lady gaga illustration


72 of music’s greatest Divas all on one poster.

From pop to hip-hop to country to rock, this is the definitive illustrated compendium of music’s femme fatales. Only at

The Countess.

I began to draw this painting back in January and today is December.The year of my life is hidden in this portrait.The image of the Countess in this season of “American horror story” is certainly one of the most striking and I wanted to capture not one or two images of the Countess but as much as possible. So It is a “long-playing” work. But thanks to my patience the artwork is completed.

Reyna can and will kick your ass.

Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano /// Spotify Link

  1. Rebel Girl / Bikini Kill
  2. What I Got / Sublime
  3. Killer Queen / Queen
  4. Beat It / Michael Jackson
  5. Half Jack / The Dresden Dolls
  6. Love Bites (So Do I) / Halestorm
  7. Volcano Girls / Veruca Salt
  8. The Edge Of Glory / Lady Gaga
  9. Dancing With Myself / Billy Idol
  10. This War Is Ours (The Guillotine II) / Escape The Fate
  11. When Doves Cry / Prince
  12. Blank Space / I Prevail
  13. Been A Son / Nirvana
  14. Epic / Faith No More
  15. Lemon Eyes / Meg Myers
  16. Nicotine / Panic! At The Disco
  17. Perfect Situation / Weezer
  18. B.Y.O.B. / System Of A Down
  19. Heartbreaker / Pat Benatar
  20. This Is War / Thirty Seconds To Mars
  21. No One Knows / Queens of the Stone Age
  22. Stay Together For The Kids / blink-182
  23. Falling Down / Atreyu
  24. Mother / Danzig
  25. Leave Them All Behind / Billy Talent