lady in black shoot


“I love old-school country, like Johnny Paycheck, Kris Kristofferson, Highway Men, and I’m a huge Waylon Jennings fan. Some of those love songs—those honky-tonk, love-gone-wrong type of songs—I love it. They don’t necessarily set the mood for a romantic evening, but they’re good love songs and speak the truth.” -Taylor Kinney


On the weekend I went to the combat rules playtest for a new Melbourne based LARP, Blackpowder and Bloodlines. It felt like an incredibly useful day and I’m extremely excited for the first official game. I haven’t settled on a character yet and we didn’t need to attend in costume but why miss an opportunity to dress up? First time wearing my 14ty century cotehardie in play. I’m pleased to say it was both comfortable and warm. :)

Shout out to the organizers for being so awesome and bringing a great group of people together! Not to mention their meticulous attention to detail, taking on player feedback and incredible world building, some of which can be found on their website:

I’m sure in the coming months I’ll have a lot more to say about this LARP. Stay tuned!

OK I was like half-joking before but uh… imagine how awesome 12 Angry Women could actually be:

  • A black man gets accused of shooting a white lady in Georgia, all the media outlets are saying he’s clearly guilty
  • As they’re picking the jury, they attempt to be “fair” and only want to pick one black woman (don’t worry, not the only WoC), because the media suggests a black juror would be unfairly biased and try to play “the race card”
  • Randomly wind up picking an all-female jury (and we catch a couple of stupid comments from the media about that, too)
  • Viola Davis as the lone “not guilty” voter (a.k.a. Juror 8, a.k.a. DAVIS- it’s meant to be)
  • Salma Hayek as the jury foreman who just wants to do her job right but is also reluctant to waver on her initial vote
  • Hailee Steinfeld as Juror 2, a college student and the youngest woman in the room, who starts out quiet and unsure of herself in this intense situation, but eventually finds her courage and beautifully grows as a person
  • Diane Lane as Juror 3 and the main antagonist, a grieving, distraught mother who we eventually learn lost her youngest daughter to a random shooting
  • Ming-Na Wen as Juror 4, a self-assured, intelligent CEO who’s only concerned with the facts
  • Julia Jones as Juror 5, a Native American woman who had a difficult upbringing, is very experienced with the civil rights fight, and does NOT take kindly to some of the other jurors’ racist attitudes
  • Brenda Song as Juror 6, a waitress who’s tough but respectful
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Juror 7, a huge Atlanta Braves fan (and possibly the person who most frequently gets death glares from Juror 5), a bit of an airhead, and SO eager to get done with the trial just to get to the next game that she’s probably responsible for at least 50% of the comic relief
  • Glenn Close as Juror 9, a wise retiree and the second person to vote “not guilty”
  • Drew Barrymore as Juror 10, a loudmouthed, racist housewife
  • Monica Belluci as Juror 11, a classy and polite sales expert with an Italian fashion company and naturalized American citizen
  • Amy Poehler as Juror 12, an indecisive advertising executive who is constantly making wisecracks (and the other 50% of the comic relief)