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How do angels look according to Islam? I grew up in a Christian household so I'm familiar with the divine horrors that angels are described as in the bible with their many wings, faces and eyes but how are they portrayed in the Quran??

Angels in Islam can take various forms.

When the archangel Gabriel (a.s) [Jibr’il] came to the lady Mary (a.s) [Mariam], he was presented as a “well-made man”. However, a Companion of the Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w) heard the latter saying that the angel Gabriel had 600 wings with jewels, rubies and pearls falling from them each time the angel spread his wings.

Other characteristics of Angels:

  • Genderless or ambiguous in gender, although referred with masculine pronouns in the same sense as God; this is due to the fact that masculine pronouns are used as gender neutral pronouns when the gender is ambiguous in Arabic.
  • They are made of pure light; this might suggest that they take the appearance of light, or that their appearance is that of a man engulfed in light.
  • The Angelic tendencies of scaring the prophets are still there, haha.
  • Angels CAN take the shape of a human, this suggests that they can take many shapes, hence their Biblical appearances.
  • Angels possess wings, sometimes in two, three, or four pairs. [Lucifer is not presented as a fallen angel in Islam since the Fall of Lucifer is rejected in Islamic traditions, and thus, not an exemplary angel.]
  • They are big in appearance.
  • Beautiful beyond comparison
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