lady gaga copycat

Bet with my dad

Saturday, in the car with my family. Suddenly on the radio comes Alejandro.

Dad: Oh, Madonna! :)

Me: Dad, that’s not Madonna, that’s Lady Gaga. Sure she ripped off Madonna and Ace of Base and …TADA! Alejandro! But this song it’s by Gaga.

Dad: Noooo, i’m sure it’s Madonna.

Me: No, it’s not.

Dad: Wanna bet?

Me (smiling like a devil): YEAH! 10 euros it’s sung by Gaga.

Dad (really confident): Ok.


Tonight, we remembered the bet. I showed him on youtube the clip.

Dad: I’m telling you it’s Madonna’ s song. She copied their songs. 

Me: Duh, what did i tell ya? No one listens to me. Now, stop complaining and sue Gaga not me! I want my money!

Me (thinking): Man, i need to do this more often! If i’ll have 5 more bets, i’m on the way of not being broke anymore.