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These two are constantly glued together, and upon my most recent viewing on the film I noticed a kiss in the background. THEY ARE ACTUALLY A COUPLE.

During the fight between Max and Furiosa Cheedo is actually holding The Dag back for the majority of it, in the scene where Capable is asleep on Nux The Dag is wrapped around Cheedo as they sleep as well.

When Max goes to take out The Bullet Farmer Cheddo goes up to The Dag and kisses her straight on the lips.


Right in the medulla.

Another try at coffee painting-with-cheaty sepia watercolor mixed in. I now see that the trick to getting the coffee dark enough is to forget and leave it on the desk for a week or two and let it dehydrate and thicken, whoops. Anyway, I’ve seen a lot of art with her holding plants, but I wanted the gun in there two, life in one hand and death in the other. Was aiming for where the plant is growing from to be roughly where the medulla is… was.

As in Champagne

Oh, hello … This is part one of two, and was inspired by this picture that ducky17 posted, like, three months ago. I started this right after she posted it, and then a few weeks later she posted her first chapter, and I put this aside, but then feels came back and I figured the stories are different enough. (And my motto is ‘Everyone write it!’ so I should heed my own words, I guess.)

Anyway, like I said, this is the result of on and off writing for a couple of months … And I do plan to post a second part, which I’ve only JUST started. So, not sure when it’ll show up. But I think this part is about as done as it’s going to get, and I hope getting it out there will free up headspace for part two and other fics I’ve been working on.

Also, I figured with all the angst over episode 1, maybe it would be nice to have a clean slate/tabula rasa type fic, where they’re only just meeting each other. *shrugs* I don’t know, I just hope you like it! (Tags are at the bottom.)

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Rae has just finished re-alphabetizing the punk section when she feels something warm curl around her ankle. She tenses momentarily before realizing who it is.

“Back again, Sandi?”

The cat purrs, rubs its head once more against her ankle/ and then leaps up onto the bins, surprisingly nimble for an animal of its size. Laying back across a row of CDs and pulling its paws up to under its chin, the cat knows exactly what it’s doing.

Rae reaches out to scratch it behind the ears briefly, a rueful smile on her lips. “I know what you’re after …” She makes her way over to the break room, and opens the door that reads: “Employees Only! KEEP OUT” glancing behind her. “Well? Are ya comin’ or not?”

The cat jumps to the floor and pads through the doorway like it was one of the crew at ShipWreckords. It’s been coming to the store almost every day for the past three weeks, having walked in with one of the customers the first time, surprising Rae when it sprang onto the counter and rubbed its whiskers on the corner of the till.

She had been a little annoyed at first, but the cat was so friendly and affectionate, purring and trilling and butting its little furry head against the back of her hand to be petted, she couldn’t help but fall a little bit in love.

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(Spoiler!!) 3x02 Rae and Finn rant

I was so excited for series 3 of MMFD but right now I wish that it would have ended after series 2. It’s just getting worse and I have no clue how they want to resolve everything in 45 minutes (by the way, we were promised 1 hour episodes I’m still mad about that!). I prayed that the devil left after wreaking havoc in series 2 but it seems like he’s back and brought his whole goddamn squad.

3x02 was way better than 3x01 but the last few minutes were pure torture. Rae was finally making a step towards Finn and she admitted not only to herself but also to him that she needs him. She wanted to let him in at least a little bit (FINALLY!!) and it all gets destroyed in an instant. It took her so long to trust him and I was so proud of Rae when I saw her in front of his door because I’m sure it was not easy for her.
I really don’t know what to think of Finn this series. We see some of his flaws and I actually like that because MMFD is all about real people who are not perfect but yet they are beautiful in their own way despite their flaws. But Finn seems completely off to me somehow. In the beginning of the episode he seemed so pissed and not a bit worried about Chloe and the rest of the gang, which doesn’t seem like him at all. Then he tried to get her back and be there for her, which was a beautiful scene where I recognized my beloved series-1&2-Finn, and she pushes him away and I absouletely get that he’s frustrated and all but why the fuck did he call her mental?! Firstly, you don’t call anyone mental especially not the people you love because it’s extremely rude and hurtful. Secondly, he should know by now that one of Rae’s number one fears is to be seen as anything but “normal”.
Did he forget when she freaked out right before their first kiss when he said that she says weird stuff and she desperately tried to convince him that she’s not weird?! Did he forget what he told her at the hospital when Rae said she was crazy?! Where is that Finn, who reassures her when she needs it the most? I just can’t believe that that guy who did all these things for her and showed her the best pieces of herself when she only saw the worst would tell her right into the face that she’s mental knowing how much it would hurt her.
The worst for me was when I felt like he was trying to get rid of her when she came to his flat. I really don’t think that he had a thing with Katie because he just told Rae a few days earlier that he loves her and wants her back and I still DO believe that Finn really loves Rae and I refuse to believe that he’s a cheater but yet it was sooo painful to see her opening up to him and hearing the hope in her voice that things would fall back into place with Finn again and he’s just pushing her away. I mean isn’t that what he wanted?! That she realizes that he’s there for her and that she lets him in? And then she does (I still can’t believe it because I never thought the day would come when Rae Earl comes running to Finn Nelson instead of the other way around) AND HE JUST FUCKING STANDS THERE AND IS CLEARLY TRYING TO GET RID OF HER. He’s probably scared because he doesn’t want to lose her but why didn’t he just tell her that Katie was over. He was so secretive about it and that pisses me off. I don’t blame him for letting her go after he saw her hand because I guess he was extremely shocked and maybe even blamed himself a bit because he couldn’t prevent it and he doesn’t want to see her hurting but I’ll never forgive him for fucking her over like this when she was so vulnerable in front of him.

They made us fall in love with him in series 1 and 2 and now I feel like they are trying to make us hate Finn on purpose so that a possible break up will seem more reasonable and we won’t jump off a roof because we are convinced that Finn is an asshole and Rae is better off without him. I was always optimistic that they would be endgame and no matter how many signs were pointing against them I always tried to see the reasons why it could work out. And I’m still trying not to lose hope until the final credits roll but I’m a little scared that there’s too much broken between Rae and Finn.

Things I can learn from the Vuvalini 

(Or, considerations on how to become an older woman of some badassness, in a not-yet apocalyptic world) -

  • “One bullet” need not mean a weapon’s projectile, but rather, one sentence, one comment - choose your words wisely, carefully, make them count, for they can strike and wound swiftly.
  • Bring the green with you. Create and build, don’t let that spark, that seedling of an idea, a notion, or belief, wither and die.
  • Foster the stories, nurture the names, remember where you came from even if it was a harsh land. Find the love in your lineage, even if you must turn over rock and stone, and bring that love to light.
  • Support one another regardless of your differences for you share a collective journey with other women and have walked some miles on the same hard road. Attacking without reason or warrant, making jabs and barbs, only undermines your efforts and your spirit.
  • Age doesn’t dictate your level of strength. Rather, it’s measured by the fire in your eyes and the wings in your soul.
  • Do what you must to survive, scrape together all that you can to endure, but pack light, and practical.
  • Recognize that there is power in self, even in the most desperate and difficult of times. But there is also power in numbers, in a sisterhood that can be a mighty army, with heads held high to catch the sun.