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Los clásicos nunca mueren

Los clásicos nunca mueren

Todas tenemos un collar de perlas que heredamos de la abuela, o una cadena de oro que nos dio nuestra madre como regalo de cumpleaños, ¿y qué me dicen del collar de plata con dije? Y no importa cuánto pase el tiempo, o cuanto evolucione el arte de la joyería, la joyería clásica sigue siendo usada por todas, desde las más sobrias, como Catalina de Cambridge, hasta las más extravagantes, como Lady…

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Lady Gaga SERVES As Countess Elizabeth In New #AmericanHorrorStory Outtakes.

Best believe Lady Gaga is coming for that Emmy nom as she takes on the role of Countess Elizabeth, a bloody killer on the new season of American Horror Story: Hotel set to premiere on FX in October.


“She’s like a silent-film actress,” says Murphy, who praises Gaga’s highly styled mini-movies for hits like “Paparazzi,” in which she dons boundary-pushing designs by Dolce & Gabbana, Thierry…

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Write what u want, say what u want about me
If you’re wonderin’ know that I’m not sorry
Do what u want, what u want with my body
What u want with my body

Two months after releasing the lead single, Applause, from Artpop, Lady Gaga has revealed “Do What U Want,” which guest stars R. Kelly, on iTunes, and this song is another radio hit waiting to happen. Fighting back against critics and accusations from the media, Lady Gaga asserts that people can judge as they want, but they won’t ever get underneath her skin. As with her usual lyrical prowess, the song can similarly be interpreted as a woman taking control of her relationships - while she enjoys sex, she will never be controlled by anyone but herself. It’s quite enjoyable to hear Lady Gaga return to her R&B roots, covering a wide vocal range, and a complex production infused with a catchy drumbeat and electropop synths.

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Xavier music lineup includes Lady Gaga’s bandleader


Xavier Music Series will celebrate its 40th anniversary next season with big names in jazz, a stellar lineup of guitarists and a few surprises on its Classical Piano Series. One of them: University of Cincinnati president Santa Ono will make his debut

Lady Gaga throws blood-red pool party for 'AHS' cast

Lady Gaga throws blood-red pool party for ‘AHS' cast

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 18 (UPI) — Lady Gaga got in character by throwing a blood-red pool party for the American Horror Story: Hotel cast over the weekend. The 29-year-old singer will star on season 5 of the FX horror drama, and teased photos from the fête on Instagram. “A bloody pool for the cast, sorry #AHSfans, there’s few pictures. At my parties, killer friends have more fun, when no evidence is…

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