lady gogo


I’m surprised I haven’t seen Lady Gogo fanart yet.

So here’s some scans from the Wreck-It Ralph art book.

Apparently, sometime after going through a candy corn maze, Vanellope and Ralph end up at The Wheelhouse Club. (Which is a rave club it seems) They had to win a dance off against Lady Go Go, a singing/dancing diva inspired by Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry. Of course this was all in the early development of Sugar rush, where there consisted dancing, racing  and mini games. Ralph and Vanellope were suppose to bond over these.


Disney Ladies + MBTI - Gogo Tomago - INTJ

Gogo’s internal intuition means she’s focused, trusts her gut, and goal oriented, she needs to go fast. That’s the goal, the end point for her. Her external thinking means that she’s hard working, absolutely no-nonsense, and isn’t afraid to be aggressive in her opinions: “Stop whining. Woman up.” Her internal feeling is her independence. Once again, she’s not afraid to be blunt and authentic about how she feels. Finally, her external sensing means she’s a doer. She completely lives in the moment, seeks thrill and action.