at the turn of events so by the time you caught up Lindir had already placed Titta back on your bed and was softly petting the little troublemaker.
The sight was rather endearing and made you giggle, which in turn made Lindir look up at you a slight blush on his cheeks.

“Well I should be going, now try to keep her out of trouble y/n.”

He’d almost made it out the door when you decided to take a chance.

“Lindir wait!”

He turned to look at you but instead of saying anything, you simply walked up to him and standing on your toes pressed a kiss to his lips. Stepping back and looking at your feet you desperately hoped that your face wasn’t turning as red as you feared.


While you were afraid of his reaction, you simply couldn’t not look up at him when he said your name in such a way.
When your eyes met he reached out and grasping your waist he pulled you into a tender kiss.

“Amin mela lle y/n” he smiled teasingly “despite your little furry monster”.

You couldn’t help the laughter that bubbled up at least Titta’s little adventure brought something good with it.

culuina - orange (colour)
Titta - tiny
Amin hiraetha - I’m sorry
Lirimaer - lovely one
Amin mela lle - I love you

Far too young to die

WARNING: Profanity, there had to be some in this chapter. Guns, threatening, mild violence.  
Summary: Bruce and the reader are still not on the same page and reader meets the caped hero of metropolis.
Notes: Oooooohhhhh snap! There’s a special someone featured in this chapter! Are you ready? Plus, sorry this took so loooonnnggg, I was waiting for my creative juice to come back and my head has been bobbled with graduation and hazel but here it is!

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Chapter 7


“I see neither of you got any sleep,” Alfred commented on both you and Bruces’ grungy state. 

When you got home last night you couldn’t sleep so you stayed up and worked on a couple of papers that are due before your finals. Your professors were generous enough to give you an extension when they found about what happen to you. Bruce knew you would still be up, the house was so quiet when you went upstairs and he stayed behind. As he walked to his bar he loosened up his tie and undid three buttons below his collar to relax himself; he poured himself a glass of whiskey and sat back onto his couch. 

 It was so quiet he could hear you tapping your fingers away on your laptop, he looked up to the second floor and thought about earlier, the way you hugged him, you haven’t done that since you were in your early teens when you still had nightmares. He misses those nights, when it was just you two keeping each other company. You were so young but still so mature and bright, you were far ahead of him when he was that age. And then those nights happened less, you started to leave the house more, not to go out but to just get away and be by yourself, so he started isolating himself more in his Batcave.
 Alfred noticed the distance between you two grew further, you even spent less time with him. They knew you were going through your teen years and it was going to be difficult but were up for the challenge.  

In the beginning the house was either quiet or full of crying and screaming, each night was different, then it was filled with laughter and smiles. Now it’s quiet again, there would be arguing here and there but not to the point of taking it too far.

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—- Genderbending! AU: Elrond the Lady of Imladris

The namesElros" and “Elrondthat Elwing gave to her sons were held prophetic, as many mother-names among the Eldar. For after the Last Battle and the overthrow of Morgoth, when the Valar gave to Elros and Elrond a choice to belong either to the kin of the Eldar or to the kin of Men, it was Elros who voyaged over sea to Númenor following the star of Eärendil, whereas Elrond remained among the Elves and carried on the lineage of King Elwë. Now “Elrond” was a word for the firmament, the starry dome as it appeared like a roof to Arda, and it was given by Elwing in memory of the great Hall of the Throne of Elwë in the midst of his stronghold of Menegroth that was called Menelrond, because by the arts and aid of Melian its high arched roof has been adorned with silver and gems set in the order and figures of the stars in the great Dome of Valmar in Aman, whence Melian came" (J.R.R.Tolkien, History of Middle Earth XII, The Peoples of Middle Earth, The Problem of Ros)

(Zhu Zhu [Marco Polo Netflix] as fem!Elrond | She for the truth is one of my possible fancast for Luthien, but Elrond is a descendant of Luthien, and in the books he was described as extremely fair, so I imagine him like a sort of male!Luthien. This is *my* idea of Elrond obv)

"Imagine Lord Elrond pulling you close and whispering in your ear “Hail Hydra.”

maaaeeeedhrooooos || imagine

It was a long day, and being the Lady of Imladris was a more stressful job than you ever imagined it could be. You had to run the household, make sure all stocks were in check, be there to welcome guests, plan celebrations, and much more.

You walked into the bedroom you shared with Elrond, and closed the door behind you. He wasn’t in here yet– He was probably caught up in the meeting he mentioned earlier. Nonetheless, you decided to relax and take your bath.

When you were out of the bath, you changed into your sleeping robes. You were just about to get into bed when the door opened. You smiled when you saw Elrond, and he gave one in return. You could tell he had a stressful day, and that he was glad it was over.

He walked over to you, and pulled you into a kiss. You close your eyes, happy to be where you wanted all day long. You pulled apart and he smiled down at you, and pulled you into an embrace. It was now that he whispered quietly into your ear,

“Hail Hydra.”