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FAVORITE COLOR: Lavender and dark green.
LAST SONG I LISTENED TO:  Ignoring the fact my friend showed me a REALLY strange youtube video with a song I don’t know, I was last listening to “We Know the Way (Finale)” from the Moana sound track.
LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: … I don’t think I’ve watched a movie recently. Last long thing I remember is Season 13 from Red vs Blue. Which sort of counts?
TOP THREE TV SHOWS: Firefly, Red vs Blue, Digimon
TOP THREE CHARACTERS: Zelda (Legend of Zelda), Caboose (RVB), Vin (Mistborn)
TOP THREE SHIPS:  Vin and Elend (Mistborn), Tuckington (RVB), and honestly I don’t have any others coming to mind. I’m similar to Nepeta from Homestuck in the sense I ship LOTS of things and I’m always willing to consider a new ship. XD
BOOKS I’M CURRENTLY READING: Hahaha I’m an animation student I don’t have time for books right now. 8′D But school is over in two weeks and I’ve got three books to read that I’ve had since my birthday last year, “Anansi Boys”, “The Prophecy Con”, and “The Lies of Locke Lamora”. 
A PICTURE OF YOU: Here’s a picture of me meeting Jeremy from Achievement Hunter at Disney World this past December! It was a really cool moment and Jeremy is a really cool dude. =D

Let It Die had a lot of things going for it, especially with the writing and art design (“fantastic realism”, I’ve heard it called before. mostly gritty but with occasional ridiculous moments like the mushroom lady or a skateboarding Mexican skeleton). the combat was satisfying and Souls-like in a way that wasn’t frustrating, but also held back your progress naturally. and the music was sweet!

too bad it just couldn’t hold my interest or most other people’s, for one reason or another. not even sure why.


I’m about to ruin a fan favourite for all y'all, simply because it’s funny to me how much this kid’s TV show represented C$.
So, everyone remembers chowder, right? You may have been a preteen, a teen or older. You know, that little purple bunny that was overweight living with the human mushroom Jewish lady named truffles and her nitwit husband, who is consistently blue-mung dahl. Anywaaaaay, remember when they introduced Panini. The other bunny, but she was a pink bunny.
Remember how persistent Panini was. Constantly following chowder. Inserting herself into situations with chowder. Nearly getting the boy killed because she was trying wear him down and make him love her…And yet, when she did that many people immediately attacked her and called her crazy. Psycho. Stalker. You name it, she was it. But ONCE and their double standard precedes them. No, they didn’t write that cartoon, but look what’s happened. They’ve used Regina and Zelena and have pushed the envelope so far that they’re labelled rapists. Literally. All because Regina and Zelena went after someone relentlessly. And we called it out. Fucking everyone was quick to call it out. It’s out when a woman is the predator but not the male and yeah it’s a fucking kids cartoon, but for the love of fuck, explain to me how that’s okay for showrunners to overexaggerate in a cartoon and we understand that’s not good behaviour, but in a real TV show, it’s played off as romantic.
The only difference is that when chowder snapped at panini, she left him alone until he realised it for himself he actually DID like panini. Hook never rested and that kind of behaviour is disconcertingly weird.

Little Battleborn Things #617

Okay but what if, hear me out on this guys, what if Miko finally releases its sporelings, and the next day Kelvin sprouts a much of little blue mushrooms on his head. (And now there’s tiny mushroom children running around Nova, oh no) 

((Not saying Miko knocked Kelvin up… but it totally knocked Kelvin up lol))

*another adorable submission from the spooky harpy Battleborn yknow-fuck.