lady gaga bad romance

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Do you like Lady Gaga?

Eh I liked paparazzi and bad romance but she’s annoying

The Signs as Lady Gaga Songs

Aries: Bad Romance
Taurus: The Edge of Glory
Gemini: Marry The Night
Cancer: You and I
Leo: Paparazzi
Virgo: Telephone
Libra: Alejandro
Scorpio: Poker Face
Sagittarius: Just Dance
Capricorn: Applause
Aquarius: Born This Way
Pisces: Judas

Put your music player on shuffle, and tell us the first ten songs that it plays! Then either tag or copy-n-paste this at 10 others!

I was tagged by sebvetlove. Thanks love!

1. heart shaped box- Nirvana

2.Home- Daughtry

3.Ready to Fall- Rise Against

4.Boulevard of Broken Dreams- GGreen Day

5. One more Night- Maroon 5

6. Sugar, We’re goin down- Fall Out Boy

7. Dirty Paws- Of Monsters and Men

8.Bad Romance- Lady Gaga

9. Citizen/Soldier- 3 Doors down

10. Carry on Wayward Son- Kansas

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