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Unseen Classics: fancasts for stories that rarely make the screenLigeia by Edgar Allen Poe

Asides from a few efforts in the 70s, Poe’s works have rarely been adapted for TV or film. As one of his lesser known stories, Ligeia in particular has almost never appeared on screen. 

I cannot, for my soul, remember how, when, or even precisely where, I first became acquainted with the lady Ligeia. 

Tom Hughes as The Protagonist

Holliday Grainger as Rowena

Ruth Negga as Ligeia 


“Y allí dentro está la voluntad que no muere. ¿Quién conoce los misterios de la voluntad y su fuerza? Pues Dios no es sino una gran voluntad que penetra las cosas todas por obra de su intensidad. El hombre no se doblega a los ángeles, ni cede por entero a la muerte, como no sea por la flaqueza de su débil voluntad”

And the will therein lieth, which dieth not. Who knoweth the mysteries of the will, with its vigor? For God is but a great will pervading all things by nature of its intentness. Man doth not yield himself to the angels, nor unto death utterly, save only through the weakness of his feeble will.

                                                                                                - Josep Glanvill  

                                                introduction of Lady Ligeia, Edgar Allan Poe

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"You here for the interview, too?" The Cuban lady sitting next to Ligeia asks, sitting back in her chair with one leg crossed over the other. "They're taking their sweet ass time."

“I’m pretty sure the girl who’s in there now is going to get the job. The manager couldn’t take his eyes off her cleavage while walking her back. Which makes me unsure I want this one.” Ligeia sighs, adjusting the hem of her dress nervously.