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Rick Grimes for Best Kiss

You know…I am in awe at the way Rick kisses Michonne.

Like some people take brief pauses or they go slow but Rick is a hungry kisser.

He devours her or barely gives her any time to catch her breath before he dives back in. It’s like his lips are magnetized to hers. There’s this ravenous, passionate drive behind them that makes me get all tingley and what not.

Damn, those Rick Grimes kisses are something else.

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Christmas at the Layton household:

-Alfendi disproving the existence of Santa Claus, much to Flora’s dismay. She’s trying to keep the magic alive for Kat.

-Watching terrible Christmas specials on T.V. Polar Express is a common favourite. 

-The kids remind their father to stop working for once. 

-Visits from various friends and family members. There’s Grandpa and Grandma with her knitted Christmas jumpers. Luke gets everyone teddy bears. Uncle Desmond flies in on the Bostonius, giving Alfendi a mace, Flora a sword and Katrielle a slingshot. Emmy gives the family a brimming photo album. The list goes on. 

-Rosa comes over to help Flora with the Christmas dinner.      

-A family game of Cluedo.