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Paris Hilton’s entire career was a performance art piece that all at once defined, critiqued and predicted modern culture. Whether by design or not, her work set the template for: -The downfall and comeback of Britney Spears -The spread of social media -The meteoric rise of High School Musical -The selfie -Lady Gaga’s first two album cycles -Meme culture -The Cubs winning the World Series -KPop -Silicon Valley -The Kardashians’ very existence -The Trump Administration -Globalism -Blue Ivy Carter -The Marvel Cinematic Universe …the list goes on. Whether you like it or not, Paris Hilton is the beginning, middle and end of everything you know about culture. That’s hot.

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Me and Lady Gaga in Chicago March 20th 2012
I WALK UP @0:15  

“They played the mash, they played the monster mash!”

Dracula - Bea Miller // Cell Block Tango - Chicago // Beautiful Freaks - Hot Chelle Rae // Thriller/Heads Will Roll - Glee Cast // Black Widow - Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora // Radioactive - Imagine Dragons // Dinosaur - Ke$ha // E.T. - Katy Perry // Venus - Lady Gaga // Bang Bang ( My Baby Shot Me Down ) - Lady Gaga ft. Tony Bennett // Gods and Monsters - Lana Del Rey // End Of The World - McFly // Time Warp - The Rocky Horror Picture Show // Monster Mash - Only The Young


Songs for the Theoi

Aphrodite: I am Trying to Break Your Heart // Wilco | Take Me to Church // Hozier | This Girl // Punch Brothers | Landmine // Pearl and the Beard | The Ballad of Mona Lisa // Panic! at the Disco | Last Night on Earth // Green Day | If I Die Young // The Band Perry | Out Tonight // Cast of Rent | Rhiannon // Fleetwood Mac

Apollo: Heavy Metal Drummer // Wilco | Libertango // Astor Piazzola | Devil’s Head Down // Pearl and the Beard | Heretics // Andrew Bird | Romeo & Juliet // Dire Straits | Satin Summer Nights // Paul Simon ft. cast of Songs from the Capeman | Ukulele Anthem // Amanda Palmer | Casimir Pulaski Day // Sufjan Stevens

Ares: String Quartet (op. 27), Mvt IV: Finale // Edvard Grieg | Black Skinhead // Kanye West | Babe Ruthless // Angel Haze | Yet // Pearl and the Beard | String Quartet no. 11 // Dmitri Shostakovich | Holiday // Green Day | Let’s Kill Tonight // Panic! at the Disco | So What // P!nk | Crown // Run the Jewels | New Year’s Day // U2

Artemis: Wolf // First Aid Kit | Either Way // Wilco | Hummingbird // WIlco | Battle Cry // Angel Haze | Yellow Flicker Beat // Lorde | Magnets // Lorde | Tiger Mountain Peasant Song // Fleet Foxes | Blue Ridge Mountains // Fleet Foxes | Furr // Blitzen Trapper | Wolverine // Sufjan Stevens | When I Was a Boy // Dar Williams | Blackberry Blossom // Michelle Shocked

Athena: Academia // Sia | Space Oddity // David Bowie | Dark Matter // Andrew Bird | Bravado // Lorde | Last of the American Girls/She’s a Rebel // Green Day ft. Cast of American Idiot | Plasticities // Andrew Bird | Imitosis // Andrew Bird

Demeter: Adagio for Strings // Samuel Barber | Loved and Alive // Jim and the Povalos | Iowa // Pearl and the Beard | The Circle Game // Joni Mitchell | Landslide // Fleetwood Mac | Woodstock // Joni Mitchell | Proserpina // Martha Wainwright

Dionysos: Chandelier // Sia | Gasoline // Halsey | GDFR // Flo Rida, Sage the Gemini | St. Jimmy // Green Day ft. Cast of American Idiot | Fiery Crash // Andrew Bird | Teeth // Lady Gaga | Sin Wagon // Dixie Chicks | German Sparkle Party // The Something Experience

Haides: You // Pearl and the Beard | Golden // Fall Out Boy | Boulevard of Broken Dreams // Green Day | Hell is Chrome // Wilco | John Wayne Gacy, Jr // Sufjan Stevens | Live and Die // The Avett Brothers | One // U2

Hephaistos: Sim Sala Bim // Fleet Foxes | The Once and Future Carpenter // The Avett Brothers | Take ‘em Away // Old Crow Medicine Show | Radioactive // Imagine Dragons | Gwyn, Lord of Cinder // Dark Souls soundtrack

Hera: Prodigal Daughter // Pearl and the Beard | Rumour Has It // Adele | Single Ladies // Beyonce | Heirloom // Sufjan Stevens | Don’t You Worry Child // Swedish House Mafia | You’re Aging Well // Dar Williams | St. Judy’s Comet // Paul Simon | Hide and Seek // Imogen Heap

Hermes: Lie, Cheat, Steal // Run the Jewels | Travesty // invoke | Twin Skeleton’s // Fall Out Boy | Bitch, Look At Me Now (Two Weeks) // Childish Gambino | Wing$ // Macklemore | Jesus of Suburbia mix // Green Day ft. Cast of American Idiot | Fiery Crash // Andrew Bird | Irrational Anthem // Plain White T’s | Long Way Around // Dixie Chicks | Smooth Criminal // Michael Jackson | Poker Face // Lady Gaga | Chicago // Sufjan Stevens

Hestia: Miss Missing You // Fall Out Boy | Home // Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes | Our House // Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young | Fatima // K’naan | Round Here // Counting Crows | Angel of Montgomery // Bonnie Raitt | Baby Blue // Bob Dylan | Welfare Music // The Bottle Rockets | When I’m Gone // Phil Ochs

Nemesis: Goodbye Earl // Dixie Chicks | Two Black Cadillacs // Carrie Underwood | Better Than Revenge // Taylor Swift | Not Ready to Make Nice // Dixie Chicks

Persephone: Keep You On My Side // CHVRCHES | Good Death // Pearl and the Beard | Death Valley // Fall Out Boy | Just One Yesterday // Fall Out Boy | River // Pearl and the Beard | 21 Guns // Green Day | Uma Thurman // Fall Out Boy | Die Die Die // The Avett Brothers | The Cave // Mumford and Sons | Walk On // U2

Poseidon: Swimming // Pearl and the Beard | Hurricane // Panic! at the Disco | Armchairs // Andrew Bird | Swimming // Florence + the Machine | Lusitania // Andrew Bird ft. Annie Clark | What the Water Gave Me // Florence + the Machine | Never Let Me Go // Florence + the Machine | Northern Downpour // Panic! at the Disco

Zeus: Panthers // Wilco | Weather Systems // Andrew Bird | Beautiful Day // U2 | Rain King // Counting Crows | American Girls // Counting Crows | Deja Vu // Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young 


The Daily Mail published documents from the lawsuit battle between Lady Gaga and Rebecca Francescatti, a Chicago-based singer and songwriter who sued Gaga for basing her song “Judas” on her own “Juda,” from 1999.

Well, that lawsuit, initiated in 2011, was settled out of court two months ago (six years later). A judge originally ruled in Gaga’s favor, but Francescatti appealed the decision arguing that the original ruling was invalid as it should be heard by a jury preferably made up of people with music experience, rather than being seen by a single district judge with limited experience. It worked; the case was finally dismissed two months ago after the plaintiff and Stefani germanista (Lady Gaga) agreed on a settlement - the amount Gaga paid Francescatti was not disclosed.

However, what is revealing about this case is that we learned (again) that LADY GAGA GETS CREDITED ON SONGS, AS A SONGWRITER / PRODUCER, DESPITE NOT WORKING ON THEM.

Francescatti’s attorney William Niro called the pop star ’a liar’ and reveals text messages between Gaga, 31, and her producer RedOne (Nadir Kyayat) who was also working with Jennifer Lopez at the time. These messages prove that Lady Gaga has no credibility as she often lies about the creation of her songs.

After hearing J-Lo’s Invading My Mind, Gaga immediately feared that people would accuse her of being a ’copycat’ and ’unoriginal,’ according to her text messages.

According to court papers, the conversation began on March 17, 2010, when Gaga sent a text message to RedOne saying: ’We need to update Judas sounds to (sic) much like Jlo ‘invading’… redone!!!! We have a big problem.

Hours later, around midnight, Gaga continued: ’Red.. It is exactly like judas I can hear that the same midi was used and moved around. U have to change the track for her..even the FORMAT is the same ….,’ she said.

Gaga added: ’And its (sic) on as a leak. And peeople (sic) will say I stole from jlo! I love judas SO MUCH but I can’t look like a copycat of JLO!!!!

Later that morning, a frantic Gaga sent another message to RedOne asking if Lopez’s song has been changed. She went on to say: ’I am very concerned about this JLo thing. Iʹm afraid you and I are gonna look bad. What if people say Iʹm unoriginal because of this? I am so afraid. I played it for a few more people They were worried.’

According to court papers, Gaga suggested a plan to RedOne that evening:

Maybe if u gave me credit on both songs it would avoid comparison? …. Iʹm very concerned I will get accused of being unoriginal. But if u credit me on both records ..oneee for production, one for writing it will certainly help w the comparisons.

RedOne eventually agreed and replied: ‘Embrace!!!! It ONLY will make you look credible and masssssive!!!! …. Trust me.

Lady-unoriginal-Gaga then replied:

IF and only IF u give me production credit on invading my mind, ill give [her Hypnotico record] Because this was if anyone notices similarities, I can say “I worked on that record [with RedOne]

To which Red One responded: ’OF COURSE!

After their text message exchange, RedOne took to Twitter to announce Lady Gaga had 'produced/wrote’ Jennifer Lopez’s track:

The documents (which you can visualize them on the Daily Mail) show Germanotta admitted she had 'never spoken to Jennifer Lopez,’ and RedOne testified admitting she had done 'NO WORK’ on the song.

So there. Now it is OFFICIAL; it is on court documents: Lady Gaga makes deals with her producers to get credited as a songwriter and producer just because she doesn’t want to look bad.

It’s not the first time Gaga is exposed as a fraud regarding her songwriting. Remember when Linda Perry let it all out and let the world know that Lady Gaga did not co-write the Oscar-nominated song, Til It Happens to You?

Linda Perry said:

I have Diane’s original demo with her singing. The only line that has been changed [is] 'Till you’re at the end, the end of your rope’ originally was 'Til you got a hole ripped in your soul.’ So I guess technically one line was changed so sure Gaga possibly 'rewrote’ a line. But chances are Diane still took part in rewriting that line which means Gaga contributed a few words. Is that writing. Not in my book.

The irony of it all is that back in 2011, Lady gaga told Vogue magazine she considered herself “one of the greatest songwriters” in the game. This girl is not only delusional, she is a pathological liar.

Do not let this story go unnoticed, click on every news article writing about it and leave comments.

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V - venus by Lady Gaga
I - i cant do it alone from Chicago
C - carolina by Harry Styles
T - tango: maureen from Rent
O - the opera from The Great Comet
R - revolting children from Matilda
I - in this corner from Kinky Boots
A - angry inch from Hedwig and the Angry Inch

the name victoria for me gives me very assertive, antagonistic vibes and i think it fits this playlist really well. god i love your name. v names are the best. also im a huge gaga stan


“I love old-school country, like Johnny Paycheck, Kris Kristofferson, Highway Men, and I’m a huge Waylon Jennings fan. Some of those love songs—those honky-tonk, love-gone-wrong type of songs—I love it. They don’t necessarily set the mood for a romantic evening, but they’re good love songs and speak the truth.” -Taylor Kinney