lady gaga ft. beyonce

DIVA - a Kaikaina Grif fan mix

Die Young - Ke$ha // Cheap Thrills - Sia // On The Floor - Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull // Gimme More - Britney Spears // Lady Marmalade - Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, Pink // Tag, You’re It (mashup) - Melanie Martinez vs Lady Gaga ft Beyonce vs Ariana Grande vs Britney Spears // Sail - AWOLNation // Royals - Lorde // Burn - Ellie Goulding // Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? - Arctic Monkeys // You Know I’m No Good - Amy Winehouse // Diva - Beyoncé

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  • Me,lying in bed,staring at the ceiling: Telephone by Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce came out in 2010, and Ford Pines didn't emerge out of the Multi-Dimensional Portal until the summer of 2012. I can't believe he missed that song. That Fucking Banger. He has no idea who those people are. I can't b e l i e v e

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wow you voted for mario kart... it's never your enemies that stab you in the back... it's always the ones you trust.. trust is like a mirror.. once broken.. you can try to fix it but the you can still always see the cracks inside... trust no one.. not even your own hands... ((this s a joke mario kart is good content too i lov them + you're right.. phil cursing?? my one and only love))

“trust is like a mirror” why did u make me think of lady gaga ft beyonce’s iconic music video for telephone? where is part 2? this made me sad

#girlboss - a playlist to make you feel like the most confident and baddest #girlboss you can be! (every song is sung by badass ladies) [listen]

// work bitch - britney spears // diva - beyonce // work it - missy elliott // pound the alarm nicki minaj // bad girls - m.i.a. // no scrubz - tlc // obsessed - mariah carey // sleazy - ke$ha // grown - little mix // rockstar 101 - rihanna // bo$$ - fifth harmony // telephone - lady gaga ft. beyonce // pretty girl rock - keri hilson // fighter - christina aguilera // million dollar bills - lorde // my love dont cost a thing - jennifer lopez // worth it - fifth harmony // lady marmalade - christina aguilera, lil’ kim, mya, p!nk // how to be a heartbreaker - marina and the diamonds // hard - rihanna // sms (bangerz) - miley cyrus  // independent women part 1 - destiny’s child //

the real reason lady gaga had coke cans in her hair in telephone ft. beyonce is because she was saying that prisons are a symptom of capitalism and the only way we can truely be free of it is to abolish the prison system

i don’t need a man

funky songs to jam to whilst we break down the patriarchy

Salute - Little Mix ♥ Bang Bang - Jessie J (Ft Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj) ♥ Independent Women - Destiny’s Child ♥ All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor ♥ Wishing He Was Dead - The Like ♥ Just a Girl - No Doubt ♥ Bad Reputation - Joan Jett ♥ Flawless - Beyonce (Ft Nicki Minaj) ♥ Ain’t it Fun - Paramore ♥ Primadonna - Marina and the Diamonds ♥ Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani ♥ Fancy - Iggy Azalea (Ft Charli XCX) ♥ Telephone - Lady Gaga (Ft Beyonce) ♥ Get The Party Started - P!Nk ♥ Broken Heels - Alexandra Burke ♥ Do It Like a Dude - Jessie J ♥ Va Va Voom - Nicki Minaj ♥ I am Woman - Jordin Sparks ♥ Problem - Ariana Grande (Ft Iggy Azalea) ♥ Run The World (Girls) - Beyonce ♥ I Don’t Need a Man - The Pussycat Dolls ♥

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“We stopped checking for monsters under our bed when we realized they were inside us. “

1. erutan - come little children // 2. the neighborhood - a little death // 3. lana del rey - once upon a dream // 4. mørland and debrah scarlett - monster like me // 5. the neighborhood - say my name/cry me a river // 6. melanie martinez - sippy cup // 7. fiona apple - pure imagination // 8. lorde - glory and gore // 9. arctic monkeys - reckless serenade // 10. rihanna - wait your turn // 11. imagine dragons - dream // 12. lady gaga - bloody mary // 13. beyonce ft. frank ocean - superpower // 14. lana del rey - ultraviolence // 15. bastille - oblivion // 16. gabrielle aplin - human // 17. the pierces - secret // 18. lorde - yellow flicker beat (kanye west remix) // 19. aurora - running with the wolves // 20. christina perri - the lonely // 21. melanie martinez - dead to me // 22. alex turner - piledriver waltz // 23. james young ft. phoebe ryan - we won’t


        Champagne Rain


                Side One: I Am the HBIC; The Head Bitch In Charge

                         Bad Girls by MIA

                         Rude Boy by Rihanna

                         Flawless by Beyonce

                         Sleazy by Kesha

                         Independent Women, pt.1 by Destiny’s Child

                         Calabria 2008 by Enur ft. Natasja

                         Mi Gente by Willy William

                         Bodak Yellow by Cardi B

                         Telephone by Lady GaGa ft. Beyonce

                         No Scrubs by TLC

                         Respect by Aretha Franklin

                         Run the World (Girls) by Beyonce

                         How to Be a Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds

           Side Two: Mama Can’t Prepare You for Everything

                       Formation by Beyonce

                       Bitch Better Have My Money by Rihanna

                       Paper Gansta by Lady GaGa

                      Cocoon by Milky Chance

                      Homewrecker by Marina and the Diamonds

                      Fire Coming Out of the Monkey’s Head by Gorillaz

                      Sinead by Within Temptation

                     XO TOUR Llif3 by Lil Uzi Vert

                    Written in the Stars by Tinie Tempah ft, Eric Gardner

       She’s not a part of anyone’s crew but her own. And that’s what makes her so dangerous. 

                                            A GTA / FAHC MEG TURNEY PLAYLIST.

                                      LISTEN ON 8TRACKS.

RUNNIN’ by kehlani  ✕  7/11 by beyonce  ✕  TERRIBLE THINGS by april smith  ✕  I’M GONNA SHOW YOU CRAZY by bebe rexha  ✕  BO$$ by fifth harmony  ✕  BLANK SPACE by taylor swift  ✕  HIT AND RUN by lolo  ✕  HOW TO BE A HEARTBREAKER by marina and the diamonds  ✕  MISSED ME by the dresden dolls  ✕  NEW AMERICANA by halsey  ✕  EX’S AND OH’S by elle king  ✕  FLAWLESS by beyonce ft nicki minaj  ✕  APPLAUSE by lady gaga  ✕  RUN RUN RUN by celeste buckingham


Lady Gaga ft. Beyoncé - Telephone

                    The Fame Monster - Track 6 (2010)

              One of the best collaborations in the music industry!!!

Music video summary - (After Paparazzi):

Gaga put in jail

Gaga out of jail

Gaga Kills people

Gaga Dances

Gaga escapes

                       To be continued……………………