lady deirdre skye

carrion--comfort  asked:

character ask meme: deirdre of those many games u play that i do not

um wow how could you not be as obsessed with Lady Deirdre Skye as I am??


  1. we both value plants on an equal footing (rooting?) as humans
  2. we’re both Scottish? if you count me being about ¼ Scottish
  3. we’ve both been employed under people who we did not get along with, but made it work until we both bailed from the organization


  1. she has 2 PhDs and I have exactly 0 of those TT TT
  2. she has far more belief in the power of science to fix things & improve the world than I do
  3. she’s defn pan/poly and I am not

To celebrate women in games, list your top 10 favourite ladies in video games and tag 5 people to do the thing too. Let’s spread the love of gaming women. 

These are in no real order and are a bit Bioware heavy…

  1. Aveline from Dragon Age 2
  2. Mjoll the Lioness from Skyrim
  3. Lady Deirdre Skye from Alpha Centauri
  4. Morrigan from Dragon Age
  5. Miranda from Mass Effect 2
  6. Clementine from TWDG
  7. Veronica from Fallout: New Vegas
  8. Isabela from Dragon Age 2
  9. SHODAN from System Shock 2
  10. Sigrun from Dragon Age: Awakenings

I nominate anyone who fancies doing this. Go on - you know you want to. :)


In the great commons at Gaia’s Landing we have a tall and particularly beautiful stand of white pine, planted at the time of the first colonies. It represents our promise to the people, and to Planet itself, never to repeat the tragedy of Earth.

                                              Lady Deirdre Skye, “Planet Dreams”