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McDonald’s has their 20 piece chicken nuggets on the 2 for $3 menu right now. You’re supposed to mix and match items, but there’s nothing stopping you from getting 2 orders of them for $3. Which means, for the low, low price of $9.63, I just got 120 chicken nuggets. The lady asked me three times if I was sure I wanted that many, and then when I rolled up to the window, she looked in my backseat like she expected to see four kids there, but it was just me. I took my 120 chicken nuggets home and ate them all, and I gotta say, this is what life is all about.

MonsterGarten au

Welcome to the new Kindergarten au!!
-This will be an ask blog
-Everyone will be able to answer questions
-If you just wanna talk about the au: Go ahead!
-Feel free to ask questions!

Here’s a list of details for the Characters:

-Buggs has 6 arms
Has ant antennas
(Ant bully)

-Cindy with claws also hypnosis
Probably a siren

-Monty with 4 arms and 4 eyes

-Lily is werewolf

-Billy is human jello

-Nugget is god/alien
Nugget cave is like the Gates of Heaven

-Kid is a time traveler

-Jerome is a rito
Has egal wings

-Hall monitor has scorpion tail
Prolly has Pinchers

-Principal is human scientist
Pills used on students

-Miss Applegate reads Minds
Has third eye

-Lunch lady is human slop

-Janitor is a chenoo
Mr. Sweepy is alive/sentient

-Biscuit is a zombie

Used to work at a fast food restaurant. In the middle of summer our air conditioning broke. 2-ish weeks without air, in the kitchen it got to be over 100 degrees, and no one wanted to come in because it was sweltering hot. (I had several customers come in, shout, What, no air conditioning? and leave. I wished I could leave too but we were still required to work through it.) 

One of these super hot days I have a line of two. I’m helping one woman and once I finish her order I act perhaps a bit short to another woman. She has to wait 5 minutes to get her chicken nuggets and buys like 4 water bottles. Chicken takes a bit longer so I was able to give another customer her meal before this lady. Her chicken nuggets finish and I, realizing I had been a bit short, happily wish her a good day and thank her for coming. 

Our restaurant has surveys on receipts you can fill out and submit online. Not three minutes later we get one in, presumably from this lady, which says she was just in here, that I was the meanest person she had ever encountered at a fast food chain, and that I purposely avoided giving her service. She did not, while in the restaurant, make a peep about one thing or another. We laughed it off because we were all so hot and knew we had done our jobs properly. I just couldn’t imagine she’d even finished her chicken by the time she wrote it. 

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I work at a pizza place. Yesterday I had a guy call bc he didn't like the pizza he got the day before. "sir, did you call yesterday about it?" "Well yeah but I didn't want to wait on hold forever so I'm calling today" "im very sorry sir but the only way to get a refund or a remake was to call the day you made the order..." he the proceeded to say he was calling 911 on us and hung up. Dude... this is the roughest area in prob the whole state.. the police are not going to entertain you for that bs

Here they will charge you for calling for trivial reasons. Just google the lady and the chicken nuggets.



Holy crap. This happened. Nerd can sing. [x]

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I heard that some askblogs are ending prematurely. Are you going to do that? I hope not! Your blog is to good to end! (Btw the last update made me cry ;-;)

I mean, I have been continuing to run a fnaf webcomic/ask blog for  almost a year and half now even thought the fandom is sort of dying at this point. 

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Draw the first thing that crosses your mind.

thank you everyone who’s commissioned me this year to help me reach this goal