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Check Out Full Credits for Harry Styles’ ‘Sign of the Times’ Single

April 14, 2017

Harry Styles pulled in a gang of heavy hitters when he was assembling the team to record the Bowie-esque “Sign of the Times,” the first single from his upcoming self-titled solo debut, due out on May 12. According to the song credits provided by Styles’ label, the track was co-written by the song’s producer, Jeff Bhasker, as well as his frequent collaborators and track co-producers Alex Salibian and Tyler Johnson.

There were a few other hands in the songwriting mix as well, including Bhasker compatriots Mitch Rowland and Ryan Nasci and, first in line, Styles himself. The former One Direction member clearly wanted to get away from the comforts of home as the track was laid down at Village Studios in Los Angeles (Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift) and Geejam Studio in Jamaica (Gorillaz, Drake, Katy Perry).

The song was mixed by the legendary Mark “Spike” Stent, who has logged time working on Grammy-winning albums by Beyoncé, Frank Ocean and Muse, as well as pitching in for works by Ed Sheeran, Selena Gomez, Grimes, Coldplay, U2, Oasis, Bjork and Madonna.

Rowland played guitar and drums, while Nasci laid down bass and Bhasker is credited with the piano, keyboard and lap steel parts. There is also a pretty extensive list of choir vocalists on the tune, check it out:

Gospel Choirmaster: Edie Lehmann Boddicker
Sopranos: Diane Reynolds, Allie Feder, Keri Larson, Monique Donnelly, Charlean Carmon, Carmen Carter, and Julia Waters
Altos: Baraka Williams, Clydene Jackson, Eyvonne Williams, Aretha Scruggs, Edie Lehmann Boddicker, Kala Balch, and Laurhan Beato
Tenors: Jamie McCrary, Fletcher Sheridan, Johnny Britt, Taylor Graves, David Loucks, Oren Waters, and Carmen Twillie
Bari-Basses: Jim Gilstrap, Alvin Chea, Reid Bruton, and Will Wheaton


Lady Gaga, Metallica to Duet at Grammys
Metal legends promised “very special and unique” performance

Lady Gaga will join Metallica onstage at the Grammys this Sunday. On Monday, a Gaga fan site tweeted a snippet of a Grammy promo clip declaring, “Lady Gaga duets with Metallica.” Rolling Stone has confirmed the collaboration.

This is the latest move in an impressive week from Gaga. Following her well-received Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday, she announced that she will tour arenas and stadiums all over the world behind her album Joanne, which came out last October. Billboard predicts that Joanne will jump back into the Top 5 on the Billboard 200 next week as listeners scoop up copies following her Super Bowl performance.

Lady Gaga is a regular performer at the Grammys; she appeared at the ceremony last year to pay tribute to David Bowie. Metallica hasn’t been on the show since 2014, when they performed the song “One” with the classical pianist Lang Lang.

Metallica’s “Hardwired” is nominated for Best Rock Song this year. The band is competing with David Bowie, Radiohead, Twenty One Pilots and Highly Suspect. Gaga is not up for any awards as Joanne was released after the 2016 deadline.

Metallica and Gaga is one of several star pairings at the upcoming Grammys ceremony. Alicia Keys will also perform with country singer Maren Morris, while the Weeknd will reunite with Starboy collaborators Daft Punk.

anonymous asked:

Honestly, harry could have sing an old 1d song, one of niall's songs or JHO's, why taylor? I don't get it, it looks like they want Harry to continue being known as "one of taylor swift's ex"... It's been 5 years already, whenever I forget that this shit happened they come and remember me lol but the more they push it the less I believe it was real so

I mean… Haylor is on the same level as bg on the fake scale so yeah… but honestly, there are such iconic songs why waste 1. Harry’s time 2. our time 3. the universe time 


When Art and Music Collide: 10 of the best album covers designed by famous artists

I recently met one of my favourite contemporary artists, the American painter Walton Ford, who was in London for the opening of the new Rolling Stones exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. Despite being a huge fan of Ford’s work, I had no idea that he’d designed the cover of the band’s greatest hits album GRRR!. Putting together a post dedicated to album art has always been on my ArtMastered to-do list, and this discovery felt like the final push I needed. So here is a selection of ten iconic pieces of music artwork, dating from 1967 to 2013, that have been designed by major visual artists. Read on to find out more about these inspiring collaborative projects, and please do message me details of your own personal favourites.

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Mystery Mashup
Enlightened Robot

Hey guys, I have a new mashup project I’m working on, and I’ll put in more details about it under the cut, but before any of that, I want to try out an experiment.

I wanna see how many people can guess which pop songs I used to make this section of my mashup. I’ll put up a few hints.

  • Most of these samples come from mainstream pop songs, with the exception of two of the samples. Most of them should be recognizable to some extent.
    • One of these non-pop songs is actually from a youtube video, specifically by a reviewer on That Guy with the Glasses. As of this post, this is one of his most recent re-uploads.
    • The other sound effect comes from a popular animated sitcom.
  • The bassline should be fairly easy… its the bridge to an indie hit about youth.
  • The guitar comes from a pop song whose music video was once controversial, despite it all being made in good fun. More recently, this artist’s actions have become legitamately controversial.
  • One of the drum loops used was also sampled by Neil Ciceirega on Mouth Silence.
  • The other drum loop comes from a hip hop song that sampled a Daft Punk song. The Daft Punk song is not directly sampled here.
  • The piano song is used in a lot of commercials, though most people might recognize it for its use in some commercials for the iPad.

The answers are below the cut. If enough people respond to this, I’ll make an update post talking about the results.

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Lady Gaga by Ryan McGinley for Rolling Stone, 2011

“When I was shooting her,” McGinley says, “she was doing things like giving the claws and doing poses. Her mom was there and I said, ‘Mama Gaga, come here.’ At that moment, the guard went down and you just saw a daughter talking to her mother. That’s the cover image.”

I've always been outside

All through my life I’ve been an outsider. Some cases people do it unintentionally, sometimes on purpose. My best friend and I have had the same conversation many times because he feels the same way. We ave this sneaking suspicion that we’re mentally handicapped but we can’t tell and no one has said anything about it simply to be PC. I wasn’t very well welcomed by the kids I went to school with. They grew up with Disney channel, lady gaga, and I phones. I grew up with Andy Griffith, the rolling stones, and a qwerty keyboard phone. Through middle school I tried to embrace my weirdness. I tried to make that my personality in hopes that people would love me for it. In highschool I saw it wasn’t working and I grew angry. I grew resentful of those who wouldn’t accept me.

My first job was a dishwasher at Duffys sports grill and I finally felt accepted. The wait staff adored me because I was quirky and they thought it was fun I was “such a hippy”. Even after not working there for 3years they greet me with big smiles. Next I joined the Army in November of 2015. I felt welcomed by my battle buddies at reception and through red phase despite my injury and mistakes I made. When they sent us home for Christmas and new years things changed. My injury had gotten worse and when we returned I felt that familiar sting of being an outcast again. My suggestions fell on deaf ears and my presence was treated as a burden and annoyance more than anything. I was different and again I was being shunned for it. Soon, about 2 days into blue phase, I was sent to an rhu due to my injury and failing moral.

Rhu was quite the experience. I spent 308 or more hours with 80+ guys. I was welcomed by kind but cautious men. Everyone had a chip on their shoulder and their guard up but they weren’t taking it out on anyone. Like any large group of people, it quickly split into factions. The African Americans had their group, the rednecks had theirs. The people getting discharged from AIT hardly mixed with those getting discharged from BCT, and then it split between those who were discharged from reception and those who made it through red phase. I finally felt accepted and by all things it was by fellow “failures”. There were those who tested positive for drugs, those who were injured, those who were caught fraternizing, those who couldn’t pass the APFT and just a few oddballs who got through meps physical exams but not reception physical exams. We all excepted each other and supported each other how we could. Some of us did a few favors for some extra cash like myself, I gave massages for a dollar. I made about $40 in my time there. Others worked multiple fireguard shifts for some extra cash. Some commissioned artwork. The people who excepted me most were those who also got discharged from my company which comprised of 1 positive drug test from someone who would have made an excellent soldier, 3 failed APFT people, 1 who just flat out quit, 3 who were having suicidal thoughts, and 2 others who were injured.

Although it was a shitty time, I kind of miss the people of my RHU. I was ofically discharged in march of 2016. When I came home I took a long motorcycle trip on my 1985 Honda rebel 250. I rode that thing with an 80lb rucksack from Palm Beach, Florida to Dothan, Alabama. It took me 15 hours and cost me about $25 in gas believe it or not. I was visiting my friends up there. The same friend who I have that repetitive conversation with and his girlfriend. He welcomed me with open arms but from her I could feel a certain resentment for some reason. I had assumed it was because she thought I was a joke for having failed to complete basic training. This prepared me for what I thought was going to be a long life of hiding in shame my failures.

Even now I can’t go a day without thinking about the Army and u really wish I could. I’m not trying to put myself on the same level as combat veterans with PTSD, They’ve most definitely have it worse than me, but Army BCT had a profound effect on me and I wish I could escape it.

from that trip I returned to work at Publix and stayed there until July 15th, 2017. Now I work at an animal hospital and I’m getting ready to start school. I’m going to lose some weight and get back into shape like I was when I was discharged. I’m joining the police academy to be a wildlife officer.

My beautiful girlfriend Hailey has been there for me since may 10th 2016. She has been a huge support in everything from buying my Harley and fixing it, to buying my first truck, helping me while my dad has been fighting cancer, to supporting me in my dream of being a wildlife officer. I love her so much and she inspires me every day to keep pushing though the shit till I strike gold. For her and I its only up from here.

I know not many people will read this and even fewer will even care but its sure nice to have it all written out and out of my head, even if it only lasts a little while.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my story thus far and will join me for the remainder of it.