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more gay films i’d like

  • a young jazz singer falls in love with an established film noir actress and the singer finds out the actress had been sending her anonymous roses so she dedicates a song to her and there’s a scene where she’s singing it on stage in a club and all other sound fades out and the camera focuses on the actress, who’s regarding her with interest
  • a sixties era student falls in love with a gay civil rights activist who quit her career as a professor and the film is half about activism and half about their soft domestic lives together and the entire aesthetic and wardrobe is dreamy like vintage sixties advertisements
  • an up and coming undercover journalist in new york city who’s cold and mean and dresses only in pencil skirts is seduced by a woman played by like, monica belluci, and drawn into a diamond heist and a passionate love affair
  • a university student is on a brief study abroad trip in italy and notices a dreamy lady on a beach in a glamorous creme bathing suit against the backdrop of sparkling water but doesn’t think much of it until she sees her again drinking wine in the hotel bar and looking mysterious and smoky and the film is sort of like salvatore by lana del rey and includes a drive through sicily in a white car
  • a bored and rich woman finds out her renowned husband’s been sleeping around when he’s on business trips so she plots how to destroy his career and reputation meanwhile she’s lonely and growing close to the sweet flustered maid and buying her things and giving her clothes she’s ‘too old for now’ and absentmindedly helping with chores and asking her about her life over wine and asking her to ‘stay for awhile’
The Parallels of Zutara and Kallura

Ever since the second season of Voltron: Legendary Defender has come out, Kallura—Keith x Allura—has caused… quite the controversy, to say the least. Some have embraced the pairing, while others have rejected it. Nonetheless, there seems to be a consensus that the pair mirrors another from Avatar: The Last Airbender: Zuko x Katara, otherwise known as Zutara. The question is to what degree, and is the mirroring profound or shallow?

In this meta, I’ll explore the parallels between ATLA’s Zutara and VLD’s Kallura.

Note that while I ship these pairs, I will be looking at their relationships in an objective manner. How one decides to interpret these relationships, whether it be romantic or platonic, is up to that person. This meta isn’t meant to cause shipping discourse or convince anyone to ship anything. It’s only meant to evaluate the similarities between Zutara and Kallura.

Also note, spoilers for both shows will be discussed under the cut.

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Dying right now because in the opening to LADY, Watson comes home from the Turkish bath and Holmes is like.. “But why Turkish?” and Watson’s deflecting like “Huh? what are you talking about, what, were you asking about my boots, I can’t read suddenly–” and Holmes just smiles and calls him out like the TURKISH BATH Watson I know you were there but WHY and Watson tells him and asks how he knew he was there and Holmes gets a “mischevious twinkle” in his eye, and then a few stories later (both by publishing date and by in-universe timeline), ILLU starts with “Both Holmes and I had a weakness for the Turkish bath” and them relaxing under some sheets in an “isolated corner where two couches lie side by side”


Keith and Allura after Allura flew Red for the first time.

I’m still learning how to draw digitally, so I apologize if this is very basic.  

Me? Care about a mortal? As if.  

I don’t usually do fanart in my style, but I wanted to quickly draw something for Kallura because of the recent discourse. Go figure, I liked drawing Kallura in my style more than imitating VLD’s . ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

(I only imitate to challenge myself, and because my mind is particular like that).

Also, the pic’s sketchy and smudgy because I did it during lectures and my professors know it. In my defense, I was busy this week.

Nugget, Vizsla (4 y/o), Madison Square Park, New York, NY • “She’s a proper lady. She’s very elegant and has rubber duckies. You also can’t take a bath without her sharing it with you.”

So I’m writing a (comparative) meta concerning Kallura

instead of, oh I don’t know, working on a workshop piece that’s bloody due soon (priorities, guys, friggin priorities) and have just noticed, as I collect quotes, how soft-spoken? Keith is?? when talking to Allura??? Like, his voice becomes uncharacteristically soft? And soothing?? Especially in “The Ark of Tajueer???”

Like, I’m melting and am more so in love with Steven Yeun’s voice than I should be?

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blue night radio ♡ 170317
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jonghyun: my puppy can’t go out to have a walk. it’s not because i won’t let her but because i’m genuinely worried about the air and it’s effects on her. so, she runs around at home a lot. recently i also cut her toenails. i’ve been cutting them for eight years but she always whines. i think she dislikes getting them cut. i have to do it as if it’s a game. it’s the same for when i have to give her a bath. our grandp … no, grandma …, no. not grandma. our lady (roo). when she has to take a bath she’ll definitely call for someone that will side with her. one to wash her and one to side with her. she likes it when someone’s by her side. someone that sides with her.