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Does Aerin have anyone that just sets her on edge right away? Is she ever fooled by a first impression?

Aerin immediately hated Isolde. She’s pretty good about giving most people the benefit of the doubt but when Isolde showed up, pleading with Teagan, Aerin turned on the sarcasm and aggression from the beginning (she scandalized Alistair when they were back at camp by asking if Connor was actually Teagan’s son).

Zathrian had her hook, line, and sinker from the beginning. It never occurred to her to question anything he’d said until she met the Lady. That trust was mostly due to her bias towards the Dalish but also because her immediate thought was curse=bad, so of course she needed to get the heart to break the curse.

Plot twist, the dimensional dragons are actually all female. And they’re super protective of their humans because they see them like helpless hatchlings.

It’s like ‘You have no natural armour to protect you or defense mechanisms like claws/wings/horns/a tail/breath weapons etc. You are soft and squishy and small so I must protect you because I don’t know how you’ve survived so long’

Protective dragon moms.

  • Ty Blackthorn: I should do something stupid.
  • Kit Rook: I’m something stupid. Do me.

Elsword anime ending song

Vocals: Eunto

Re-watching Critical Role

I’m at the point where the group just met Lady Kima and I love how she basically goes from

“I am a powerful Paladin of Bahamut sent on a vision quest to stop a horrible evil from spewing forth from the underdark beneath Kraghammer, will you aide me in my quest?”


“OH MY GOD, GUYS! I am so fucking bored, can we please go fuck some shit up????” 

I love her

tl;dr i’m not with my girlfriend anymore. i’m honestly not sure exactly why.. but i’m not. it feels weird bc it just kind of dissolved, it didn’t have an end. i was totally falling for her too :/

so now i’m in the same old situation of being lonely and complaining a lot about wanting to be in love. so prepare yourselves for that

*Communicating telepathically*
  • Mark: Okay people we're in a very delicate but very promising situation.
  • Livvy: If we play the next 30 seconds right, Julian will dye his hair blonde.
  • Emma: Guys this is mean... oh, I just pictured it. How do we do this?
  • Julian: What are we all thinking about? Nachos?