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Can I analyze these for a moment?

Sure I can! (Here’s the post if you want to download them) 

Miracle Romance- Look at the color schemes which I just love analyzing.  The first one is dark colors that have an air of mystery and uncertainty. The second one is light colors meaning everything is out in the open and full of life. Also the fact they are pretty much matching in the second like a unit . In the first one the moon is behind them but in the second one they are standing behind the earth.  This could also mean that they are unity to protect the earth since they are the monarchs.In the first, they are looking at each other, focused just on each other. In the second they are looking at something else, in the same direction: they are focused on protecting the Earth, there is no need to study each other anymore ‘cause they know everything of each other like a book.. Decision post about this which I pretty much copy this from is here.

 Chibiusa/ Black Lady -Chibiusa’s is light pink with a touch of white with pink flowers behind her which shows her innocence as a child. Also the crescent moon is behind her to show that is a member of the white moon family.Black Lady’s is dark pink and purple with a little touch a black with rocks a purple flowers to show that she is corrupted with dark power. Also the crescent moon behind her is the black and tuned down to show that she is apart of the Black Moon Clan now.Another thing is her back is turn towards the picture so the audience can see since feels that everyone turned their back on her and don’t love her.

Usa/ Mamo and Chibiusa -While their cover has a dark color scheme her’s have a light color scheme. Sometimes Usagi is considered as the light of the relationship while Mamo is the dark hence I think the reason why their cover is dark.Light I said before their relationship at that time is filled with uncertainly. When those two get together the light and dark balance out. Chibiusa is the result of the light and darkness balancing out hence is the reason why her cover in light.

NQS/KE and BL- While NQS/KE are a united force in the light because they finally balance each other out,Chibiusa’s light has been tainted with corruption and uncertainty with herself hence is why the dark colors. Thanks to Wiseman she’s a creation of the darkness consuming inside of her.

NQS/KE and Chibiusa- Like I said before she’s a creation of their light balancing out and their unity to each other. So it make sense both of their covers have light colors

Usa/Mamo and BL- Pretty much the same I said before. With the dark colors both covers are tied with Uncertainty, Mystery and Secrets but BL have corruption to her’s.

Dark Colors- Uncertainty,Mystery, Secrets,Corruption, Rebellion

Light Colors- Unity,Balance,Hope, Innocence, Purity

The darkness can consume everything with no light and the light can consume everything with no darkness but with light and darkness working together they can be united and balanced. Ying and Yang.

That’s how you analyzed four covers six different ways. *drops the mic*

Why I simultaneously crave and dread more TWD

My fellow Richonne Shippers/Trash. Even though we may not get a lot of fluffy, romantic scenes because of the constant struggle for survival, know this! We’ll be getting more Richonne than any other ship on the show, simply because Rick is the lead male character, and it’s technically his story we’re following. 😆🙌🏾 Now I just have to ignore my fear of Negan using them against each other 😖

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Chibiusa and BL interactions with King Endy and Mamo.

Chibiusa with King Endymion: Aww! A father and daughter moment.

Black Lady with King Endymion:ummmm????? 

Chibiusa with Mamoru: Aww look at them!

Black Lady with Mamoru: WHAT THE FUCK????? 


Corruption Everywhere. 

Thank you.