lady granthem


Do you promise?

Relative Strangers

She’d never seen such a big house, or that many people bustling around for that matter. Her eyes darted about at the maids that flew past in all directions, some with armfuls of decoration, others with linens and some with dusters. It appeared to the gangly ten year old that something important was happening. That something was indeed a very important party held by the Lady Granthem annually when the family returned from their away season. They were expecting twice as many guests that particular year which put the whole od the servants in an uproar to prepare the proper amount of rooms. Mrs. Patmore, the cook, was wound tight as a drum over the last minute additions to the dinner and Mr. Carson was hurriedly making adjustments to the dining hall.

“Don’t Gawk, Charlotte.” Velma reached out and took her young charges hand, yanking her along just before she’d collided with a maid who’s arms were stacked high with Linen. “Hurry now, We mustn’t lose the footman!” Charlotte snapped out of her daze, her head bobbing slowly. “I’m Sorry Miss Velma.” She whispered, Her head whipping back around to gaze one final time at the grand staircase before she felt herself being pulled through a small door and ushered down a flight of stairs.

“You may both sit in the servant’s hall while you wait. If she’s not in her sitting room she’s most certainly with the maid’s upstairs.” Thomas Barrow called, directing them towards the large table. He was half out of breath from his quick ascend downstairs. He was instructed by Mr. Carson to be quick about showing the guest’s down to the servant’s hall then returning to help unload the guests luggage from the waiting cars. “Has anyone seen Mrs. Hughes?”