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The Ladies of Comic Book Movies (3 of 3) - Love Interests

The women most likely to get irrational hate from the fanbase. They are interesting characters who are often critiqued unfairly because they are regular human beings and not fighting machines or super-powered heroes.  


Team Japan (figure skating) || Winter Universiad2017


Splash page from Uncanny X-Men #174 (1983) by Paul Smith and Bob Wiacek. “Romances” was a fun story in which Chris Claremont paused from the breakneck pace of multiple intersecting X-Men storylines to focus on the personal relationships of the characters. Those were heady days in which Claremont wrote the Uncanny X-Men as a veritable soap opera: Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor’s new romance was about to take an ominous turn. Kitty’s crush on Colossus was blossoming into young love. Princess Lilandra was nursing Professor Xavier back to health after the Brood Saga. Nightcrawler’s relationship with Amanda Seffton was in full swing. And Wolverine was struggling to make sense of why Lady Mariko left him at the altar. Paul Smith’s art was a perfect complement to Chris Claremont’s plot and scrip and their run together on Uncanny X-Men nos. 165-175 remains one of the best in the title’s long history.

Was at the delta counter checking in and showing the qr code on my phone to the staff. Had to take out 1kg of my stuffs and so I took out my poster file and it’s 1.5kg lol.

The lady at the counter passed me my phone and was like “Akb?”

Me: yes!
Lady: this is…takahashi…ah takamina! (phone charms on my iPhone)
Me: yes!! Hahaa~
Lady: ah~ so your shirt is takamina too! (JFC Jersey with M.Takahashi initials)
Me: yes!
Lady: panda…
Me: shinoda mariko~!
Lady: ahhhh~
Security guard: file…kojiharu…
Me: ah~ many members. But front is nyannyan…
Security guard: kojiharu is so pretty~
All: hahahaa

Gawd I love these random bursts of Akb related conversations with strangers.