lady miss kier kirby

1990 ….Deee-lite …..for vanity thursday ….i mean thirsty thursday…I was wearing Pucci…I designed Dmitry’s outfit and David Glamamore  whipped it up and made it look fine. Miss Guy  did my makeup….the guys didn’t need any . Billy Beyond probably did the hair but i’m not sure. photo by Bob Gruen

Throwback thursdays….here is young Fidel  R.I.P with Perfidia….Fidel used to vogue as a member of the  Deee-lite live shows in 1988 . We used to perform in both hiphop clubs and House clubs  and there were a few occasions standing on the wings of the stage preparing to go on wondering if the butchie hiphop crowd could handle 2 vogueing queens prancing about in tights….but we never had a problem …not even once. Fidel died  much too young sadly from a chance stray bullet riccochet while walking down  the street . I’ve thought of him often and imagine  he’s vogueing 2 clouds above nine .  in one word  …Ovah


1993 ! Stylin all the while. In the Mexican jungle…deep in the Yucatan  .. there are more than a 1000 pyramids mostly covered with jungle and many appear to be mountains. we drove around the entire Yucatan loop for  8 days thru Chiapas ,Aqua azul,palenque,tulum,chichinitza,and my favorites…the ones with no names…just a little wooden sign with a chalk marking of a pyramid shape . a guard with a smile  and no tourists in sight . that was the mystery to me . there were many . many stories there . a carnival fully in swing at 2 am  blasting techno - this was in 1994 so techno was barely played in the north america..but south america beat us to it. ha. in the jungle.