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cat paw magnet by kaffekatze

LOVE. love love. this sticky-outy cat paw magnet is handmade to order with a needle-felting technique that really accentuates the toe beans. amazing.


This was fun to write, thanks to the anon who requested it! Feel free to send any more! 

Y/N and Joe were waiting impatiently as the lady passed the cold liquid on Y/N’s growing belly, Joe was incredibly nervous and she took his hand in hers. It didn’t took long for him to intertwine their fingers. As soon as the lady put the magnetic thing over the liquid, she frowned as she watched the screen properly. Y/N and Joe didn’t really understand anything from this so she was leaving them confused. “Is everything okay?” Joe asked, concern in his voice as he squeezed his lover’s hand tighter. And then the lady smiled at them. “Did you know that you were expecting twins?” Y/N’s eyes went wide at the last word. Twins. She snapped her head to Joe’s direction and he was already smiling. “Do you want to the sex of the babies?” She asked as she was watching the screen again, smiling. The couple was hesitant at first but they nodded. “That’s actually really rare but we have a boy and a girl here.” The lady said and Y/N suddenly burst into tears, earning a worried glance from the lady. Joe was holding his own tears because he knew how much that meant for her. He got up and dropped a kiss to the top of her head, smiling. “I had to be.” Joe exclaimed as they exchanged a quick kiss, leaving the lady confused. “Are you alright?” She asked and they both nodded at her. “Couldn’t feel any better.”

Of course, it had to be. Twins. Boy and girl. It had to be that. Y/N couldn’t be any happier because how small were the chances of that happening? But if someone had to expect twins in their group of friends, of course it had to be her, or Jack. Because how much of a coincidence is it for boy and girl twins to expect boy and girl twins? Y/N already couldn’t wait to tell Conor and Jack because she knew they wouldn’t believe it. Jos was genuinely thrilled by the news, he had always wanted to have two children, especially one of each. And the fact that his girlfriend had such an incredible bond with her own twin made him the happiest.

The boys reacting was princeless, they were completely shook by the news but they were happy for the couple and the siblings because it meant so much for them and everyone in their group knew it. But they wanted to keep Y/N’s brothers waiting for a bit and as they were over at their flat, only the three Maynards in the room, Conor had made the perfect comment to drop the news.

“Bloody hell, you’ve grown big. How many children are you expecting?” Conor joked as he noticed how much her belly had grown and Jack laughed but Y/N simply stood there smiling. “Two.” She said as she watched their faces for their reactions. Conor stopped in his tracks, instantly figuring out what she meant. But Jack simply looked up to her, frowning. “What?” He replied, confused as Conor’s eyes were already filled with tears. “There is two little monsters in my belly right now.” And Conor genuinely broke down in tears but he had a smile on his face. He was happy. Jack looked down to the ground, taking in the words from his twin. Conor walked to Y/N, wrapping his arms around his younger sister tightly. “I’m so happy for you.” Conor whispered in her ear and Y/N felt the wetness from his tears on her shirt. “Sorry about that.” He chucked as they pulled away and he noticed the stain that he had made. Y/N laughed and looked back to Jack, he was watching her with a huge smile on his face. “Twins?” He exclaimed loudly, getting up. “Boy and girl.” She added and that is when Jack lost it. “Really?” He questioned as if she was lying, his voice cracking at the first tears started to scroll down. “Really.” Y/N repeated as her twin brother pulled her in his arms, the two crying onto each other.

It would sound weird for some people to watch some siblings being so close and supportive and overwhelmed with this kind of news but for them, it was normal. Because they all had a very special bond. Y/N and Jack cherished their relationship and loved each other more than anything in the world. Of course, they had arguments but when it happened they knew it wouldn’t last because they were too imprinted in each other’s life. It’s like they were each other’s shadows, they had to stick together through everything and the thought of having twins made them so incredibly happy because they always talked about it. About how when they’ll have kids, they hoped for them to be as close as they were.

A bit later on the night at the Marnards flat, Conor had been out to get some food for the three of them and it was only the twins sitting on the couch. They were watching tv but Jack couldn’t focus on anything else than his sister’s belly. And she quickly noticed it. She shook her heard and send him a look. “Do you want to feel them?” Y/N proposed and Jack smiled. She took his hand and moved it to her belly. “Wow, that feels weird.” Jack exclaimed but he couldn’t help the growing smile on his face. “Have you thought about any names yet?” Jack asked shyly and he caressed his thumb across his sister’s skin. “Harry for the boy. Evie for the girl.” She replied, without hesitation for a second, as if it was already written down. Jack chuckled at how sure she was about it. “Why’s that?” He asked and Y/N laughed. “Harry is because you and I are both obsessed with Harry Potter.” She blurred out and they both burst out laughing. “Are you serious?” Jack said through laughter. “I bloody am!” She admitted and they exchanged a look before laughing again. “Evie is because Joe cares about that name a lot.” Y/N said and Jack was about to open his month but the twins eyes went wide as they felt something, their hands still on the belly. And tears filled their eyes again. “Did it just move?” Y/N asked, loving the sensation of the first movements of her babies. “I- I think it did.” Jack stammered as he couldn’t believe he was the one experiencing this with her. Y/N would have wished for Joe to be here but she was glad that Jack was because it was such a magical moment. She leaned her head onto his shoulder as from time to time one of the two little monsters would move and it would send shivers all over their bodies.

I caught up with killing stalking, Koogi is a total cinnamon bun. Hang in there, you’re doing great.


“A few final thoughts, don’t get married until you’re thirty. Play laser tag once a week. Give at least as many high fives as you get. Teacup pigs are lady magnets, but are very hard to take care of…
Not worth the effort. The same goes for dogs and babies.

And most importantly, whatever you do in this life… It’s not legendary unless your friends are there to see it.”
How I met your mother(2005 - 2014)


Hey look, we made the world’s most ridiculous music video :D Enjoy everyone <3

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I love that gif set of Karlie and Toni. I remember seeing the video a while back and it looks like Karlie says something to Toni that makes Toni blush really hard. Her face turned bright red. So funny.

and look at toni in this gif. Her face basically just turned into a ripe tomato here lol 

(gif credit to karlie-sunshine-kloss)

Shade Lady Magnet.

Or so called by the amazing Truth-Lely-Gaia who drew this for me as a reward for her contest I came second in! ^^

I really love the way she drew him, especially since I don’t have a proper reference for him, she did a great job! The flaws are barely visible (if not invisible) and the markings are PERFECT.

Check out her tumblr for more of her art, or her DeviantArt! <3