lady nocturnal


         The Daedric Prince whose sphere is the night and darkness. She is also known as the Night Mistress and “Lady Luck”. Although Nocturnal has arguably one of the largest followings of all the Daedric Princes, she has no form of organized clergy. Worshipers of Nocturnal consist primarily of those who operate in darkness and night, such as thieves and spies. However, Nocturnal’s deception is not usually meant to be harmful or violent in the manner of Boethiah. Rather, the unknowable nature of Nocturnal is the core of her being, and serves no real ulterior purposes beyond being mysterious. Thus, while thieves may consider Nocturnal their patron. Nocturnal has three mortal servants upon Nirn who are known as the Nightingales. The Nightingales serve Nocturnal directly, granted the power over shadow, subterfuge and strife in exchange for their service. Once a Nightingale enters into their contract with Nocturnal, they are bound for life and beyond to serve the Night Mistress in guarding the Twilight Sepulcher and in Nocturnal’s realm Evergloam until Nocturnal feels the Nightingale’s contract with her has been fulfilled.

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Yay! Nocturnal! This is my personal view of her and yes I’ve drawn her albino ^^ I’ll continue with the digital drawing later 

She reminds me of Morrigu xD


October Skating Challenge Day 12: Favorite short program(s)
↳ Daisuke Takahashi: Cyberswan, Eye, Mambo, In the Garden of Souls

Yay! I’m finally doing the Lady Nocturnal redesign, Princess Nocturnal on my personal view ^^

I don’t like drawing directly with the computer because I hurt my wrist buuuut today (tonight) I want to try it and practice with photoshop :)

I hope have news soon :D