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The Signs as Adventure Time Characters

Aries- Flame Princess

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Taurus- Jake the Dog

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Gemini- Bonnibel (Princess) Bubblegum 

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Cancer- The Ice King

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Leo- Earl of Lemongrab 

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Virgo- Tree Trunks 

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Libra- Lumpy Space Princess

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Scorpio- Marceline 

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Sagittarius- Finn the Human

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Capricorn- Peppermint Butler 

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Aquarius- Lady Rainicorn 

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Pisces- BMO

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Adventure Time Bomb (1 /2)

“Go grab your friends, we’re going to very distant regions…”

They are already pretty weird it’s sometimes hard to tell which one is the pokemon on which one isn’t. This of course results in a lot of pokeball based head injuries.

Hope you like it :D!

Star Universe Over Gravity Time Season 3

 Season 1:

Season 2 :

the first two seasons consisted of the same characters, i think it’s time to give some other characters the spotlight .

Here’s our cast.

OTGW didn’t have enough characters to choose from, so i’m afraid they’ll have to sit this season out.

Don’t question how ponyhead and waddles can participate XD

Bmo is genderfluid but i had to pick a gender, so i picked male pronouns for this one.

Place your bets everyone, here we go:

wow, first hours of the game and greg is already the most savage person in the game.


Peri already removed poor lady and janna from the scene…


so much death in just the flipping reaping.

waddles kebab

wow soos you went right for wendy…..

fire vs ice

fire won

considering peridot’s and greg’s first moves in this game consisted of vicious attacks, i’m not surprised.

Yvgeny is back to his old job, spying.

i actually would love a moon/rose team-up.


wow, five people already…



I have no words for that first one.


ok, but those three singing cheerfully together is an amazing mental image.

doesn’t he always?

oh no…..


ok wow XD

the mermaid was killed by the ocean gem…..COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT!

awww, poor rose

this game is way funnier then i expected.

jasper running away from fiddleford tho

YD can’t handle them thorns.


rose was working with yellow diamond all along!!!!


jasper must’ve really hated fp

Moon has faith in herself

oh peri…… just weren’t ready for this.


y’know i had a feeling this could happen, i just wasn’t expecting it to XD

Greg wth

we’re losing characters left and right..this is only the second day.


9 characters gone already…wow…

jasper and greg keep working together i’m concerned.

LSP making glossaryck do her dirty work omg

at least glossaryck knew the humongous gem leader would probably be better to get rid of.

 the fact that these are the characters remaining is so funny XD

oh boy….what are we in for…

i don’t trust greg

oh well XD


jasper is so far the most entertaining character in this game

hopefully that won’t bite him in the butt…

i love how they sorta themselves into 2 teams

and fiddleford is his own team

((He’s probably practicing because he doesn’t want to miss his next shot))

these characters seem a little more moral at the moment (Cept for greg)

y’know i’d question how jasper and ponyhead ended up having some kind of romance but i’m more focused on how they are able to hold hands when one of them is a floating head.

wendy can not stop questioning her sanity XD

Yvgeny is taking a pacifist route

it’s about time greg shows some weakness , so far he’s been immortal

wow, first they hold hands, then one of them murders the other.

Ponyhead needs no one

oh boy everyone…..we have quite a match up here…

who will win?

The feast is starting:

greg and ponyhead, still keeping up their killing streak 

fiddleford got the heck outta there

lucky ducks

Glossaryck, still making smart moves.

goodbye greg XD

you were quite the character in this game

Yvgeny apparently didn’t get enough from the feast.


some powerful players gone

so much for pacifist route

glossaryck and fiddleford talking is something i need

we’re close to the end…

oh no…..poor buff frog….. :(

and there goes fiddleford..

Glossaryck Vs LSP Vs Ponyhead

Who will win!?


that was easy

poor guys

Ponyhead: Proving that you don’t need a body or arms to kick butt or cause mass murder.

glorious XD

So glorious

ponyhead even had the most kills XD

thanks for reading, i have fun doing these ridiculous things.


I’m selling these Adventure Time patches in my Etsy shop!

Can’t see your favourite character? I’m working on an LSP patch and Princess Bubblegum if these sell well, but feel free to send me a request for another character, even one from another fandom if that’s what you would like. I aim to please!

(Please don’t delete the caption)

the signs as adventure time characters
  • ♈️Aries: Flame Princess
  • ♉️Taurus: Jake
  • ♊️Gemini: Prismo/the Ice King
  • ♋️Cancer: Tree Trunks
  • ♌️Leo: Lumpy Space Princess
  • ♍️Virgo: Lemongrab
  • ♎️Libra: Lady Rainicorn
  • ♏️Scorpio: Marceline
  • ♐️Sagittarius: Finn
  • ♑️Capricorn: Princess Bubblegum
  • ♒️Aquarius: Magic Man
  • ♓️Pisces: Beemo