AHS 6 is Worth to See

1. Lady Gaga is back!
2. Plot theories will be answered.
3. Actual history will be portrayed.
4. OG Evan Peters returns!
5. The Mystery


>> 6X3 - CHAPTER 3 
>> 6X2 - CHAPTER 2
>> 6X1 - CHAPTER 1



American Horror Story - (2016)

American Horror Story - Hotel (2015)

American Horror Story - Freak Show (2014)

American Horror Story - Coven (2013)

American Horror Story - Asylum (2012)

American Horror Story - Murder House (2011)

American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 3 Full Show HD

American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 3 Full Show HD

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AHS Anthology Theory

So one of the big trailers for Roanoke was the one titled anthology and since the very beginning I’ve had this idea that each of the ten episodes would relate back to a season per episode. Season 1 to episode 1 and so forth. Now it seemed this wasn’t the case at first but now I’m convinced otherwise. Going along with my other mirror theory (check my ahs tag) it appears that there are reflections of each season per episode. Episode one is a family looking to start over so they move to a knew house after an horrific event much like season one. Episode two features two nurses killing people and nurses/hospital was explored slightly in season two with asylum. Now the latest episode includes a medium from NEW ORLEANS who employs a sort of witchcraft. Now what I’m saying is that four may involve circus/freak references, five hotel or old Hollywood and six, according to Ryan Murphy, is the big twist. So maybe the mirror theory comes into play there. But the interesting thing is that maybe seven through ten could have hints for the next four season ideas! Who knows we’ll just have to watch and find out.