lady met

On a happier note, Jen Bartel is drawing Pharmercy!

In fact, she’s drawing all of your favorite wlw ships and lady favs.


And super, extra, special bonus:

Pharah and Mercy are holding hands!

I just got back from a BBQ with a lesbian social group and let me just say

never ever think that it’s too late. 17 or 21 or 25 may feel old, but today I met a lady that realized she was a lesbian at 45 – after marrying a man and having three kids. now she has a girlfriend, and she manages a brunch group with other lesbians.

it’s easy to feel like you’ve lost so much time to self doubt or fear, and it’s okay to mourn that lost time. but it’s never too late to find happiness in who you are.

  • Ty Blackthorn: I should do something stupid.
  • Kit Rook: I’m something stupid. Do me.

to give you an idea of how disappointing this met gala has been…

this is a well known commes de garcons look right

gaga wore it because people were calling her fat and she was like you know what fuck you i’m not defined by my shape and guess what she looked high fashion and cool as fuck 

anyway all these bitches should have stepped their pussies up


Finished up this piece on Tara of an American kestrel, English roses and wild roses. Black healed, color in bird healed, color in botanicals fresh. Thanks so much, lady! 

We met at the tattoo convention in Nantes, France but we both live here! How about that for serendipity. So excited to complete this one.

Overwatch Ladies as Gays Ive Met
  • D.Va: Sleep deprived hoodie gay, encouraging af, texts long ass i love you messages to gf at 3am because shes wants her girl to smile
  • Mei: COZY blankets drawn over shoulders, hot cocoa and cuddle gay, softly reads books out loud to gf as she plays with her hair
  • Mercy: Wants everyone to chill gay, doesnt give af, wears gfs clothes cause cute, cleans when anxious, lowkey kinky af heckin tease to her poor gf
  • Pharah: Could kill you hot gay, gives best massages, at bar suave as heck but trips 2 secs later, the tank top gay
  • Sombra: No pants at home, loves to order food an request the cute delivery girl, the gay that girls experimented with in college that got her feelings devastated, softie
  • Symmetra: The gay you see on the when your growing up that makes you realize how gay you are, the hides feelings gay that pins gf to wall, heckin powerful with stare
  • Tracer: Beanie wearing, flannel, guitar playing at 2am in the quad outside gay, once cried over a puppy that was small as heck, the funny gay who everyone wants to play beer pong with, The GAY (tm)
  • Widowmaker: Had a scene phase, cant be bothered to care gay, will smirk to make others nervous, fairytale kind of sensual gay in reader fics
  • Zarya: Found true love on first round gay, gym gay who wheezed first time she saw a pretty girl, nearly set fire to her house for trying to bake, the gay who is confident and hot af for it