lady is downright amazing


It applies to everything. So I’m paying it here. I’ve seen so many logical and well written posts today, eye opening ones. But what this all come down to is ultimately, faith.

I have faith that what I feel and know about this situation is more than meets the eye. I have eyes, I’m smart, and I know how and what I feel as do, from what I’ve seen, all fans have, and are. We are all amazing people, educated women, kind. Generous. It goes on. And I have faith that we’ll see the endgame (coughSamandCaitcough) eventually.

Faith in what I’ve seen over the months that I started shipping isn’t just shits and giggles or stringing fans along for them, cause that would be really messed up it if was, because I firmly believe that SC would/are an amazing couple, two humble and mature human beings who share so many interests and, faith that they’re genuinely good people in an industry that tries to take control.

Y'all choose where you wanna lay your faith on. Nobody can convince you or not. It’s only you who can decide whether you think its worth it to stick this out or not.

Me? I’m sticking it out. I’m staying until I feel like it. And if I’m wrong about everything, if everything I’ve seen and heard and what my gut tells me is wrong..then at least I met and will continue to meet some pretty damn amazing, intellectual, and downright awesome ladies on here who have been verra welcoming since the start. So I ship on. I fangirl on, and I’ll enjoy the hell out of it on the lido deck, in the water, or wherever.

Ship on you rockin’ ladies, ship the fuck on.

PPS( sorry if this post felt serious, but I just wanted to share this little epiphany, one could say.)