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Sarah J. Maas’s Letter to the reader in the Special Target Edition of A Court of Wings and Ruin

After Brannagh and Dagdan killed the Children of the Blessed

Feyre: Do we burry them?
Lucien: It sends a message—that we’re willing to clean up their messes.
Feyre: Then we send another sort of message

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*sends the Bogge after them*

Feyre and Lucien:

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“I do not love you as I love Cristina. I love you as I love you,” said Mark. He bent his head. “I wish that you could see my heart. Then you would understand.”

It seemed she could not think of Mark without thinking of Kieran, too. Could not see blue and gold eyes without seeing black and silver. 

 "Mark needs kindness,” Kieran said, after a long pause. “And so do I.”

“Hot faerie threesome,” said Emma cheerfully. “I can say I knew you when.”

Meanwhile at The Night Court:
  • Rhysand: She's my High Lady and she's my spy.
  • Amren: That's it. You're in a time out. Go sit in the corner and think about what you've done.
  • Rhysand: I'm YOUR High Lord, you can't put me in a time out.
  • Amren: *cracks knuckles* You have 3 seconds.
  • Rhysand: *Already in the corner* I'm wrong, you're right. Time out it is. No need to get angry.
  • Amren: *picking at her nails* Damn straight I'm right.