lady gaga cheek to cheek


If you liked Gaga’s Oscar performance, here’s a reminder:

Gaga covers Strayhorn’s “Lush Life” on Cheek to Cheek. 

“Lush Life” is one of the toughest standards of all time, Frank Sinatra had to give up trying to perform it because the notes roller coaster so much, very few people can tackle them.

Here’s Gaga conquering it.

My mom just low key crushed my heart.

We were talking about Gaga and I was like “I miss her. I wish the Gaga with disco sticks and latex while covered in blood would come back,” and my mom said, “You’re not gonna get that back. She’s grown beyond that and she’s at a different level of artistry now. I’d be very disappointed if the blood and meat dress Gaga came back because she’s come such a far way since then, especially with the jazz era. She’s not in her crazy 20s anymore, she’s a lady in her 30s.”

Boom. My heart shattered into a million technicolored, dazzling, gay pieces because in that moment…. I knew she was low key right.