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Here we go again...

Some people are saying, Sansa, sent Brienne away, to get rid of Arya?!

WHAT?! Are we watching the same show??

How in the world, have some people, come to interpret those scenes like that, is beyond me…

 Littlefinger gave her the bait, “she’s sworn to protect both of Catelyn Stark’s daughters… and if one of you were planning to harm the other in any way, wouldn’t she be on about, to intercede?“ 

 She plans to make him believe she bit into his bait. She is playing him. By sending Brienne away, she is making him believe that she agrees with him, and that they are on the same page, that they have to get rid of her (Arya), even if in reality, she’d never harm Arya, never, no matter what. 

 She sends Brienne away, to fool him, to show him, here I bit into your bait… now let’s see your next move, “one slip, and you’re dead”, Lord Baelish.

Sending Brienne away, will make him believe that he’s finally corrupted Sansa, that she is finally on his side, and that he, yet again, has managed to manipulate her. She wants to make him believe his plans are working perfectly, just as he planned, when in reality they aren’t, and it will come to bite him in the ass in 7.07 

Sansa knows what she’s doing, smart, little she wolf. Killing/getting rid of Arya IS NOT on her to do list, for crying out loud, so get it out of your heads. Smoothly and swiftly getting rid of Littlefinger, on the other hand, is. 

I believe Arya, Sansa and Bran, will all work together in 7.07 to finally bring him down.

For the last time, Sansa is not going to betray Jon, Sansa is not going to betray Arya, Sansa will not betray any of her family members, period. “The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.”

 So please, stop this bloody nonsense.

An ode to Lady Sansa Stark

Sansa is not a warrior, she is not promiscuous, she is not flamboyant, she does not have a rare gift and therefore the majority of the fandom refuses to recognise her importance, her achievements, her progress, her maturity, her wisdom, her sensibility, her authenticity, her loyalty, her diplomacy, her shrewdness, her concern for others, her femininity.

Her demure ways are used to not only underestimate her, but as a reason to hate on her. Because she is a passive character in an agressive plot. And while most think this is a weakness, I find it amazing! Why her character was created, why she’s still there, it means something.

Even within the show she is constantly reminded that she is not as strong or as worthy as her siblings.

None of the other Stark kids saw their father be beheaded and be forced to stare at his head on spike. None of them lived under Cersei’s watch. None of them were used as she was. Her wolf was the first one to be taken away (brutally unfairly btw). She has never killed. None of them suffered the amount of psychological, physical, moral, sexual violence she has. No one has been betrayed as she was. Not even Jon. Jon at least has some he could and can call friends. Arya moved by herself, Bran was guided throughout all his journey. Sansa was thrown and exchanged in the hands of several people like a toy.

She has all the reasons to become a vengefull brat, like so many are rooting for her to reveal herself as. But what differs her from Cersei and even from Marjaery is her natural and uncurruptable purity. She is a lost girl, tormented by the ghosts of the men who violated her and haunted by the shadow of that disgusting Littlefinger, who she understands is valuable, even though he was the one who sold her to a psycopath. But she remains strong and she remains aware. She knows when it’s time to take risks and she takes them. Sansa is the one who saved Winterfell.

But people continue to condemn her for foolish mistakes she made as a child.

Say what you will, but I call this plain old misogyny.

To me, this quote, confirmed that LF is onto Jonsa

“Live that way and nothing will surpise you, everything that happens will be something that you’ve seen before.

When Jon said “Touch my sister and I’ll kill you myself.”, in that, low, low tone, I think that, that’s when it clicked for him, this had happened before, 

same rage (Jon legit growled when he spun around to choke him, tho, if you ask me, Jon’s reaction was much, much more aggressive and territorial than Ned’s), same slamming to a wall and getting choked, for a woman both Ned and Littlefinger loved, and now it’s happening again, you can see all the wheels in Littlefinger’s brain spinning frantically lol Look how he looks at Jon in the second gif.

Littlefinger KNOWS, at least about Jon’s feelings. Now I’m just curious to see, if he’s going to mention it, hint at it to Sansa, in the upcoming episodes, to see her reaction. 

GOT 705 commentary

1. “How many Queens are there?” This phrasing framed the plot as a contest btw 2 queens w/Jon stuck in btw. It brought the “War of 3 Queens” book quote to mind esp. bc the leaked outline had northern lords asking Sansa to become QitN in this episode.

2. Arya vs. Sansa was, imo, a clumsy version of Elinor & Marianne from “Sense & Sensibility” minus the logic, the earned foundation & the satisfying emotional talking down of the bratty, younger sister for being clueless to her older sister’s pain.

I was bummed many Arya fans on twitter refused to acknowledge how unreasonable she was being.  Was glad Sansa kept her cool & didn’t lash out.  Wished ppl got that Arya did NOT read Sansa right.  Sansa is clearly very eager for Jon to come home. Before he left, Jon was the only man who acknowledged Sansa’s role in winning BOTB, he was the one who gave her the lord’s chambers, he was the one who earnestly asked for her opinions and who put his faith in her ability to manage the North.   Now, he’s gone and even with Arya & Bran home, Sansa seems more alone than ever.  How are ppl blind to this?

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Jon is king and Sansa is his queen sister. Littlefinger wants Sansa as his queen. Jon and Sansa hate him, but Sansa can’t get rid of him because they need his army. 

Same episode

Cersei is queen and Jaime is her king brother. Euron wants Cersei as his queen. Cersei/Jaime hate this but can’t get rid of him because he has an army and ships. 

I feel both Euron and Littlefinger tried to trash talk the other guys to the ladies. Euron mentioned hands, Littlefinger brought up Sansa’s happiness as if Jon was the reason she is unhappy.

Sansa As Regent: Things she Can and Should do.

First: Not Undermine Jon. I don’t think she will. She is a Stark, loyal to her house and her brother. Even though she often disagrees with Jon its clear from her words and actions she only wants her family safe and together. It’s an obvious point but worth mentioning, so I got it out of the way. Second: Punish the Karstarks and Umbers. Now some of you are thinking You just said she shouldnt undermine Jon; Yes, I did. But punishing them she is not necessarily undermining him. So long as she doesnt undo the gracious and undeserving gift he gave both rebel oath-breaking houses, she isn’t undermining him. In fact she can punish them and benefit The North and by extension the realms of men if she does it the right way. See where Im heading? No? Houses Karstark and Umber should be made to give all of their remaining fighting men to The Nights Watch (who desperately need them). Doing this punishes both houses for their treason, benefits the Nights Watch and realm, and does so in Jons name. It would be a show of might and mercy in equal measure. Another benefit would be that neither Karstark or Umber could defend themselves and would be entirely dependent on House Stark and remaining in the fold of the North, keeping them loyal by force. I’m also not opposed to her requiring Houses Manderlay, Cerwin, and Glover to send not all, but a portion (about an eighth) of their men to the Nights Watch as well. Third: Expand Jon’s Territory. The Knights of the Vale have been hanging tight and enjoying the extended hospitality of Winterfell for several weeks and even giving input on the decisions Jon makes. It’s time to summon Robin the Lord of the Vale to Winterfell and have him officially declare for House Stark and swear fealty to them and Jon Snow, The King in the North. Then making him King in the North and Vale. While Sansa is at it, she should send a small envoy to investigate the whereabouts of her uncle Edmure Tully and the state of the men in House Tully. Then if reports and conditions allow, take back the Riverlands and similarly have them declare for Jon and House Stark. Making him King in the North, Vale and Trident. Fourth: Sansa should work to heal her relationship with Arya. They are almost surely reuniting next episode. And it won’t be a reunion either one expects. Without Jon to buffer them there will be tension. A great deal of happiness too; but still some tension. Both will have to see each other as the women they are, not the girls they were. Because they have an enemy to defeat which brings me to point 5… Fifth: Enter a Stark Plot and kill Littlefinger with Arya and Bran’s help. Dude needs to die. With Bran’s ability to see the past, it’s only matter of time before they know of Petyr’s betrayal of their parents and literally holding a knife to Ned’s throat. Once that is revealed all bets are off. It would nice to see some face swapping action to trick Littlefinger into the ultimate downfall. Sixth: Have a untied family and Kingdom upon Jon’s return. Nothing would help him more in The Great War to come than everybody being one. One Family, One Kingdom, One Army, One Purpose, United Behind One Leader. PS I totally understand if this was TL;DR


The Queen

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There was no escaping nor denying what the heart flutters and the butterflies in their stomachs meant. Every time their eyes met, how Sansa found her recent feelings rather peculiar and how Jon’s lingering gazes seemed curious, every time she entered the hall or opened her mouth to speak. Those lips…

Or how much he clenched his fists and seethed whenever Lord Baelish slithered near or breathed in their presence. The audacity…

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Honestly it was so great for Sansa to call out Jon, like yes he is the King but he needs to listen to her. I was so excited when she called out Ned and Robb because it’s TRUE. They were great men but made the dumbest mistakes…and can we forget last season when Sansa warned Jon NOT to play into Ramsays hand and he DIDNT LISTEN! He charged into battle and nearly got them all killed. If it hadn’t been for the alliance Sansa orchestrated with Littlefinger they would have never taken the North back. And she hardly received any credit for it.

Sansa is right, Jon is a great ruler, but he does not know that game in the same way Sansa does, something that he proves when he ignores Cerseis threat. He would do well to heed her advice if he doesn’t wish to end up like Ned and Robb.

Favorite things this finale

-jon kissing sansa’s forehead
-arya killing that nasty 100yo craven
-sansa rejecting baelish
-R+L=J confirmed
-tyrian and dany friendship 2.0
-lady mormont telling off all the northern kings
-high sparrow dead
-jaime looked pretty pissed at cersei so maybe they’ll finally break up and jaime will get with brienne pls

The Genius of “Alayne II”


Exposition is a finely balanced art in storytelling, one which has to be treated with an overabundance of care. Of course, the audience for a story is not going to enter that world already knowing every crumb of expositional material. Not only would such a story be terribly boring, but it would also be devoid of any surprise or depth to characters’ motivations or views.

That said, exposition is so difficult for storytellers precisely because the audience knows it can be painfully unrealistic. No one in real life turns to his or her neighbor and presents an immediately apparent fact, or a fact the intended recipient would be expected to know (need I remind anyone of “I am Obara Sand, daughter of Oberyn Martell” - said to a man who has every reason to know who she is). Done incorrectly, then, exposition breaks the barrier between story and audience; we, the readers or watchers, get the sense that what is told on screen, on stage, or on the page is done only for our benefit. We’re reminded that we’re reading or watching a story, that none of this is really happening. So, if the audience cannot believe that a character in-universe would not know what is being told to him or her, or would not ask about the subject matter at hand, the exposition does not work.

All of the above is preface to discussion of one of my very favorite examples of exposition in ASOIAF: the end of “Alayne II”, A Feast for Crows. The author had a difficult task in front of him: explaining in greater detail Harry the Heir’s connection to House Arryn and his very high place in the succession to rulership of the Vale. Genealogical tables, while (obviously) fascinating to me, hardly make gripping story points, after all, and even the most talented writer would be hard-pressed to turn tracing lordly descent from a great-grandfather to the heir apparent an exciting experience. How boring it might have been to have Harry’s Arryn lineage revealed in some young Princess Victoria-esque way - a ponderous review of a written chart and subsequent declaration that Harry is “closer to the (weirwood) throne than I thought”.

So how did the author solve the problem? By constructing the narrative of Sansa’s Vale arc so that Littlefinger’s exposition at its end not only fulfills  the promise of Harry Hardyng’s importance, but crowns Sansa’s developing political education as well. The manner in which Littlefinger explains who Harry the Heir is fits perfectly with his own character and develops the dynamic of political calculation established in “Alayne I”. In ensuring that the exposition which ends “Alayne II” springs naturally from the personality and development of these two characters, the author dispels the danger which writing exposition poses.

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“Do I have to call you Lady Stark now?”


 I know it’s a bit random but I wanted to do this for a while now, took a long time (maybe the longest I’ve spent on a video except my Solavellan ones) Anyways, I was waiting for Sansa and Arya to finally meet again because Arya is one of my most favorite characters and the whole time I was just hoping for her to find her way home. ♥