lady enterprise


i’m trying so, so hard not to completely spam this account with the one million ballerina!Enterprise sketches i’ve done… but tbh there are going to be at least a few more (i don’t want to leave out any primary crewmembers). and hey! klingon BOPs wearing what i WISH i were wearing right now. i want those pants.

well damn. this was supposed to be a silly little standalone sketch, but it accidentally kicked off about a dozen ballerina!Enterprise drawings. WHOOPS. its maybe kinda an obvious anthropomorphization but …meh, i like it ;D more to come

Things I want for Star Trek Beyond

1) Leonard Horatio McCoy in every scene of the movie including the credits

2) exploratory missions and no blowing up other planets/alien species because of lack of communication (starfleet makes first contact stop pretending they blow up all the people they don’t understand)

3) Gaila

4) Gaila and Nyota being BFFs with a friendship based on being boss-ass bitchez at their jobs (and a little bit about how Jim Kirk is an irritating dweeb lord because let’s be real)

5) more of Spock and Jim being friends and playing chess, not yelling hurtful things at each other on the bridge

6) Scotty being in love with his beautiful lady enterprise and taking good care of her

7) Chekov backstory beyond being a boy genius???


9) Janice Rand, Christine Chapel, Doctor M'Benga, etc

10) Carol Marcus being part of the bridge fam and learning the thing the whole bridge has already learned: families of choice can be so much better than blood


I was gonna wait but I have zero self control

So as I mentioned, I now fully endorse Comms Officer Uhura/Weapons Specialist Marcus/Navigation Officer Darwin bromance with a heft side of Head Nurse Chapel.

Doodles ensued.

Last comic: in which Carol Marcus and Nyota Uhura milk access to Captain/First Officer quarters + shared bathroom for all its worth and regale jealous friends with tales of luxury.

Yes, I’m being self-indulgent. Fight me