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t h e  m o i r a i  were the goddesses of fate who personified the inescapable destiny of man and assigned to every person his or her fate or share in the scheme of things. at the birth of a man, the moirai spinned out the thread of his life, followed his steps, and directed the consequences of his actions according to the counsel of the gods. they were independent, at the helm of necessity, directed fate, and watched that the fate assigned to every being by eternal laws might take its course without obstruction. 

Deer Woman Aesthetic ; requested by anon

Deer Woman, sometimes known as Deer Lady, is a shape-shifting woman in Native American mythology, in and around Oklahoma, the Western United States and the Pacific Northwest. She allegedly appears at various times as an old woman, or as a young beautiful maiden, or as a deer. Some descriptions assign her a human female upper body and the lower body of a white-tailed deer.

In various folklores, the Deer Woman is described to sometimes be seen as a beautiful woman just off the trail or behind a bush, calling to men to come over. Deer Woman is often said to have all the features of a normal young woman, except her feet which are shaped like deer hooves and her brown deer’s eyes. Men who are lured into her presence often notice too late that she is not a natural woman, and are then trapped by her magic to waste away until death. Other stories and traditions describe the sighting of Deer Woman as a sign of personal transformation or as a warning. Deer Woman is also said to be fond of dancing and will sometimes join a communal dance unnoticed, leaving only when the drum beating ceases.

“Lady Midday” or the “Noon Witch" is a noon demon from Slavic mythology.  She’s a manifestation of a heatstroke. :) I’m working on my second mini comic; “Femme Fatale Vol. 2!” which is a collection of myths feat. deadly ladies. ♡ 


Badass Mythical Women and Creatures →La Llorona

In Mexican folklore, La Llorona (“Weeping Woman”) or the “Lady in White” is a recurring ghost near lakes and rivers. According to legend, La Llorona was once a beautiful woman named Maria. Her husband either cheated on her and, in revenge, she killed her two children or her husband/lover didn’t want children, so she killed them. After drowning her children, she later killed herself and was stopped at Heaven’s gates and asked about her children’s whereabouts. She was banned from entering until she finds her children, and now wanders the earth in search of them, wailing “¡Ay, mis hijos!”

La Llorona is rumored to steal away children that resemble her own, ask them for forgiveness, and then drown them in place of her lost children. La Llorona’s story is used to curb kids from going out after dark nowadays. She is also seen as a bad omen to many people, predicting ill fortune and even death (much like the Irish Banshee).

A Happy Birthday to the man and the legend, Mr. Jimi Hendrix. 

MYTHOLOGY MEME: [1/5] legendary creatures

THE HARPYIAI (Ἁρπθαι), or Harpies, were in Greek and Roman mythology the spirits of sudden, sharp gusts of wind. They were known as the hounds of Zeus and were despatched by the god to snatch away (harpazô) people and things from the earth. Sudden, mysterious dissappearances were often attributed to the Harpyiai. The Harpies were once sent by Zeus to plague King Phineus of Thrake as punishment for revealing the secrets of the gods. Whenever a plate of food was set before him, the Harpies would swoop down and snatch it away, befouling any scraps left behind. When the Argonauts came to visit, the winged Boreades gave chase, and pursued the Harpies to the Strophades Islands, where the goddess Iris commanded them to turn back and leave the storm-spirits unharmed. The Harpies were depicted as winged women, sometimes with either ugly or very beautiful faces, and with the lower bodies of birds.

Merlin + Possible Pairs

When I started watching Merlin, I thought Merlin and Gwen might end up together.

…lol, no they didn’t.

Then I thought Merlin and Morgana might end up together.

…lol, no they didn’t. 

Then I thought Merlin and Freya might end up together.

…lol, my soul died.


sleep through the hottest part of the day. drink more water than you need. if you stop sweating, she’s nearby. don’t wander through fields looking for flowers. avoid pretty girls with fox eyes. beware women who wear white and kick up dust with no wind. don’t talk to strangers; if you do, be polite. call strange women LADY,  just to be safe. don’t ask her name. don’t avoid her questions. keep children in sight. don’t let them near the crops. keep iron and salt in your pocket. don’t dance with her. don’t watch her dance. keep a midwife nearby; fae respect them. watch for her scythe. night is safer, but not safe. the sower of the crops she frequents can banish her from them. be mindful of fires in dry weather.

don’t be out in the hot sun too long.

Punsounded: Finite Jest

Eat your heart out, Judeo-Christian God.

Pfft, the Twins aren’t parents, they’re science club dorks. Well, maybe art geeks too. At least one computer whiz.

Wait, there’s an eight in that sun eye. Sun…eight…senet. Gotta hand it to them.

Also, way to make Duane re-caw bad memories, Lady I. Just had to blacken that beautiful picture of a khert-less world.