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bossuary replied to your post:Dear aimo, may I just take this moment to tell you that you are awesome? Your posts always inspire a good mood in me - even the tragic and sad moments when you choose to draw them! (Alright, so I am a sucker for tragedy.) You are always nice and stay positive no matter what happens and it shows in your artwork. It just *feels* full of love. Thank you for being a part of this fandom and one classy lady. You have definitely inspired me to create a female dwarf inquisitor this time around.


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*dances to club version of the Orzammar theme*

frecklewench  asked:

Any romantic fall-backs now that our dreams of jumping Varric's sultry bones have been gutted? Will your Cadash settle for another character or will she go it alone? (I'm still on the fence, personally.)

well, like i said, danna cannot be alone.  she’s very loving and vivacious and needs to turn all that energy on someone who can appreciate it, and her.

i’m very much with momochanners on the Blackwall/Dorf Lady team!  that’s my current ideal for her.  

from what i can tell, he fits with Danna’s personality extremely well (she would not get along, romantically or otherwise, with Sera or Iron Bull).

i will play the game as it comes, though, and continue to write/headcanon a triad.