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Co-star Jaime Murray about David Suchet’s Poirot smell
(Agatha Christie’s Poirot 10x01: “The Mystery of the Blue Train”)

i saw lady day at emersons bar and grill today because there was no way i was missing audra mcdonald’s west end debut, and she did nOt let me down

How I would look in those different universes, I’m so disappointed on the Eldarya one, probably will redo it correctly someday

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Now you go around saying Sansa is a warrior? Yeah sure ok 😂 You guys just keep twisting stuff around so it applies to your stupid crackship 👍😂 Jon and Dany are together and in love. Put Sansa next to Dany and she withers 😂😂 Dany is a Queen, she has dragons, has conquered cities, has fought slavery, while Sansa has done what exactly? Yeah, nothing. She can't even protect herself lmao 😂 Sansa is anything, but a warrior, she's the stupidest and weakest character in the books and the series.

I’m assuming this is about my reply to this post [x]?

I’ll insert the reply below:

“I’ve honestly always interpreted this quote this way:

Usually when we can’t have something or someone, at some point, we try to convince ourselves we don’t want it, to protect ourselves from pain, hurt and disappointment. It’s a coping mechanism. 

Jon is a romantic, he’s brave, he’s kind, he’s gentle, he’s caring, he has all the traits of a true knight, he’s always dreamed of being a knight, and what do knights do? Protect, take care of and, rescue ladies, and people in general, whom are helpless and that in certain situations can’t protect themselves.
Jon is simply trying to convince himself, that he doesn’t want a “Lady”, to spare himself some pain, because in fact, it’s exactly what he wants, but since it’s something he thinks he can’t have, since he thinks he doesn’t deserve it, because he’s bastard born, and well, also because he’s a sworn brother of the Night’s watch, he keeps telling himself, he tries to convince himself, it’s not what he wants.

So yeah, in my opinion it’s a coping mechanism of his, to deal with reality (little does he know, that he’s a Prince, and the rightful heir to the Iron Throne).
Now, not to say that he’s only attracted to Ladies, and he doesn’t find warrior women, or better said, strong women* (because let’s face it, the word “warrior” can have many meanings, it can mean strong, brave, fierce etc., it does not necessarily mean, a woman who can fight and kill), *attractive, because he does, but he likes Ladies too, he likes femininity, “I’d like to see you in a silk dress”, “You like women who swoon? Oh a spider! Save me Jon Snow.”, “Sansa looked radiant as she walked beside him.”, “New dress? […] I like the wolf bit.” He loved Ygritte’s singing voice, and look at this quote from the book ADWD, when he’s dying: “[He thought] of Sansa, brushing out Lady’s coat and singing to herself.” immediately followed by him thinking, “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”

So basically what Jon wants, is a strong Lady. If you think about it, Sansa is now a mix of both a Lady and a warrior (not a literal warrior, but you know what I mean). She’s still a Lady, she likes to style her hair, and wear (silk) dresses, but she’s also strong and intelligent, and can take care of herself, but even so, she still needs a protecting sword, because although she’s strong, she’s not a literal warrior, she can’t use an actual sword, her “sword”, her strength is her mind, she’s a warrior in her own way, but in situations of danger, when someone is coming at you with a sword/a knife trying to kill you, the mind is not of much help, and you need an actual sword, a knight to help and protect you.

There is nothing wrong with being helpless, there is nothing wrong with needing help. Besides this quote kind of contradicts with what he is, a protector, a guardian, a shield, a sword, he’s a Black Knight. 

That’s what he does, he protects people, he protects the helpless.

“I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the shield that guards the realms of men.”

Besides, Jon/Sansa and protection, is a recurring theme between the two of them in S6 and 7. He wants to keep her safe, he wants to protect her. “I’ll never let him touch you again, I’ll protect you, I promise.”, “Jon is Jon. He’ll keep me safe, I trust him.”

He realizes that she’s not a silly little girl/child any longer, she’s a woman grown, she’s strong and intelligent. He admires her, he admires her strength, but he feels the need to protect her anyway, he wants to protect her anyway, he wants to be her sword, her protector, her knight.

And, she wants and tries to protect him too, “you have to be smarter than father, you need to be smarter than Robb.” They’re trying to protect each other, keep each other safe, alive, and that’s just so powerful and beautiful to me. I’ve said this many times, what one lacks, the other has, they’re both strong and complement each other so beautifully, he’s the sword and she’s the mind.
Where I’m trying to get at with this is, Sansa has grown and has learned from her experiences, and at this point she is exactly Jon’s type, all the traits and qualities he likes/wants/admires in a woman, Sansa has. 

To make it short, Jon admires and is attracted to strong women.
Sansa is a fighter, she’s strong, fierce, brave, intelligent, beautiful, she has kept her morales, has remained caring and kindhearted (despite all she’s gone trough), she’s highborn, she’s a Lady, she’s a Stark, she’s pretty much everything he’s ever wanted.

She is perfect for him, and there is no question he has all the traits and qualities she’s always wanted in a man (and to top it, he’s a Prince too, what are the odds), he’s perfect for her, they’re perfect for each other, they’re a perfect match.

#JonsaIsComing 💙”

What have I twisted around? Can you read?

Sansa is strong, brave and fierce. She is not weak, and SHE IS a warrior, in her own way, as I’ve said above, there are many types of warriors, and she is one of them, she is a fighter. 

“Jon and Dandelion are together and in love”, Yeah… sure… ok… whatever you say 👍😅

How does Sansa wither next to Dandelion? lol She is beautiful, kind, intelligent, she isn’t power hungry nor obsessed with conquering and being Queen, she cares, truly cares, about her people and their well being and she is a good, capable and competent ruler, which inspires the loyalty of her people. If anything, it’s the other way around…

I honestly can’t wait for season 8, when Jaimie will pledge his sword to her, when Varys will realize that he had the Queen Westeros deserves, right under his nose, the whole bloody time:

The Seven Kingdoms need someone stronger than Tommen but gentler than Stannis. Sansa is stronger than Tommen, but gentler than Stannis.

A monarch who could intimidate the High Lords and inspire the people. Sansa knows how to speak with the Lords, how to listen to them and keep them at bay.

A ruler loved by millions, with a powerful army, and the right family name.  She is loved by her people, the Lords and Knights of the Vale are now loyal to her (more people will follow in S8), and she has the right family name, the Stark name.

Tyrion will also realize at some point, that following Dandelion was a mistake. I think in S8, many characters will end up pledging their swords and their loyalty to Sansa. Theon/House Greyjoy as well. I mean Dandelion didn’t give af that Yara, one of her allies, was captured. Theon had to go help her/rescue her himself, because Dandelion doesn’t give af abt her allies, what a great ruler, what a great Queen, when your friends get captured you leave them behind, how truly inspiring. 

The only thing Dandelion is, is incompetent, the only thing she inspires is fear, the only thing she brings to Westeros is war and destruction and that’s it… “Incompetence should not be rewarded with blind loyalty”

I cannot stress this enough, Sansa isn’t stupid, Sansa isn’t weak. She is one of the strongest characters in the series, a character which has had a strong growth. She has grown from an innocent little girl with her head full of dreams and songs, to a capable, fierce woman, that would do anything in her power to protect, and ensure the safety and wellbeing of her pack and her people.

Sansa hasn’t had the chance to do anything until now, she’s been captive for years, she never had a dragon to flee her enemies ya know? She was stuck with them for years. But now that she is home, she’s taking care of her people, taking care of her brother’s army, ensuring they stay loyal to him, that they don’t abandon him and his cause, she’s not burning the people’s food, unlike a certain “someone”, quite the contrary, she’s making sure that there is enough food for everyone in case they have to flee to Winterfell, she’s reinforcing Winterfell and its walls, she’s keeping the North stable and at peace, avoiding rebellions while Jon is away, she’s executing traitors, whom mean to harm her family and the North. She was given the chance to rule, and she’s doing a fantastic job, she’s a natural.

And sorry to break it to you, but Dandelion can’t protect herself either? She can’t fight/use a sword either? lol What kind of argument is that? Dandelion has protectors left and right, she’s been saved by them more times than we can count, so what’s the deal? By your logic she’s also weak smh

Strenght comes in many forms.

Not being able to use a sword, not being able to fight ≠ weakness

Before it Rains

Pairing: Lady Zabini x Lily Evans

Warning: Mentions of canonical character death. Non-linear narrative.

Word count: 788

Alt: FFN, AO3

Gabriella Zabini was never the sentimental type. After all, one should always look forward instead of backwards.

Even if she still kept a picture of Lily Evans in her purse after all these years.

“Mum, who’s this?” her son asked, examining the picture curiously, and her memories began swirling, back that day, clear skies and bright sun and muggle London. She thought about the red hair that seemed almost golden under the sunlight, the ringing laughter, and the green eyes that looked the emerald green ring she still wore on her finger while pretending it didn’t remind her of Lily every day.

“Oh, that’s Lily,” she answered, calm and casual as if memories hadn’t just whirled through her brain.

“Pretty,” he commented lightly.

“Yes, pretty. Vivacious. Overly-brave,” her lips curved slightly, and she wasn’t quite sure what the emotions she were feeling at the moment, “and always had a better taste in women than in men.”

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