lady kenna

The Rising Signs as Reign Characters

Mary Stuart - Aries, Cancer, Virgo                                                                     plump lips, fair complexion, long black hair; fashion: fancy, intricate gowns, colorful, fondness of lace

Greer Castleroy - Taurus, Libra, Pisces                                                           wide lips, blonde hair, round face, brown eyes; fashion: girly, romantic, bright colours, lots of accessoires

Elisabeth Tudor - Gemini, Leo, Capricorn                                                       tall, fiery red hair, green eyes, calculating expression; fashion: glamorous, elegant, palatial

Lady Kenna - Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius                                                   tall, slender, high cheekbones; fashion: sensual, bohemian, sophisticated, feminin

Reign Writers:

*spins wheels* Greer gets pregnant with *throws dart at board* pirate kings baby while Kenna *pulls paper out of hat* is in Russia with *rolls dice* a prince but she’s actually sleeping with *flips a coin* his uncles cousins half-brother while Bash is *picks card from deck* chasing a *uses Googles I’m feeling lucky* an actual werewolf.

I kind of want Reign to start over from the beginning with the same cast but different writers. 


“We were  y o u n g and  f r e e and  i n n o c e n t. We loved each other, we were there for each other. Now we are broken or dead or far away. There is no us, no friends, no family. They are gone. My L A D I E S, my F R I E N D S, my S I S T E R S.                         Just me. “