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40 Thoughts You’ll Have While Dry Humping Your Girlfriend

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1. She’s literally just rubbing herself against my butt right now.

2. This doesn’t really do anything for me.

3. Oh wait, that moan in my ear does a little something.

4. If I moan back maybe she’ll fondle my boobs.

5. OK, she’s way more excited than I am – boob fondling is not the business.

6. For the love of all that is holy, please stop humping my butt.

7. Maybe if I roll over, she’ll hump my front instead.

8. Oh yes – now she’s on top of me.

9. Wait, why did she slow down?

10. Is she about to finish?

11. Nope, you’re not getting off if I can’t get off.

12. She’s trying to undo my pants. Do I let her?

13. She started teasing, so she should definitely keep teasing for a while.

14. Screw this, teasing sucks.

15. Wait… Teasing isn’t so bad after all.

16. Is it bad that I want her to beg for it?

17. Crap… I’m about to beg for it.

18. LOL, I can feel how wet she is.

19. Can she feel how wet I am right now?

20. Well, she definitely noticed – and for some reason felt the need to comment on it.

21. Why is someone grinding against me so sexy?

22. That face she just made isn’t very sexy, though.

23. But that moan definitely was.

24. Can’t we just get to business already?

25. Note to self: I am a classy lady.

26. Second note to self: Dry humping doesn’t make me feel very classy.

27. Dry humping makes me feel like a teenager.

28. Did I dry hump when I was a teenager?

29. I definitely dry humped my first girlfriend.

30. I wonder what she’s doing now.

31. No – stop! Don’t think about your ex right now!

32. Didn’t she eventually decide she was straight though?

33. Didn’t really seem so straight when she was pressed against me.

34. This dry humping thing isn’t really doing it – maybe if I take off my pants, it’ll work better.

35. I repeat: I am a classy lady.

36. Classy ladies don’t take off their pants right away.

37. But classy ladies don’t dry hump either.

38. Why can’t we be classy and still have lots of sex?

39. Why am I not having sex right now?

40. Screw it – let’s have sex.


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