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Hold On - Liam x MC


Okay, sorry to shout, but I just..I have a lot of thoughts about what Liam is going through in the last chapter. I don’t think for a hot minute that he intends to marry Madeleine. I don’t believe at all that he’s betrayed MC. And I think he’s PISSED. So here’s my self therapy fic about it. 

*this was barely edited and I apologize for any errors - I just had to get this out

“You cannot choose her, Liam. You cannot,” his father says quietly. He grips Liam’s shoulder tightly and Liam supposes it’s meant to be comforting, but he barely feels it as he reels from the pictures in the royal advisors hands.

The images are…incriminating and yet Liam cannot, he will not believe it. What he and Beatrice have shared…he knows it’s real. He knows her inside and out and he knows she wouldn’t do this. He knows she loves him as he loves her.

“Father…” he says, looking into his father’s eyes, begging to be believed, “this isn’t true. There must be an explanation. She wouldn’t do this.”

“Liam, my son,” the king shakes his head sadly, “I know you care for Lady Beatrice, but you would throw this entire house, this entire kingdom into chaos and anarchy if you choose her now.”

The sound of phones ringing and buzzing fills the ballroom and it’s followed by shouts of disbelief and angry yells.

Oh no.

“Please, Father,” he begs again. “I love her. Please. There is an explanation for this!”

“The evidence is before your eyes, Liam,” the queen hisses. “Only a fool doesn’t believe proof when it is right in front of them.”

“Liam, I am sorry,” his father apologizes, “but you must choose someone else.”

Liam lifts his eyes to his father’s face and sees that look. The one he’s been given his entire life. His father’s eyes are commanding - demanding to be obeyed as king and father - and they are pleading - begging Liam to be the good son, to do the things and behave the way Leo never would.

Liam’s heart breaks as he nods slowly, acquiescing yet again to the pressures of family and duty.

“Where is Lady Beatrice?” he asks as he turns back to the crowd. It takes but a moment to spot her. The royal guard has her and the Beaumonts surrounded. Tears stream down Beatrice’s face even as she struggles against the guards roughly shoving her from the room.  

“Beatrice!” he shouts. He steps forward before his father grips his arm and stops him.

“Liam! Please!” Beatrice cries out. Her mouth moves as she shouts something more but her words are drowned out the by the crowd.

“Given the circumstances, I’m sure Lady Beatrice has withdrawn from consideration,” the queen announces, loud enough the gathered audience to hear her.

“I need to speak with her,” Liam demands, attempting once again to go to Beatrice.

“Liam,” the queen admonishes him as she pulls him aside once again. Her grip on his arm is surprisingly strong and her nails dig into his arm. Her face is a mask of quiet anger. “This has been decided. She is not an option. Not for you and certainly not for Cordonia. Choose Madeline! She is your only choice.”

As she releases Liam, his father addresses the ballroom, “And now, Prince Liam must make his choice.” His father’s voice, tinged with sadness, rings out and the crowd turns back to them.

“I choose…” Liam starts, struggling to keep his voice even. An anger unlike anything he’s felt before runs through his veins as he forces words he never wanted to speak from his lips, “Lady Madeleine.”

“I’m deeply, deeply honored to accept,” Madeleine smiles beatifically at the crowd as she steps onto the dais.

Liam searches the crowd once again for Bea as he takes Madeleine’s hand. He catches a glimpse of her just as the doors begin shutting as the guards haul her out of the room.

“Liam!” she screams tearfully, “Please don’t do this! I love you!”

Even as as Madeleine leans up to kiss him, Liam’s hands clench. She does love him. He loves her and he knows something is wrong. Furious rage surges through him, fiery and hot and like fire it strengthens the steel of his resolve. Oh, he’ll play the good son. He’ll go forward with this engagement and act the way they all expect him too, but he’ll be damned if this is how his story with Bea ends. He’ll be damned if he lets whoever did this win. He and Bea belong together and he’s not going to lose her now.

Hold on, Bea, I’ll fix this. I’ll find the one who did this to us and I will destroy them. I’m coming for you, my love. Just hold on.


Thoughts While Playing The Royal Romance Book 1 Chapter 17 “Lady In Waiting”

It’s Coronation Night! And wait what? We need to give the Prince a gift? Maxwell forgot to tell us and Big Bro Beaumont is upset.

But my presence is my present!!!, I want to say. Unfortunately there is no choice that has that line.

I guess a Statue of Liberty keychain will do. 17 diamonds though?! This costs more than a Catalyst Idol!

Very meaningful though and Maxwell says it’s an inside advantage. Exactly, my friend. Exaaaaactly.

So we are at Cordonia’s best boutique ever. Olivia’s nasty as ever but she looks gorgeous in her red gown. Hana’s now in silver and looking so pretty! I spend 25 gems on the gold and white gown. Ugh. This better be worth it.

We are riding in a beautiful carriage with Hana. This beats a limo with the bros!

Hana has a messenger? What to do with the carriage after midnight? Should she bring it to the garden in case it turns into a pumpkin? Hmmmm.

We are before the royals! Timed choice! I choose “Your Majesties”. Whew! Correct! We also earned the Queen’s respect. Double whew! And the King’s! Triple whew.

So it’s dinner time with the ladies and Olivia and Madeleine are catty as usual. Zzz. What’s new. Kiara and Penelope are on our side, defending against the other two.

Now Hana’s in tears and walking out of dinner. More drama? I just wanna marry the Prince! 😭

15 diamonds for room service with Hana? Do I even… *throws gems in air*

We’re with Hana in her room and pigging out on burritos, cheetah cakes, milkshakes, champagne, cherry soda. Hana says her theme is “Food that makes me happy.”

Okay so the messenger was sent by Hana’s parents. She is to go home after the Coronation Ball since Liam is picking his bride and it may not be her. They think she’s getting “too headstrong” in the royal court.

Sidebar: Pixelberry, please have a book where Hana tries to make it on her own in New York. Thanks. Love ya.

So I think this diamonds scene with Hana is great if you ship MC with her. 😉

It’s time to head back downstairs because it’s Coronation Night! Let’s go!

WHAT?! That’s it?!?!

The End.

Final thoughts:
Underwhelmed. So objective was to get a present for the prince, see where you stand with the King and Queen and the ladies, have one last hurrah with Hana. That’s it. I was honestly a bit bored but… maybe the finale (if it’s the finale that’s upcoming) will make up for how (disappointingly) light this chapter was. 🤷🏻‍♀️