lady garrett


Voltron/Adventure Time crossover~

did mostly everyone, hard to fit Voltron designs with characters from Adventure Time :/

Finn-Lance Jake-Hunk BMO-Pidge Flame Prince-Keith Marshall Lee-Shiro Princess Bubblegum-Allura Peppermint Butler-Coran Lady Rainicorn-Shay

also check out this!


more Voltron/Adventure Time!! this time with more emperor zarkon (ice king)~

(and of course pidge always has rover by her side!)



VLD Hunk “Burning Love” (Elvis)

I’m not sure why this hasn’t been done yet???

This is for @blindstargazer who adores Hunk and is willing to talk about him whenever I ask. Thanks for being a great friend, just like Hunk :)

hunk lives with his grandma and shes where he gets his nosiness they know everything about everyone in his hometown

I’m beginning to think the only guys I should be dating are ones who also CrossFit. Anyone else either doesn’t get my dedication or I am nearly stronger than them.