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Lady Thor (center on the last), Loki Laufeyson (left on the last), and Thor Odinson (right on the last) from Marvel Universe

Legendary Post: Lady Thor from Marvel Universe


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Y/N grit her teeth as she walked with Loki, Thor, Lady Sif, and the Warriors Three. If she had her way, she would’ve never gone to Jotunheim. She hated it here. It was cold, dark, lonely. Even worse, it’s where the Frost Giants lived. They were the things that killed her parents. It was the first time she had utilized her ability to control fire.

Despite this, it still terrified her to be around the things. Sure, they were a group of seven, but one wrong move could mean death. And that was exactly why she was here, to protect Loki, her beloved. Granted, he only saw her as Asgardian Royalty due to her failure to mention her feelings. However, she didn’t want to lose him in any way.

Loki stared at his blue arm as the Frost Giant he had just killed fell to the ground. His eyes were wide with horror as he watched it return to a pale color. How could this be? Was he one of them?

An all too familiar scream ripped his attention back to the action. His frightened eyes landed on Y/N’s diminishing fire. He watched as a Frost Giant closed in on her. It was then that he realized the scream was one of determination rather than pain. However, he was sure the latter would soon follow.

And there it was. Her wailing of pain as some ice of her opponent’s stuck her to the ground. With a final attempt, Y/N yelled as she blasted the Giant with a blaze. The thing was soon ash. Y/N dropped to the ground out of exhaustion.

Loki struggled where he stood. He desperately wished to go over and help her to safety. On the other hand, could he face her after his revelation? Would she accept him? To be fair, he had only just learned he was a Frost Giant himself.

Before he could come to a decision, he saw Fandral and Lady Sif coming to Y/N’s aid. Lady Sif fought off incoming opponents while Fandral carried her away. Volstagg called to Thor, updating him. Loki continued to stare in fear.

Loki paced back and forth just outside of where the healers had Y/N. It had been days since returning from Jotunheim. Now, he was certain he was born a Frost Giant: the very thing that killed her parents and brought about her powers. Lady Sif and the Warriors Three were also awaiting news. The female warrior noticed Loki’s odd behavior. Even though she wasn’t fond of him, she offered him comfort.

“She’ll be alright. She’s strong.”
Loki nodded. “Would you believe that’s not my true concern?”
Sif knit her brows.
“I failed her,” he mumbled, “I should’ve gone to her.”
“Why didn’t you?” she whispered.
“I…,” he trailed off, “I don’t know. There’s no way she’ll trust me now.”

Before she could reply, Loki walked farther from the door. Concern was still etched into his features. If he thought being with Y/N was difficult before, he didn’t see any hope for the future with his heritage.

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In which Lady Loki and America Chavez were totally a thing on A-Force #1

Lady Loki :) A quick fanart for you! A quick fact: Did you know Loki is bisexual and gender fluid? That is, he is man and woman, and can change his appearance in the comics.

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