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After arguing with me over the price of nearly every item ('they're four for 12 why is it adding $16?' There's a tHING CALLED TAX AND DEPOSIT ON SODAS. She still argued even as I plainly pointed it out on the screen.) Some lady got super mad at me simply because I wouldn't just take money off of her total for spending $316. No other reason or coupons. She just wanted me to take money off because she was spending so much.

tell me about your day

are you having a good day? a jared crisis? a dean crisis? i’m having a lotr crisis, it would be better if i could just get home to watch the movies, but y’know how shitty adult life is.

hit me up on my ask while i do my damnest to ignore my co-worker

i am beyond mad and upset

army’s are fucking disgusting and they suck. there is no going back from this. bts officially has the worst fandom in all of kpop. i dont care how many wins ya’ll get bts, i dont give a fuck about your support or shit yall are terrible human beings. August 16th is Rise of Ladies Code’s birthday. She would have been 25 today if not for the car accident in 2014 that unfortunately killed her and fellow group member EunB. It’s her birthday.

But armys aka the revolting spawns of satan are fucking….I can’t even express how abominable they are, my blood is boiling looking at the filth they seem to think is ok to say. 

They’ve taken to fillen the #ForeverRise hashtag on twitter with such horrible awful things. It’s Rise’s birthday. She would have been 25 today. Fans of Ladies Code and Rise are using the hashtag to show their love and support for a beautiful amazing women who left this world too early.

And armys are fucking thinking it’s ok to insult her and degrade her for being born on the same day as Yoongi’s mixtape.

Are you fucking kidding me. 

I am disgusted and done with armys and quite frankly I’m done with BTS. 

Get this through your heads because as of now I’m wiping my hands off bts and their trash fans. you’re not helping bts, you’re not helping yoongi, you’re not helping or supporting anyone. you’re saying it’s “his day” ???shut the entire fuck up yall just ruined his day. do you honestly think yoongi oppa is going to see your disgusting fucked up tweets and fall in love? he’s gonna think his fans are so supportive? and wonderful? and be happy at the reaction to his mixtape? no you insane peices of trash, he’s gonna be disgusted and upset, just like bts has been lately with armys bc if yall hadn’t noticed they are actually good guys who have to pretend to be happy with having satans shits as their fans. directioners did this exact same shit and now you guys did it too. 

i dont care if it’s not all fans. i dont care about generalizing or any of that shit right now. i saw disgusting inhumane stuff said about someone who is dead. there is no humanity left, there is no respect left. we thought exo-l’s were bad? think again. 

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Some lady got mad cause I wouldn't cater to her little self today. She expected the whole Cinderella treatment (I work with shoes). Like lady I'm the only one here and I've got a lot of other customers. If you want full service go to Morgans shoes. Like literally everyone else who comes here knows we don't do full service.

Mod: Does anyone remember Origin Iris? After seeing picture of Red Fire’s child, Little Nova, who belongs to @spacegoddess-tabula​, got me thinking Origin Iris’ design and thought it needed new look to reflect that she is my ‘daughter’. So this change I made her into blonde, blue eyes, viking clothing and instead of shadow powers her powers that of nature.

some days i’m a-ok identifying as a woman-aligned nb person but other days i’m like ….. pls no i’m a genderless blob leave me al one what do i even do abt this

Another Conversation Between Lucio and the Blizzard Devs

Lucio: Okay guys, I’ll be your mascot for the Summer Games, but I want Tracer and Zarya to be on the main menu with me.

Devs: Huh. We knew you and Tracer were friends, but why Zarya? Are you guys friends too?

Lucio: I’m friends with everybody! Except that Vishkar lady.

Devs: See… most people would have said ‘except Widowmaker and Reaper’. That aside though, are you sure that’s a good idea? There’s a lot of controversy around Russia being in the Olympics due to their doping scandal after all.

Lucio: Oh, now you guys care about controversy! Look, we all know Zarya would never cheat like that, and there are plenty of other athletes in Russia who wouldn’t either. It’s not right to punish those people because of the mistakes their countrymen made, and I think Blizzard should put their support behind those athletes.

Devs: … you’re afraid of her, aren’t you?

Lucio: Dude, have you seen her arms!? Tiny people call those legs!