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I find it amazing that all people seem to care about are Honey Lemon and GoGo’s appearances, and everyone is completely ignoring the fact that these two women are brilliant accomplished scientists who are making their mark in typically male dominated fields. And no one is talking about how these two women might actually inspire thousands of young girls to go into STEM fields when they grow up.

Can we just, for FIVE MINUTES, talk about something besides Honey and GoGo’s looks?


Disney Ladies + MBTI - Gogo Tomago - INTJ

Gogo’s internal intuition means she’s focused, trusts her gut, and goal oriented, she needs to go fast. That’s the goal, the end point for her. Her external thinking means that she’s hard working, absolutely no-nonsense, and isn’t afraid to be aggressive in her opinions: “Stop whining. Woman up.” Her internal feeling is her independence. Once again, she’s not afraid to be blunt and authentic about how she feels. Finally, her external sensing means she’s a doer. She completely lives in the moment, seeks thrill and action.

Big Hero 6

OMG I just watched this movie and I can’t stop gushing about it. SO AMAZING. Where do I start? Not one, but two women engineers - along with a POC, who all kick ass! Hiro being an adorable dork, who totally reminds me of little Tony Stark. And Tadashi… Tadashi the perfect big brother scientist role model. Always trying to heal and protect people. Even after his death, his legacy lives on in Baymax.

I need to bullet point this, because the feels are just too much to handle.

  • Finally, a movie with women scientists and engineers as the heroes! GoGo (mechanical/electrical engineer) is so badass with her speed demon gear, her chakram/wheelblades, and her no nonsense “woman up!” to Hiro. Honey Lemon (chemical/materials engineer) is so sweet and positive and kind, just this unstoppable force of bubbly girliness, yet she’s never cast as a ditz. She’s both hella smart, and hella pretty, rocking the science and the heels. I love that her invention - bombs that explode in an array of gorgeous pastel colors - channels this part of her personality.
  • And while we’re at it, can we give a shout-out to Wasabi (physicist/electrical engineer) for being this black guy who is a kickass dual laser-bladed ninja? Breaks all the stereotypes of ~*mysterious Japanese kung-fu master*~ which you might typically see in an Asian setting (well, this was a San Francisco/Tokyo mashup, but still).
  • Tadashhhiiiiiiiiii. OMG Tadashi you handsome, lovable, bighearted nerd! I cannot express how much I adore Tadashi. He’s a biomedical engineer, who as his robotics thesis project built Baymax specifically to heal people! He even made Baymax soft and squishy like a marshmallow, so no one would be afraid of him. As the caring big brother, Tadashi’s always looking out for Hiro and tries to set him on the right path to education and friendship with people who’ll challenge him intellectually. Even in death, Tadashi sacrifices himself for others, running into a burning building to save a professor who is trapped. Just… Tadashi is seriously my imaginary superhero boyfriend. He is the perfect embodiment of the best a scientist and engineer can be :)
  • And of course, Hiro, the star of the movie. I admit, I didn’t like him much at first - not really a fan of the child prodigy archetype. But as the story unfolded, I realized it was less about “look at this little genius solve every puzzle himself” and more about Hiro’s emotional growth, his struggle with the loss of his brother, and his maturation into a hero in the true sense of the word. The turning point was when he ordered Baymax to kill the villain - and his friends stopped him! (I liked that Honey Lemon, the most compassionate of all the kids, was the one who put Baymax’s programming chip back). At that point, I knew it wasn’t gonna just be a “Hiro is a genius” fest. It was gonna be “Hiro is a genius… and he learns from his friends that the heart matters more than brains”. Now, that’s a real hero I can cheer on.
  • There’s so many things I could say about Baymax. I love that he recognized mental/emotional pain as just as important as physical pain, and immediately downloads information on how to treat it, so he can better help Hiro. (Was Hiro depressed after Tadashi’s death? Or was it just puberty, as Baymax suggested?). So many cute scenes, especially the fist bump. But the most emotionally raw moment, which totally made me cry, was at the very end… when Baymax asks Hiro if he’s satisfied with his care. That just totally broke me. Baymax truly is the robotic extension of Tadashi’s kindness and compassion and self-sacrifice. 
  • Oh yeah, and then there were a few white guys. Minor characters, really :P J/king. Fred is the comic-book-obsessed stoner and science groupie, who hangs out with the gang trying to get them to build him wacky sci-fi inventions. Callaghan is the famous robotics professor, representing academia, while Krei is the rich tech investor, looking to make a buck from Hiro’s invention. Your typical Silicon Valley residents. I like that they reversed the usual “evil rich guy” stereotype, so Callaghan was the baddie, and Krei the damsel in distress, haha. A movie where the rich white guy is the princess who needs rescuing. God, I love how Big Hero 6 inverts every fucking trope.
  • On a side note, I enjoyed the creative environment design. I definitely recognized the very steep San Francisco roads, as well as the Golden Gate Bridge, and it was a joy to see all the Japanese buildings and decor interspersed.  

In the end, the best part of Big Hero 6 is its themes. This isn’t a typical superhero movie about one buff white dude punching another buff white dude until one of them keels over. This is a movie about helping and healing - just like Baymax does at every step of the story. It’s about Hiro’s journey of acceptance vs. Callaghan’s of revenge. The dramatic climax is a rescue mission, with Baymax sacrificing himself so Hiro and Callaghan’s daughter can escape. There are no true villains (even Callagan’s motivation evokes sympathy), and the one time Hiro tries to really hurt someone, he is immediately stopped by his friends.

This movie also unabashedly celebrates science and engineering education. Reading the credits, you see the writers consulted many universities and research institutes to ensure their tech depictions were authentic. Baymax and the other students’ inventions are all inspired by real engineering projects. It’s wonderful to see a positive representation of us nerds (especially women and minorities) as regular people, not some Big Bang Theory stereotype. We just happen to use our smarts to build cool things and help others. 

Alright, let's look at the diversity in Big Hero 6:

Edit: This is a VERY old post that I did when it was only concept art and a few shots released, so don’t take this too seriously! For instance, Honey was confirmed to be Latina after u made this. However, few of the concepts are different from the final product

And I’m not just talking about racial diversity. There’s more to this film than just that.

Here are our main 7 + 1 characters… imagine Baymax is there:

gif credit to disneyismyescape because I’m too lazy to make my own gifs right now

First, let’s talk about racial diversity, and I will be including Tadashi and Aunt Cass in this because they are related to Hiro, and I’m sure they’ll be in about 1/3 to half of the film. Plus, they’ve been talked about as being part of the main cast, so why not?

We have two Asian-Caucasian males- biracial characters, that’s not something you see in every animation- one white male, one white female- although, people seem to think she might be Latino? I mean, look at her action figure, you never know, but we’ll see- one Japanese female, and one black male.

That’s a pretty racially diverse group. 4/6- 2/3- are POC’s.

The team is 1/3 women, that’s more than I can say for certain franchises…. AHEM The Avengers and the Justice League AHEM

Ethnically? Can’t say much yet since the film hasn’t been released.

Personality-wise? Not yet.

Now, let’s talk about character design. Let’s start with these amazing ladies:

Let’s start with Aunt Cass:

I freaking love this design. It’s so simple, but she looks like a middle-aged parent, even though she is not Hiro and Tadashi’s biological mother. She’s wearing clothes that anyone, especially mothers, wear. She a nice size and is not stick thin, creating even more diversity among the ladies.


I know this is concept art, but it’s basically exactly what she looks like now, so I’ll use it.

GoGo is an extremely rare design in animation. She’s a short, muscled, and average-sized female. She has thick thighs and calves with hips to match and curves that makes sense. Most Disney ladies are pretty skinny with unusually large hips that give them curves to make them look just a bit too exaggerated for most tastes. For example, Elsa, and even Merida. Just look at a picture of them and I think it’s obvious that their hips are a bit too big for the small body that they have, but Merida is closest to realistic.

I’m just happy to see a design like GoGo’s finally in an animated movie that will be pretty popular. Kids need representation for body type, and GoGo’s body-type is one that isn’t really represented a lot in entertainment and media, and that’s pretty ridiculous since a significant percentage of women on this earth are GoGo’s body-type

Honey Lemon:

I’m not even going to go into the argument of her looking like Rapunzel or Anna or Elsa because, honestly, that’s just what happens with CGI. Disney has a style of character with CGI and they’ll stick with it until they completely revamp the way they design CGI characters. The only thing they have in common is long blonde (honey-blonde…. haha) hair and maybe the eyes. Honey Lemon’s face is pointer, and not to mention, she is tall. Thank you, Disney, for giving us a tall female character- that’s not something you see every day, either. 

Besides, what does her design really have to do with how well you might like the character? A character is almost completely their personality, their design is just the vessel in which they convey their personality and their thoughts and ideas. You can like a character without enjoying their designs- depending on the person.

Also, I would just like to say, to anyone complaining about redesigns and how bad she looks to them, this is her look from the comics:

Yeah… what a great design. It’s definitely better than the armor that Disney is giving her that covers her whole body and face with material that will protect her and give her better mobility…. totally better. And who doesn’t want a sexualized Disney character? …. yeah, most everyone doesn’t, especially Disney. At least, not like this; they had their fun with Elsa, but this is way different.

And to anyone complaining about if she’s white in this, please read the comics- preferably the awkward 2008 comics. She was pretty obsessed with American culture and did everything she could to look white, she even changed her eye colour; it was a bit… weird. So, if she is white in this, I really don’t see the problem since, if she had been Japanese, people would have been angry with her looking white. If she’s the rumoured Latino? Cool.

The new design for Honey is practical and makes sense. You have a short and curvy girl compared to a tall and wiry girl- two body-types that do exist, but don’t get a lot of attention. Representation for female body-types is important, and I think they movie is doing a great job at it.

Now, on to the boys.


I can honestly say that this is a great design. He’s a tall stalky guy that is very obsessed with keeping things clean. I just think it will be a great mix. It’s a pretty normal design, but I think that it works in the character’s favor. Some people are complaining about his hair, but I see no problem with it since I’ve seen people with hair like that before and it’s not that uncommon.


This is the character that’s caused the most “controversy”, but I really don’t see why. He’s white, yes, but the original character wasn’t a POC. Barely anything is known about his character in the comics, so this shouldn’t be a big deal. If you’re going to have a diverse cast, and a big part of the audience will be white, you might want to have a white person. I’m just saying, that’s a thing.


The fangirls love this design, and I can’t say that I disagree because I love it, too. His large ears stand out, and his clothing is very much like the engineering students I see at the college in my town; it’s a familiar design, but Disney hasn’t really done anything like this. You can tell that he’s mixed race, and that’s just awesome.

And, finally, the fandom favorite… Hiro:

Disney really hit the mark with this design. Hiro’s short, wears baggy clothes to make him seem even smaller, and he has a tooth gap. Fan’s fell for his adorable design, and who can blame them? Disney is good at making cute characters (remember Up’s Russell? It’s still Disney). He has the wild hair that calls back to his original manga style, and anime in general, unlike Tadashi who got the “plain” hair.

Dang it, Disney. Stop making cute characters, it’s not fair to your audience.

I think the great thing about this design is that it will kind of foil Hiro’s personality. He seems like he will be a pretty sarcastic, defensive, and forward kid- like any kid. He won’t be the old wide-eyed innocent character that Disney used to always have.

And just a short mention:

No, Baymax’s design is not racist. He is white because he is white in the comics, and it is easier to put a white robot with his design in environments than a dark colour. The racist argument is not valid here.

All in all, there is a lot of diversity in Big Hero 6, be it body-type or race. People need to take off their critical goggles and realize that Disney did not race-bend and change the environment simply because they thought that an all Asian cast wouldn’t sell- do you remember Mulan at all? They did it because they wanted the movie to be in a place that seems like it could be anywhere and so that their audience could relate. They took the original city and combined it with one of the most diverse cities in the world to make their own city.

So that’s my hopefully okay “analysis”… I hope you liked it!

Disney Ladies at Hogwarts - Gogo Tomago

Gogo is quiet, reserved, and yet fiercely loyal and a thrill seeker, placing her in Gryffindor. Her patronus is a falcon. Whilst she enjoyed Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts, her true passion is Quidditch. After Hogwars, she plays casually rather than professionally, but becomes a broom-engineer, creating some of the most beautiful, comfortable, and obviously fastest brooms of their generation.