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Bernie, we hardly know ye...

I don’t know about you but I spend a vast majority of my time thinking about my favourite fictional characters and Berenice Griselda Wolfe is currently has been for a long time the leading lady of my pondering. I mean there’s SO much we don’t know about her..

{welcome to my thoughts aka I clearly have too much time on my hands and/or I’m just totes obsessed}

  • Why the military? did Bernie follow generations of Wolfe family members into service, or is it a career she’s pursued without any of that influence? 
  • Speaking of family, has she got any siblings, are her parents still alive and what are they all like?
  • What’s Charlotte like? 
  • What was young B-Griz like at school? nerd, sport junkie, popular princess, intense emo who everyone crushed on, class clown?
  • What University did she go to? 
  • Did she do all of her medical training under the military or did she get a degree in medicine, work in hospitals and join the army later in life? 
  • Just with WHOM has she had so many friendships she believes she’s destroyed? are there a list of women who Bernie has gotten really close to over the years which I’m sure she ultimately ran away from because she just wasn’t quite brave enough *sobs for our soft baby*
  • Which brings me to..Keeley, the registrar who was cougaring Cam and had Serena more than a tad jealous if you ask me..was that someone else Bernie felt quite close to? 
  • Is her divorce to Marcus well under way/ near finalised?
  • Did she ever follow up with Alex. Maybe she wrote her a letter or called her to say a proper goodbye, even told her about Serena? 
  • Is she fully healed?!?! girl got blown up and apart from putting her back out hefting a mattress a sly trick to get Serena Campbell’s hands on her she seems like totally okay? 
  • Does she know *sob* is she’ll ever *sob* get to see Serena Campbell again?? Has she heard from her..*sobs*
  • Did she intentionally buy louder shoes because Serena asked her to?
  • After getting together with Serena, did she immediately buy herself some 600 Egyptian thread cotton sheets because a) luxury and b) she just really wants Serena Campbell in her bed and Serena won’t settle for anything less.
  • Where did she buy that bottle of apology plonk? duty free or a Kiev speciality?
  • Does she like Serena’s horribly expensive shirt? 
  • Did she and Serena resort to quadruple shot coffees to get them through their shifts during the ‘shagged to tatters’ phase?
  • Has she met Serena’s friend Sian? and just how awkward was Bernie in the face of Sian being super flirty and teasing at both of their expense..50 shades of scarlett am I right? 
  • Has she ever been to a gay bar/ pride event?
  • Would she win a sprint race against Henrik Hanssen? 
  • Was the dress blue & black..or yellow & white when she looked at it? 

and finally, this one may be a little bit more about Jemma Redgrave but after seeing the fake typing on the computer which gets me EVERYtime..what’s she like in the supermarket when someone is in the way of the product she’s real hungry for..does she pretend to be interested in something else until they walk away like most of us awkward brits ? ? ? 

I think about her way too much. I love her way too much. I wish there were idk a team of writers who could maybe cover some things on the list!?!?! LIKE PLZ WRITE FOR THIS CHARACTER. She’s such a mystery and there’s so much potential and Bernie is our precious bmam and we just wanna know more about her okay? Also Jemma Redgrave is the purest of souls on this earth and I’d actually go into battle for her. 

Look I’m in my feelings over the trailer (for many reasons) but I will say this about the upset over the seating arrangements: I think folks have a legitimate gripe over where AL and DG were seated in relation to each other on the panel. If I’m not mistaken (and I very well could be…who the fuck is sure of anything after that trailer), when SWC was leading lady to AL’s leading man, she was consistently seated next to him at panels. If DG is now the leading lady to AL’s leading man, then show her the same respect. Intentional or not, it feels like a slight. 

*Goes back to staring contemplatively out the window.*

Wherein AVA GARDNER: A LIFE IN MOVIES co-author Anthony Uzarowski discusses the legendary actress

Ava Gardner. I heard that name many times as a child. My mother used to tell me that Ava was my grandfather’s favourite movie star, and as I never got the chance to meet my grandfather, seeing her on screen somehow made me feel closer to him. The first film I ever saw Ava in was THE BAREFOOT CONTESSA (’54). This was a grand introduction; if the film lacks certain vitality, the image of its leading lady is certainly unforgettable. Whether dancing the flamenco in a Gypsy camp, floating seamlessly through a casino wearing a breath-taking Fontana gown, or sunbathing on a millionaire’s yacht; Maria Vargas is, in the words of François Truffaut, ‘one of the most beautiful portraits of woman ever filmed, in the person of Ava Gardner, Hollywood’s most exquisitely beautiful actress’.  

But the movie that really solidified my love of Ava was the 1964 adaptation of Tennessee Williams’s THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA. It was one of those films that was often shown late at night on TCM, and as a teenager who had a pretty hard time at school, I found solace in those late night viewings. In fact this is the best way to watch THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA- at night. There is a certain breed of films which are best enjoyed long after everyone else has gone to bed, when you feel it’s just you and the film, the rest of the world is asleep. 

THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA is special for many reasons. It blends the lyrical poetry of Williams with the tough, no-nonsense direction of John Huston. As a result, the film avoids sentimentality or pretentiousness, despite dealing with some pretty big questions. The promotional slogan for the film declared that ‘since man has known woman, there has never been such a night- the night of the iguana’. In this case, the man is Richard Burton, as the defrocked minister T. Lawrence Shannon, who encounters a string of very different women, all of whom alter his life during one hot night on the Mexican coast. The cast is superb; as the film’s pace relies heavily on dialogue rather than on more conventional action, Huston really went all out in assembling a troupe of actors that is nothing short of perfect. 

Ava Gardner, known the world-over for her glamour and staggering beauty, but never given much credit as an actress, finally triumphs. Not only is she able to hold her own alongside Burton, Deborah Kerr and Grayson Hall, but, as Life magazine put it at the time of the film’s release, ‘she all but runs away with the picture’. Her Maxine Faulk, the earthy hotelier, is a woman of multidimensional character, each façade delicately crafted and expertly handled by Gardner, who manages to be at once tough and vulnerable, pragmatic and romantic, fierce and heartbreakingly forbearing. 

I could say, if you only watch one of Ava’s movies highlighted by TCM, watch THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA, but in fact I do believe that you should watch all of them. Of course, you may say, the fact that I have just co-written a book about her makes me biased. Perhaps so. But Gardner really is magical on screen, at her best you don’t see much else, nor do you want to. In her best films, and TCM has chosen a pretty solid selection, she is a great actress, as well as a knockout. I think it’s high time that we break this news, in 2017- it is entirely possible to be beautiful and have talent! Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you Ava Gardner.

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Candice is like the the one who holds The Flash's pride on and off screen, on as Iris and off as Candice herself! she always brings so much value to the show with her character and her intellegent, I find myself always looking forward to know what is she going to talk on interviews, panels, cons because they simply always inspiring, empowering and cute! imagine what's The flash gonna do without this amazing leading lady!

Yeah, Candice is a gift for that show. I’m glad they found her <3