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I just remembered one time when i was in high school I was walking through the  parking lot after school and I saw a lady driving with her phone tucked into her hijab like this

and honestly? Iconic™


Week of Toku Ladies Day Five: Fashion/Clothing

Fashionable Neo-Heisei Ladies

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Imagine dex pulling out the Country Boy Charm™ on Nursey the first time nursey visits and him barely being able to handle himself cause dex is taking him through all these backroads and stops and they sit in his car and look at the stars gayly


“Come on, Nurse, it’ll be fun. Promise.”

Nursey stared at Dex. He’d never seen him so relaxed and at ease. All he was doing was leaning against the screen door with a big smile on his face but there was a lightness about him. The late afternoon sun was adding a golden hue to Dex’s bright red hair and making his freckles stand out even more. Nursey wanted to trace them with his fingers and play connect the dots and find out what kind of noises Dex would make when he did.

“Alright, fine, I’m coming. Are you going to at least tell me where we’re going?”

“Aw, don’t you trust me?” Dex batted his eyelashes at his boyfriend and led Nursey to his uncle’s old beat up truck.

Nursey nudged Dex with his shoulder, a grin spreading across his face. “Usually, yes. Since you’re having to ask, I’m not so sure.”

Dex laughed as Nursey started to go around the back of the truck. Before he could get far, Dex caught his wrist and pulled him close. Nursey stumbled into his boyfriend, a little surprised when Dex caught him and brushed his lips over his cheek.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into you, Dex, but I think I like it.”

“Good.” Dex turned them and pushed Nursey toward the front of the truck. “Go round front. I’ve got a surprise for us in the back.”

Nursey arched an eyebrow but went around and slid into the passenger’s side. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Dex checking on something in the bed, but he couldn’t tell what it was. Dex got in the truck and grinned over at Nursey, a twinkle in his eyes.

Dex coaxed the engine to life making Nursey jump when it roared to life. Once it had settled into a steady rumble. Dex effortlessly backed the huge truck out of the drive toward the road and Nursey couldn’t help but be a little impressed. Nursey had always enjoyed watching his fellow D-man on the ice, but watching Dex drive was just as enjoyable. This whole thing between them was still new, and Nursey liked finding out these little things about Dex.

They drove for ten minutes, Dex narrating the things they passed and looking distractingly confident and casual taking the curves of the back roads and speeding through the puddles that had been left behind by the showers from earlier in the day.

When they pulled up to a small general store, Nursey followed Dex out. “What are we getting here?”

Nursey could feel his cheeks heat when Dex the moment grabbed his hand and led him inside.

“Just a few things. Some drinks and some sandwiches. The rest of what we need is already in the truck.”

They didn’t spend long in the store. Just long enough for them to grab what they needed and get out with Dex only having to say hello to a few of the patrons in the store. They had almost made it to the truck when a little blue haired old lady came out and called Dex’s name.

“William! William Poindexter! Is that you?”

Handing the bag of food to Nursey, Dex ran a hand through his hair and turned around. “Hello, Ms. Bea.”

“William Poindexter, you come over here and let me get a look at you.”

Nursey watched as Dex obediently trooped over to the small woman. Ms. Bea looked Dex up and down and scoff as she lifted the hem of the green flannel Dex had slipped on earlier that day.

“You come on back with me, William. Let me fix this shirt. Did you forget all the sewing skills I taught you?”

“I…no…of course not, Ms. Bea. Just been busy.”

A laugh started to escape Nursey’s mouth, but when Dex shot him a glare, he turned it into a cough. Ms. Bea noticed Nursey then and let go of Dex to turn her attention to Nursey. “Who’s this, William? Looks like he could use your sewing skills too.”

Nursey expected Dex to stammer and try and drag them both back with Ms. Bea, but instead, Dex slid an arm around Ms. Bea’s thin shoulders and offered her a soft, indulgent smile. “Now Ms. Bea, as much as I’d love to come back with you, we can’t. I have some very special plans today for me and my boyfriend, Derek, here.”

 Ms. Bea’s lips pursed for a moment before smoothing out into a kind smile. “Oh, alright, William.” Turning her attention back to Nursey she crooked her fingers. “I want to to meet this boy first, though.”

Shuffling over, Nursey took the hand Dex was offering and let Ms. Bea look him over. “Nice to meet you, ma’am. I’m Derek, but everyone calls me Nursey.”

Dex smothered a giggle and ran his thumb over Nursey’s knuckles.

“None of that now. I’m just Ms. Bea. Are you treating our William right?”

“I try, ma-I mean-Ms. Bea. William can be quite stubborn sometimes.”

Ms. Bea laughed. “You are not wrong about that my boy. You just keep an eye on him.”

Nursey’s smile was genuine as he promised her he would do his best to take care of Dex.

“Good. We’re quite protective of William.” Before either boy could say more, she shushed them and patted them on the cheeks. “You stay right here, I baked some cookies earlier today and you boys need to take some.”

Before they could protest, Ms. Bea had walked off. Nursey leaned over and kissed Dex on the cheek. “I think I like country Dex.”

Flushing bright red, Dex tried to let go of Nursey’s hand, but Nursey wasn’t having any of it. “What do you mean?”

Before he could answer, Ms. Bea came back with a Tupperware container full of cookies. “Here you go, boys. You go have a nice drive now.”

Nursey beamed and took the container. “Thank you, Ms. Bea.”

Dex said goodbye and ushered them both toward the truck, once again detouring Nursey from going round the back. Dex got everything situated and joined Nursey in the truck. “Ready?”

Nursey rolled down his window and slid across the bench seat to press up against Dex. “I’m ready.”

As they drove, they talked and Nursey once again found himself enjoying the easy, relaxed way Dex navigated all the back roads. When they took a turn down a narrow dirt road, Nursey finally asked: “Where are we going?”

Dex just smirked, eyes sparkling playfully. “You said you trusted me, Nurse.”

“And I do, but we’re on a road that’s not really a road.”

Slowing down, Dex looked at Nursey and brushed a quick kiss across his lips. “I know where I’m going. Promise.”

“Alright, alright. I trust you.” Nursey rested his hand on Dex’s thigh and gave a gentle squeeze. “And have I mentioned how hot it is watching you driving this big old truck and taking all these back roads?”

Dex swallowed hard and tried to focus on driving. Nursey slid his hand higher up Dex’s thigh and nipped at his jaw. “Focus, Dex. Don’t wanna crash now.”

Nursey continued to trail his lips over Dex’s jaw, while his hand started to lightly massage Dex’s thigh.

They reached the end of the road and Dex drove a little further until they reached a small lake. He parked near the edge and shut off the engine. Nursey’s hand was hovering over Dex’s crotch and he waited to the truck to completely stop to just barely brush the back of his fingers over the straining denim.

“Is this the surprise?”

Dex swallowed hard. “Part of it.” Getting out of the truck, Dex let down the tailgate and hopped up into the bed. Everything he needed was packed into a heavy duty garbage bag and there was a cooler which Dex had put their food in as well. He started to unpack the soft blankets and pillows and saw Nursey standing at the tailgate, watching him.

“Need some help?”

Tossing a pillow at Nursey, Dex started spreading out the blankets. “Sure. Come on up.”

Nursey joined Dex in the bed and together they created a nice, soft little nest. Nursey sat first and got comfortable. He patted the spot next to him but was surprised when Dex decided to sit between his legs and lean back into his chest.

“Dex? Baby?”

Dex reached back and covered Nursey’s mouth. “Shh…we’re relaxing. Being chill. You’re good at it so this won’t be hard.”

Wrapping an arm around Dex’s chest, Nursey was silent for about a minute, before blurting out his question. “Come on, Dex. What’s the rest of the surprise? This is awesome, but I wanna know.”

Dex’s laughter vibrated against Nursey’s chest. “So impatient. But I asked Lardo to make us a little something. I know I’ve always said no before, but since it’s summer and it’s just us, I thought we could…”

A lightbulb went off in Nursey’s brain. “You asked Lardo to make us brownies?”

Dex flushed. “I did.”

Nursey started peppering kisses all over his boyfriend’s face. “You’re amazing.”

Soaking up Nursey’s praise, Dex turned around and straddled him. “Thank you. And before brownies, we’re going to get actual food and we’ll save Ms. Bea’s cookies for later and,” Dex looked into Nursey’s eyes and kissed him sweetly, “and, I need you to know that after the brownies, you have my consent for anything we get up to. Keys to the truck are going to be locked in the toolbox and we’re not expected to be back til tomorrow.”


79 year-old rally driver, Rosemary Smith continues to follow her life-long passion for driving fast. And what better way for her to do it than in the Renault Sport Formula One™ Team R.S.17.

Now, I got thirty-two flavors of dat Booty-licious bubblegum

Raspberry, grape, cherry

Come and get this, Honey bun

Yummy-yum, baby

Not your ordinary lady

Known to drive a nigga crazy

Willie Wonka wanna pay me


Captain America Stars Discuss Why The Ladies Should See The Film


julian blackthorn aesthetic

❝these are the pictures of my heart. and if my heart was a canvas, every square inch of it would be painted over with you.❞

Straight White Boy Problem #963

DAVID wanted me to go with him to a blood drive and I was like “sure dude lol” but when we got to the blood drive, a lady told me that I couldn’t lift heavy objects for the next 24 hours! that was a dealbreaker because Tomorrow is chest day and it would’ve messed up my workout routine for the week … the thing is… I know people need blood…but I have needs TOO

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For the Butch/femme discussion for Kara: I think the wardrobe department is the stereotypes(social programming) to express Kara's thru self. Color and cute dresses for her more femme qualities that scream girl, but still using butch influence to give of a tone of strength. Us queer people are just picking it up more cause we look for it more, the straights are only picking up subconsciously. So it showing she is super-sweet but will kick someone's a$$ if she needs to.

Yes yes yes. She’s like… a cupcake made of metal

Bulletproof pastel cardigans. Cute tan flats with steel tips. Ponytails with razor blades in them that fall out occasionally and Kara goes “Oop! Watch the razor blades! Sorry! Golly.” 

But really it’s gay button ups but in cute “girly” colors. Plaid shirts with pants but with high-maintenence hair styles. Hell, she could wear a bow tie, but it’d have like little flowers or polkadots or something on it.

Pan Pants and a Bi Belt but an attemptedly Straight Shirt:

So much plaid (but usually- though not always- in dress or skirt form or paired with a skirt.)

And then there’s the original and most iconic of Kara’s half-butch half-femme looks, the gay sweater with collar poking out paired with a bright ass skirt that only a straight should wear.

Don’t even get me started on those neutral-ass shoes.

“Kara, doing your hair nicely will not negate the fact that turtlenecks are gay and that that is a gay jacket” 

“Oooooooh. Well what about the jeans?”
“Well they’re not helping.”

And then. My absolute favorite. This. Which looks like a gay-ass button up shirt that changed it’s mind halfway through and decided to become a dress instead:

And then it threw in some butch boots with a femme heel and just enough ankle to drive the ladies wild and called it a day.

But the point is, Kara can go anywhere from:


During the span of one daily, non-fancy event day. Especially since her outfit could be damaged during Super Things. If not because she was wearing it when attacked then because she threw it in a bush when changing.

But I bet Kara is most comfortable in just

To conclude, Kara’s style, from soft butch to chill femme, pretty much just looks like:

I did a semi-radical thing recently, inspired – as many semi-radical things these days – by tumblr.  

I went through a whole day deciding that I was the hottest thing on the planet.

I wasn’t competing, wasn’t throwing myself out there, wasn’t dressing differently, it was just in my head, and therefore, in my attitude, I decided I was gorgeous and sexy and irresistible.

Something happened.

People treated me differently.

I didn’t have a single rude customer that day.  I didn’t have the middle-aged white men who ignore my polite “aloha"s because they’re too good to say hi back.  Everyone said hi back.  I got lingering looks from young men, young ladies.  On my drive home I got actually, factually hooted at by a couple of guys in a truck (nothing that would make my inner warrior rage, just a non-rude "I notice you there” little “ooohh” sound).  That hasn’t happened to me in about sixty pounds.

When I went to get gas, the young man watched me walk up to him to pay and he smiled at me the whole time I was walking up, smiled like he was excited to see me, like he knew me.  When I left he said, “You have a beautiful day.”

This is me, I’m a girl who has had garbage thrown at her on more than one occasion just because I’m so invisible, no one noticed me standing near the trash can.  This has happened, actually, lots of times.  It happened last week.  

The only thing I changed was my perspective.  It took work.  I concentrated all day.  I had to fight the urge to feel like it was arrogance talking when really it was self-love.  All I did was tell myself I was too hot to handle, and I believed it.  The rest of the world seemed to catch on.

I recommend this little exercise, for all of you.