lady liberator

Women who don't want babies

• are not selfish
• are not less of a woman
• are not weird
• are not immature
• won’t necessarily change her mind
• won’t necessary be a lonely old lady
• “a lonely old crazy cat lady” is a patriarchal asshole stereotype:):):):)
• doesn’t necessarily hate kids
• doesn’t need to give you an explanation

I was at a Standing Rock teach-in the other day, and stereotypical liberal white lady asks a question about the protection actions no longer being peaceful, very clearly implying that this news would invalidate the cause. And I was so fucking angry. First of all, whether or not the actions are peaceful does not correlate with the validity of their cause.

But they’ve chosen to be peaceful, and they are. They are peaceful, no matter what the selective imagery of the oppressor tells you.

Make no mistake, the reason why they are peaceful is because Native people don’t have the privilege to be otherwise. The police can shoot rubber bullets and spray the protectors with mace, and people won’t say it invalidates them or the pipeline. But the moment Natives try to protect themselves, white people will turn against us. The moment Natives match the violence that has been used against them, the whole damn world will be saying “they deserve to die.”

For the anon who asked:

Could you please draw us more Bo-Katan? For example Bo-Katan and Depa? Because you-know-what didn’t happen and Satine has be taken to heal to Coruscant by Obi-Wan and now the Jedi Order is helping Mandalore, for example?

AU in which Bo-Katan Kryze leads an army of Jedi ladies to liberate Mandalore, y/y?

get wrecked, Maul

The Beloved Companion

The magical, marvelous, @annasassi has created a visual of Donna as the Beloved Companion and it’s just so incredible. Thank you so, so much, my friend.

In my personal Doctor Who universe, the Ood refer to Donna as the Beloved Companion, and the Lady of the Liberation. In honor of what she and the Doctor did to free the Ood from slavery, they revere her. The hammer stands for justice, and the broken chain for freedom. The large circle says DONNA NOBLE, the small THE BELOVED COMPANION in Circular Gallifreyan.

I like to think the Doctor finds little shrines to Donna scattered across the universe and always stops at them.

Florida Governor and unwitting Voldemort impressionist Rick Scott is one of the more unpopular politicians in America, thanks to his less-than-progressive views and a smile that looks as if he just unhinged his jaw to swallow an entire infant. Nowhere was this disapproval more apparent than when Scott entered a Gainesville Starbucks and found himself on the dangerous end of Cara Jennings, who scolded the governor about his record on health care and abortion before calling him an “embarrassment to our state” and an asshole, which was sort of implied, but it’s always better to be clear.

Because this is 2016, the confrontation made its way to YouTube quicker than Scott and his myriad siblings skittered out of their egg sack, lo, those many centuries ago.

The proper thing for Scott to do in this situation would be to ignore Ms. Jennings for approximately 10 nanoseconds, which is how long it would take for the internet to forget about her. Of course, that would make this a painfully short entry. Behold, ladies and gentlemen, “Latte Liberal Gets an Earful”.

5 Insane Celebrity Reactions To Totally Justified Criticism

Ok, with all the Whitestone as Eastern Europe I’ve seen recently I have to ask:

Anastasia au?

Vox Machina gets word that Cassandra De Rolo, Lady of the recently liberated city of Whitestone, was not the only De Rolo who survived the sack of the city many years ago. Cassandra knows her elder brother Percival lives and would be willing to pay a very handsome sum to anyone who will bring him back to her.

Cue VM breaking a young man out of a jail cell only to learn his name is Percy… and that he has no memory of his life before waking up on a fishing boat.

Five collections to pick up in this massive Marvel sale!


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Patsy Walker has managed to escape her past, her enemies and Hell itself (literally) — but nothing compares to job hunting in New York City! Between trying to make rent and dodging bullets, she barely has time to deal with her mother’s exploitative romance comics about Patsy’s past resurfacing, much less how they start to interfere with her work and dating life. As she goes from living a double life to living a triple one, what the Hell is Patsy supposed to do? There’ll be burgers, monsters and rent checks; old friends like Howard the Duck and Valkyrie; and a ghost from the past with questionable motives! Comics’ most flexible heroine has been a provisional Avenger, a Defender, Satan’s daughter-in-law and a dead woman — but she’s never been anything like this! Collects Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! (2015) #1-6.

Let’s all take a moment, on this day celebrating women who speak out, to think about the women who bite their tongues out of terror. Let’s think about the women who didn’t make it to this holiday at the hands of their oppressors. Let’s think about the women who are trapped in dangerous environments with no hope of escaping. Let’s all make a silent promise that we will make the world safer for them, that their daughters might not be born with a target on their back.

Me thinking of writing Overwatch fanfic

Gabe-centric fic in which Gabe is actually Filipino / has a Pinay mom and a Black Latino dad and switches between Filipino and Spanish on the regular

Reaper76 in which Gabe is actually a woman, but looks exactly the same, complete with beard and towering height, and Jack is elated to fall in love with his terrifying strike commander when she can probably bench press him

Young McHanzo in which Hanzo gets away from the stresses of life as the heir to a criminal empire by sneaking out weekend nights to free his drag persona as some beautiful, sexually liberated painted lady and Mccree ends up meeting club darling lady Hanzo before meeting Shimada heir Hanzo – and then many years later Mccree and Hanzo falling in love agan while Mccree encourages Hanzo to do the things that make him happy, including getting all gussied up in makeup and full dress 


She is free in her wildness, she is a wanderess, a drop of free water. She knows nothing of borders and cares nothing for rules or customs. ‘Time’ for her isn’t something to fight against. Her life flows clean, with passion, like fresh water.
—  Roman Payne

B-24 Liberator ‘Lady Be Good’

Over flew it’s base at Soluch Field and crash landed in the Libyan desert on April 4 1943 while returning home from it’s first mission. The crew survived 8 days in the desert sharing one canteen of water. All perished

The wreckage was discovered in 1958 and fell prey to scavengers and souvenir-hunters. The remains of the plane are currently in a compound in Tobruk. Libya

Misty Knight was a dedicated officer of the law before she was seriously wounded as a result of a terrorist bombing, and rather than continue on with a desk job she felt as if she could make more of a difference on the streets. After being involved with the Heroes for Hire operation for years, she is now a part of Valkyrie’s team of Lady Liberators where Misty continues to kick butt with style and sass. She also has an on and off again relationship with Danny Rand, also known as The Iron Fist.

Required Reading: Powerman & Ironfist, Heroes For Hire Vol. 2, Fearless Defenders Vol. 1