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** as a brown person myself, i L O V E the palette…

xD I find the canon colours very diverse and just thought your croc was inspired by more Egyptian skin tone.

If you’re talking about the anime, then yes, they use a more diverse palette of skin tones. In the manga (which is what I refer to when I say canon), everyone is more or less the same shade of peach, including black-coded characters like Usopp, Daz, and Mr. 5.


There, have some nb peeps & trans & queer ladies of color with their loved ones. ♥


endless list of favorite female characters [21/?] - Waverly Earp
I’m a freak who knows the most lethal place to stab someone bigger than you is through the ear. Yes, I’m the freak who knows witches can’t cross lines of salt, which is pretty handy right now. And I’m the freak who six months ago would’ve too polite to mention that that big old diamond on your finger, not only is it cubic zirconium, but it is ugly as shit!