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Celebrating our volunteers!

Our bass instructor Julia is performing tonight at The Arts Center of the Capital Region in Troy! It is the 2012 EMAC & EART Junior/Senior Exhibition and it is 6-9PM, with delicious food and drink provided for the folks who attend. Here is more information about the performances she will be involved in:

Troy Story is a collection of twelve sonic reflections and collaborations with people I’ve met in Troy since my arrival in Fall 2009. Each work portrays a snapshot in time; in a sense, it is an aural journal of my experiences here, created largely in collaboration with the people who were part of those experiences.

Past Lives is a solo viola improvisation which explores the idea of how we reflect and interact with our recollections of our past. Using a simple delay system, the performer creates shifting melodic layers to convey how our perceptions of our memories change and grow over time as we gain new experiences; those perceptions then provide a platform for the possible ways in which we might interpret that which has yet to come.