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You’re non international 2017 world champions. 2017 was a year known as the underdog year, and that is not in a bad way at all. Teams who’ve never globed before this weekend, globed. Steel and ECE M5 got their first world championship title while Brandon Senior Black went back to back.

Small Senior 5: GOLD🥇: Ice Lady Lightning SILVER🥈: Woodlands Elite Generals BRONZE🥉 : CJA Bombshells Small Coed 5 GOLD🥇: Brandon Senior Black SILVER🥈: Prodigy All Stars Midnight BRONZE🥉: KC Fierce 5 Medium Senior 5: GOLD🥇: ECE M5 SILVER🥈: SOT ATeam BRONZE🥉: Top Gun Lady Jags Medium Coed 5: GOLD🥇: Cali Black Ops SILVER🥈: Rockstar Beatles BRONZE🥉: CEA SMOEX and MDT Reign Large Senior 5: GOLD🥇: WCSS SILVER🥈: CA Panthers BRONZE🥉: CEA Senior Elite Large Coed 5: GOLD🥇: Stingrays Steel SILVER🥈: CA Cheetahs BRONZE🥉: TGLC

Top Gun Lady Jags 1999 NCA REGIONALS

Character Tag Game

 Tagged by @evilqueenofgallifrey 

Rules: Tell us your favourite character from ten different fandoms and tag around 10 people.

  1. Renee Walker (24)
  2. Prue Halliwell (Charmed)
  3. K.C. Koloski (China Beach)
  4. Miss Quill (Class)
  5. Alexis Davis (General Hospital)
  6. Addison Forbes Montgomery (Greys/Private Practice)
  7. Sarah MacKenzie (JAG)
  8. Lady Mae (Mr. Selfridge)
  9. Victoria Lord (One Life to Live)
  10. Carol Peletier (The Walking Dead)

Hmmmmmm. Who to tag? How about: @leigh57 @alannastara @carol-on @faith5by5-1013 @onehopefuldreamer @100years-to-live @llivingnextdoortoalice @aprilmaclean @silver-89