lady kasmeer

breaking news from the Marjory/Kasmeer frontlines
  • Marjory: I've been thinking about Scarlet.
  • Kasmeer: She can't have you.
  • Marjory: She's behind all these crazy alliances. I'd rest my reputation on... wait. What did you say?
  • Kasmeer: (laugh) I think you're right. She has all the landmarks of a blooming psycho hag.
  • *
  • Kasmeer: Do you think they've caught Scarlet yet?
  • Marjory: Doubt it. She's slicker than an ooze in oil.
  • Kasmeer: I still can't believe she got so deep past the Seraph and the Shining Blade.
  • Marjory: Case in point.
  • *
  • Kasmeer: Marjory?
  • Marjory: Yes?
  • Kasmeer: If we don't make it out...
  • Marjory: We will. Promise.
  • *
  • Kasmeer: The moment they break into the tower, we should head down there.
  • Marjory: What's your hurry? Let them clear it out a bit first.
  • Kasmeer: This whole place has mesmer magic woven through it. I don't want to miss a single thing.
  • Marjory: I see. Curiosity killed the cat, you know?
  • Kasmeer: Meeeeow!
  • *
  • Marjory: You did your bit, Kas. Go on back to Divinity's Reach where it's safer.
  • Kasmeer: You're sweet, but I couldn't leave you here alone.
  • Marjory: I'll be fine, cupcake. Go on now.
  • Kasmeer: Mmm, I don't think so. I would, but to be honest I'm itching to see what's in that tower. I think I'll stay.
  • Marjory: Hm. If you insist.
  • *
  • Marjory: Krait bait.
  • Kasmeer: I beg your pardon?
  • Marjory: Oh, nothing. I was just imagining you going into that tower.

So then the KasJory virus totally got me and ooh they are just the cutest couple! >.< Ahaha detective girlfriends ftw. <3

I really wanted to do a makeup test for Marjory, and then I quickly slapped on my Alice wig and got my gf to model as Kasmeer for a duo photo (inspired by all the lovely fanart around such as here and here. <3) My hair kinda dragged down in the shot but we’ll call it bed hair!

Kasmeer and Marjory give me severe costume urges and I’m pretty sure we’ll try and start on them in a few months. :D

I am so addicted to their conversations, they are just too. adorable.

Guild Wars 2 -Poor Asura mailman.  Don’t want to bother them.
Created by me. (Do not repost)

I hasn’t see there add more Kasjory… So I decided add mini comics… I have like 10 page of Kasjory. I am try my best.  I am not good at make a joke. My apologies.